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  1. Re: Arsenal Gossip Umm... I don't exactly want him to play out wide. Its just not suited at all for a player like Diaby. At times, he even looks like he tries to do too much when he has the ball when he plays out wide and it makes him look like hes trying to be a player hes not.
  2. Re: Arsenal Gossip Now that Rosicky is out for a couple of weeks, I just hope that Wenger doesn't put Diaby out wide on the left again.
  3. Re: SM quiz I don't mind joining... but just like mondi_27, remains to see if I'll do well.
  4. Re: What's wrong with my Marseille?.. Hi. I also manage Marseille and also usually like to go with 4-3-1-2 myself. A 4-3-1-2 is supposed to be an attacking formation but also a bit narrow. So try changing a few things in terms of team style... Tackling Style: Hard Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Mixed Attacking Style: Through the middle Tempo: Fast Pressing: Own Half Play Style:Counter-Attack and Use Play Maker This is for home games at least and from my own experiences, a 4-3-1-2 isn't exactly advisable against a 4-4-2.
  5. Re: Batuhhan Karadeniz Well, ya, OK, makes sense.
  6. Re: Batuhhan Karadeniz Hes now been added! Great! In one of the setups I'm in, hes a free agent! 16 yrs. old, rated 80 and I just made a bid for him for only 1.8M. Plus the Turkish ratings are coming up soon... potential for further rating increase! :D
  7. Re: Arsenal Gossip For me its Denilson. He already adapted to "the Arsenal way" and the English game as a whole ever since last season. And if I remember correctly, even Henry has said that he was really surprised how quickly Denilson was able to adapt. If he was given a run of games as a starter not only will he be able to handle it, I believe he'll do really well.
  8. Dudu_9

    Nedum Onuoha

    Re: Nedum Onuoha 100m in 11.04 seconds... sounds familiar to be honest. I'm not too sure about Onuoha but if I remember correctly thats also the average time that the former Arsenal youngster Marc Elston got for 100m when he was 14 years old as well.
  9. Re: Arsenal Gossip Just like what Arsenal_123 said, not much difference. But Danny_Williams was specifically pointing to the strikers and that Dudu is probably the best one.
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    Re: Hey! Haha! No I'm not Croatian. I'm just a fan of his and Arsenal... thats all.
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    Re: 4-1-2-2-1 What would the team style be? Mixed passing and down both flanks?
  12. Re: A Guide to countering formations
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    Re: Hey! Alright, thanks!!
  14. Re: Anyone know any upcoming players with famous relatives? Sure is. He even said that hes been an Arsenal fan since he was younger... good to know I must say. Anyway, while I'm at it... another player would be George Weah's son, George Weah Jr.
  15. Re: Anyone know any upcoming players with famous relatives? Theres also Gilles Sunu... son of former Togolese international Manu Sunu. Although I can't really say if Manu was that renown.
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    Hey! Newbie here, to the game and to the forum! Hoping to get a few tips here and there which I already seem to have got by going around the forum! Its kool!
  17. Re: Anyone know any upcoming players with famous relatives? There is the youngster Andre Ayew(not in the database yet). Plays for Marseille and is the son of the three time African footballer of the year Abedi Pele who also played for Marseille in his career.
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