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  1. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Anyways Transfers news for Lazio IN Daniele De Rossi - 17.1 million Carlos Tevez - 15.3 million Simone Zaza - 5.3 million Dare to Zlatan - 25.6 million
  2. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Well I din't consider the youth/loans for Milan but I did for Newcastle so yeah my value for Milan would increase. My bad. . Hey ho the other Italian squads arn't rich I guess.
  3. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Thats hilarious Lost out to Everton on Modric by a 100k
  4. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 You decided not to sell a lot of your squad. I think Sean's sold almost everything
  5. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Got external bids.
  6. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 I think he meant for the overall league table.
  7. Re: From Rags To Riches II - The World Club Version. Beat the leaders 4-0, Zaza with a hattrick
  8. Re: TCO92 - Match Previews/Reports, Transfer News & General Nonsense. 29 managers left in this GW. Join up everyone !
  9. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Done with the initial transfers. Managed to sign Robben, Mascherano and Zabaleta. Oh and Marcos Lopes, totally forgot about him. Might need to Lazio as well Dreamers considering Zabaleta just arrived. Also great work
  10. Re: Scouting Forum Game Count me in.
  11. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 Nah its more fun the other way.
  12. kupest


    Re: 35+ . Watch out behind you. . Pizarro is having a stellar season. Buffon will definitely leave for outfield players.
  13. Re: It's Tough At The Bottom(Match Reports,Transfer News,Discussion,and Slagging!) Hate it how Wimbledon is matching me goal for goal. We are tied on points and GD .
  14. Re: The Defence Versus Attack League - Match Reports, Transfers And All Round Banter. Iniesta's got 7 goals and 2 assits in 4 games.
  15. Re: The 4 Nation Challenge v.2 As far as I know internal deals are totally allowed so don't think like you broke a rule there Mark. Everyone's on you just for giving Sean some money. Not us however. Anyways we havn't got an accepted bid so no one joining yet. But Ronaldo will be joining Italy.
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