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  1. its a great game world with a ton of active players but we have lost some managers recently and teams are open... this game league used to be full and it was the best league i have been in when it was full

    lets get it back to full so join if your looking for some good competition

  2. Re: Hachim Mastour

    And you opened a thread for that???[/QUOT]

    yes im in some very competitive leagues where its full and I need this kid so im trying to not miss on him...plus I haven't seen any threads about him and he prolly the most promising 16 year old in the world

  3. Re: World Championship 20000?

    there is cheater in alot of setup. still that this one is full and will stay full and competitive. everybody know spurs and atl' date=' m

    adrid are the same guy and no one is making deal with them[/quote']

    why cant u kick them out thats, stupid cause he can just built and make one team really good

  4. Re: Counter formations

    I am having a bit of difficulties seeing the the posts correctly. However' date=' to answer your question, yes, the 5-4-1 is what I was referring to. I edited and fixed the post. I apologize.:o[/quote']

    your profile is a little weird im trying to send u a msg but i cant even fid how to do that!!lol

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