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  1. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. TEAM OF THE WEEK: WEEK 10 DIVISION 1 HONORABLE MENTIONS Christian Benteke Fabian Frei Mirko Vucinic
  2. Re: The Progress Championship Only a few bids accepted mate. Lots to choose from
  3. Re: The Progress Championship Same here mate
  4. Re: The Progress Championship We could only buy 2, we can have as many as we want.
  5. Re: The Progress Championship Dedryck Boyata
  6. Re: The Progress Championship Yes Luiz Gustavo is fine hahah just kidding mate. But yeah we can go for those types you mention, anything with D©.
  7. Re: The Progress Championship Imma kill you all in the CB window
  8. Re: The Progress Championship Palermo have managed to sign their second keeper in Mouez Hassen for a staggering 2 million. A bit too much but considering he starts for Nice and is only rated 77, he can get a +4/5 in the very near future hopefully
  9. Re: The Progress Championship Bring on Friday and the next PiP !
  10. Re: The Progress Championship I would like to vote for the 3 PiP ban, I think that is good enough. Pedro can do whatever he wants with his 3 keepers. On the other hand my bid for Buffon was not cancelled and it was turned down, so its not like I din't have a bid on . Also, there isn't a huge disadvantage either way it would be fun challenge since there are 100's of players one can go for, you would only be sacrificing maybe 2-3 ratings points in those 3 positions.
  11. Re: The Progress Championship I think the punishment should be limited to no participation in the next 3 rounds of the PiP. That was what was suggested in the original post and I think we should stick to it. Its harsh enough I feel.
  12. Re: The Progress Championship So irritating from Anderlecht ! Oh wait and they also have a bid for Lloris accepted. Well done !
  13. Re: The Progress Championship Still waiting for Anderlecht , don't want 2 first team keepers haha.
  14. Re: The Progress Championship Palermo have lucked out with Deportivo withdrawing their bid for Weidenfeller. So the Dortmund keeper will join us for 8.3 million. Still waiting on Anderlecht to withdraw atleast 1 of their bids .
  15. Re: The Basement Version II - The Returning. TEAM OF THE WEEK: WEEK 10 DIVISION 1 HONORABLE MENTIONS Christian Benteke Fabian Frei Mirko Vucinic
  16. kupest


    Re: 35+ Good game from our star players Buffon and Pizarro at Tractor Club against Warri Wolves as Pizarro was also voted the man of the match with a goal Good cleansheet as well.
  17. Re: The Progress Championship All loans called back, everyone unwanted transfer listed. Not really fussed about losing a few 100K's on the higher rated loans till the bids come in really. We have a 70 million budget+squad value, so shouldn't be an issue really.
  18. Re: The Progress Championship Amazing bunch of guys !
  19. Re: The Progress Championship Lets do this random thing ! Imma beat you all.
  20. Re: It's Tough At The Bottom(Match Reports,Transfer News,Discussion,and Slagging!) Got in 3 players. 2 from the Scottish league, if SM do it right they should be around 78-80 now. SM has one of their ages wrong.
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