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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Cool thanks man ! There isn't anything above 90 available, and Van Bommel will stay 92 for a few months atleast, till someone else is available comes up I guess. Also someone just offered me El Shawaary for 4 million? Good to buy?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Mark Van Bommel for 10 million ?? I am buying. My mids are Yan M'Vila (CM, but taken on loan) and Mohammed Sissoko.
  3. Re: Who should i sell? (Building a new team!) I had say sell Giggs, maybe Nani (I don't see him staying at 92 for very long if Ashley Young if preferred over him). I had keep Dzeko, he is a good finisher and I think City will see more of him and Mancini will play him more specially if Tevez leaves. Sell Gilardino for sure , even John O'Shea, Wes Brown, Vladamir Weiss (he is not going to play at City and will end up at Rangers mostly).
  4. Re: Bommel and Guissepi Rossi? I have already made a bid for Bommel a few hours back, so once that gets accepted I can sell Sissoko. Then I guess I will go to buy Rossi and , probably send Dzagoev back to barca or keep him as a backup. Do you think the wingers, or one of the CB's (I think Rolando is a good sign, so no need to replace him) , so should I replace Distin/ Coulibaly. Also I was stuck on wingers, how are Xabi Prieto and Pedro Leon for the wingers? Maybe Danny Miguel would be a better option? or not worth all the hassle? Thanks for the help again !
  5. I am going to use a 4-2-3-1 and stick to it. Right now my team looks like (Best 11) GK : Sebastian Frey : 91 RB : Luis Perea : 89 CB : Rolando : 90 CB : Coulibably , Adama/Sylvain Distin : 89 LB : Federico Balzeratti : 90 CM : Mohammed Sissoko : 89 CM : Yan M'Vila : 90 (on loan) AM : Alan Dzagoev : 89 (on loan) Winger : Xabi Prieto : 89 Winger : Pedro Leon : 89 (on loan) Striker : Fernando Llorente : 91 Subs : Alessandro Matri : 89 Nacho Monreal (LB) : 89 Artur Boruc : 88 Gentner (CM) : 88 Hinkel (RB) : 87 Scott Brown (CM ) : 88 Which positions should I improve? Is Xabi Prieto good enought with Pedro Leon as well?
  6. Re: lennon or miralem I had think so. I would buy Miralem.
  7. Van Bommel is available for 10 million , should I buy him? My midfielders in the team are Mohammed Sissoko : 89 Alan Dzagoev (on loan) : 89 (play him as AM) Y'm Vila (on loan) : 90 Balzaratti (LM/LB) : 90 (right now I play him as LB) Pedo Leon (loan) : 89 (play him as winger) Xabi Prieto : 89 (play him as winger) (is he good, I just brought as a panic buy) Scott Brown : 88 Chris Gentner : 88 I am using 4-2-3-1 for hte first time , but I plan to stick to it. Also Guissipe Rossi might be available , so should I buy him and play him as an AM and send Dzagoev back? My striker right now is Llorente at 91, and backup is Alessandro Matri at 89. I have 85 million but can get another 25 million from sales of fringe players like Gentner and others. If not could you suggest better players? Thanks a lot !
  8. I dont seem to win , thought its only been 4 games, but my shots have been very low. I have used a 4-3-2-1 and a 4-3-3 which havnt worked. I checked the forum and it seems 4-2-3-1 seems the best option. Still suggestions are welcome. Here is my team ( best players) Llorente - 91 (CF) Balzeratti - 90 (LB/LM) Pedro Leon - 89 ( on loan) (RM/Wing) Xabi Prieto - 89 (RM/Wing) Matri - 89 (CF) Alan Dzaegov - 89 ( loan) (AM/CM) Y'm Vila - 90 (loan) (CM/DM) Mohammed Sissoko- 89 (CM/DM) Nacho Monreal - 89 (LB) S.Distin - 89 (CB) coulibaly - 89 (CB) A. Hinkel - 87 (RB) Rolando - 90 (CB) Gentner - 88 (Mid) Frey - 91 (GK) So should I buy anyone and who? I know I need a RB, would Luis Perea be good for it? Any help would be appreciated
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