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  1. I currently have Zabaleta as my starting RB should i swap for Adriano as he can play both RB and LB as well as wings????? I dont know a lot about adriano so thats why im asking NOTE I WILL GET ADRIANO
  2. Re: Help URGENT!! have a look at the 60 to 74 risers forum there all cheap players with good potential to rise to 80+ use them to gain more cash so you can buy better players or if your lucky you could pick up some young promising players if they haven't been already taken
  3. Re: Mario GASPAR Anyone who watches Spanish league? Please help
  4. Future rating? Is he worth keeping or selling?
  5. Fabio BORINI or M'baye NIANG i have niang but been asked to swap for borini
  6. which is better i have Varela been asked for a straight swapp
  7. just been offered 4.5 mill for him is he worth keeping or selling
  8. Re: Romania - Liga 1 - 2012 Is Stojan VRANJES a definate +4?
  9. Re: Player rating reviews all my game worlds say its time to re-review only a cupple of weeks after they last were. Pretty sure was suppose to be australia now not france again
  10. Are SM re-reviewing france,italy,spain and england. They have already been reviewed and i thought australia was next but player rating reviews are back to these? (sorry if this is the wrong thread)
  11. Both quite young goalkeepers but whos better Emiliano VIVIANO or Wojciech SZCZESNY? I know Szczesny is haveing a good season at arsenal but i havent a clue on Vivano and how hes doing at Palermo
  12. should i swap pogba for thorgan hazard or stick. both have potential but whos better?
  13. thorgan hazard and jordan lukaku's brothers both have done well whats the verdict on them doing the same or similar?
  14. whats peoples views on him? or is there better i can replace him with (limited money would have to sell him to get money to replace him)
  15. Hey ive got Antonio FLORO FLORES in my team atm but im not sure if hes going to rise/drop, anyone know if hes worth keeping or selling and replacing?
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