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  1. Re: The Progress Championship We did get two penalties today Though Robben did not dive
  2. Re: The Progress Championship Arjen Robben will be joining Zlatan ! Pretty happy with this signing . Few players here and there, nothign marquee now and we are set. We want to do anything to win and that also means getting Robben in our team to dive our way through those tough games. Time to Robben
  3. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. TEAM OF THE WEEK: WEEK 12 DIVISION 1 HONORABLE MENTIONS Tomas Rosicky Inamol Aggiretxe Ron Vlaar
  4. Re: The Progress Championship Big signing from Palermo. Zlatan Ibrahimovic will be joining for 23 million. I wasn't sure about this signing but going ahead with it and might sell him sooner than later. Din't like a lot of strikers out there and Dzeko and Tevez were the only ones I wanted. DARE TO ZLATAN
  5. Re: The Progress Championship That Suarez signing is BIG !
  6. Re: The Progress Championship Tbh I don't see Dzeko/Ade getting a rise, Costa could probably hit 94 in no time. Maybe you could go back in for another cheaper striker once you sell someone off?
  7. Re: The Progress Championship Should I stick with Ronaldo ?. Tough tough !
  8. kupest


    Re: 35+ I got a position change
  9. Re: The Progress Championship I already bid though . Anyways will take them back if Ed wants me to.
  10. Re: The Progress Championship I think it should be open now.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Couldn't be any easier to choose mate. Sterling anytime.
  12. Re: The Progress Championship Blaise Matuidi to join Palermo after the signings of Fernando Reges,Paul Pogba and Sebastian Kehl. Matuidi joins for 10.3 million. That should be it for us in the mid window. Have some cash for the F© window, which is very vital. Hopefully a few more external bids comein .
  13. Re: The Progress Championship I missed him all together. Just saw the accepeted bid. Anyways Palermo are about to sign a major player again as Paul Pogba looks destined to join them in a 18.3 million deal. We have already added Kehl and we will probably look to add 1-2 more players before the window closes today. Next window is going to be fun ! Fernando Reges will also join us for CV of 7.7 million.
  14. Re: The Progress Championship Don't think so mate. He isn't really wanted at Madrid, but I can see him move to Arsenal or somewhere soon so maybe might hold onto 92.
  15. Re: The Progress Championship Great update this !
  16. Re: The Progress Championship External bids have arrived !
  17. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. 4 wins on the trot for us now. Caught up a bit with the top 2 this round. However considering I was lat 4 games back, I will take 3rd for now . Next up is Matt's Newcastle, will be an interesting game.
  18. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. TEAM OF THE WEEK: WEEK 11 DIVISION 1 HONORABLE MENTIONS Andriy Pyatov Souza Robinho Diego Benaglio
  19. kupest


    Re: 35+ Why do people join customs if they arn't going to reply on the forum atleast !
  20. Re: The Progress Championship Good time for those external bids for my players to arrive
  21. Re: The Progress Championship Got a 1-0 against Fluffy but Bentia managed to get a straight red
  22. Re: The Progress Championship Pepe is about to join Palermo in addition to new arrivals Godin, Benatia, Mathieu and Gurpegi. Chuffed about the window, hardly left with money though. What a Pepey day
  23. Re: The Progress Championship Hahah yes I guess he was, din't read the whole thing properly
  24. Re: The Progress Championship Palermo have been pretty active in this window with a lot of other teams saving cash for the next round on Monday. We have managed to grab Mehdi Benatia, Jeremy Mathieu, Diego Godin and Carlos Gurpegi. Really happy about the first 3 in there.
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