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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I'm at the start of a new game world with Bayern Munich and Real Madrid offered me £25mil for Muller. I countered with Sahin & £15mil' date=' and after throwing a few offers around it's now currently at Muller for £30mil - which is my counter offer.

    How much would you be willing to sell Muller for?[/color']

    most gameworlds money is not worth much, idk how yours is but i wouldn't give up a player like muller for money.

  2. Re: The European Championship

    U for real? Lol

    So I give away one of the best young talents in football in lukaku' date=' afellay and another prospect for Rossi? And i get a keeper who won't b a star until cech retires lol

    No thanks ;)[/quote']

    FINE be that way lol

    In all honestly tho, rossi is proven star and will eventually go to a big club plus hes still young.

    Second courtois is just as a big if not a bigger rising star than lukaku, cortois will be a 88-89 next update imo especially with his play so far at atletico.

    Affeley is out for the year basically and will prolly leave barca since they keep bringing in other talent.

    But its all good I respect your decision



  3. Re: The European Championship

    Alright im ready to get some deals done:

    Watts I want Lukaku and affeley and urioal (cant remeber his name lol)

    ill give u g rossi and courtois for all 3 and i get de gea for 5 season loans?

    let me know but either way im interetse din those 3 guys so u know lmao

  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Don't do the deal.....at least for now

    Switz league was already reviewed thus Xhaqiri will not be go up except he moves to somewhere else

    Plus' date=' inler has chance to get +1 due to the recent form of Napoli:)[/quote']

    Do u think xhagiri will be a world class player?

  5. Re: The European Championship

    Mamadou SAKHO has completed his move to FC Schalke 04 from Paris Saint-Germain in a swap deal for Stevan JOVETIC

    What do u guys think of this deal, it was very difficult to pull the trigger but i think it will improve my team and ill most likely have some guys who r young that will fill jovetic"s shoes.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    I would definatly do it' date=' I hold Sakho as the greater talent of the two, and great CB talents are generally much harder to get a hold of in my experience.[/quote']

    okay, i really like jovetic so imma try to counter and offer rentao augusto and 2 mill for sakho and if he doesnt take that ill prolly do the jovetic deal.

    what does every1 else think should i deal jovetic for sakho?

  7. Re: The European Championship

    These bids for Hamsik are truly breath taking. I think Madrid has put the same bid in 4 times now for him and I don't know who the new PSG manager is but seriously? :rolleyes:

    cant be worse then the offers he send me lol

    "for rossi i can give u 2 among abidal,medel,leon,paloschi,bender..."

    r u kidding me? lol

  8. Re: The European Championship

    Santon has already shown to have real talent and is still very young, once he comes back from injury he will get a lot of playing time and show his skill. Then he will get picked up by a big club again and get playing time on a good club.

    There is no denying the talent he has and has shown ppl forget hes still 20 years old!!!!

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