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  1. Re: The European Championship After coming off a strong pre-season, Shalke FC keep their strong form and defeat Fiorentina 3-2. Hopefully Shalke can win div 4 and move on to better and bigger things!!!!!
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... should i sell g rossi for cavani and alaba/welbeck/gustavo? and which one of those players out of 3 should i pick?
  3. Re: The European Championship Shalke FC have been signing Barcelona FC kids with Kiko, Grimaldo, and Balliu It will be interesting to see how their talents pan out!!!!!!!
  4. Re: The European Championship why the sudden interest in kroos this year? lol
  5. Re: The European Championship i think hell be a 88+ next rating upgrade which is good enough to start him, hes playing amazing so far and atletico will prolly win the europa league with their new additions. if i deal him it would have be a good offer
  6. Re: The European Championship true but i really like balotelli and i think hell move clubs or he will move into the lineup if tevez leaves which is still very possible. i dont see him getting worse cause his talent is unquestionable hopefully he moves to milan or napoli. plus jovetic is back and chelsea and arsenal and napoli want him and Toni Kroos has cracked the bayurn line up like i said and playing very good thinks are looking up for my squad other than a few set backs lol
  7. Re: The European Championship parshivluyuk killed me cause i got him thinking he was gonna rise to 89 and be a good signing and instead he went down 1 now its tough to deal him, and i dont have the patience to wait and see how he does in the future lol
  8. Re: The European Championship id offer more for cavani and but it i couldnt since i was countering, how about sow and ljacic and ill let u buy parshavyyuk for cavani and alaba/welbeck
  9. Re: The European Championship My Shalke FC has been performing very well in the and they are ready to win this upcoming season and all the cups.
  11. Re: The European Championship man lost to juventus on penalties, dominated possession dont know what happned gotta improve my defense for next season , i was hoping to move to div 3 but i guess ill have to come back to div 4 lol
  12. Re: The European Championship congratzz on the league title, i couldnt get a string of wins going at all this season but still managed to get in the playoffs even after losing my last game. lets so what happens this will be the perfect time for my side to get a string of wins and move on to div, well see what happens div 4 was a lot tougher league then i expected so my squad will need to play well to win these games
  13. Re: The European Championship Man div 4 is very close, it will come down to the last game to determine what teams get the playoff slots and wins the league, i was hoping for a fiorentina lose because it would give me the last playoff spot. Beat Sporting Cp 3-2
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... future aguero now villa i think aguero will shine at Man city and u never know if barcelona will bring in another striker like G Rossi in the near future
  15. Re: The European Championship i need to get a new player so i can replace the guy in the middle, 3rd row cause evry1 else on my sig is sick and i thought he was gonna rise but he didnt
  16. Re: The European Championship Shalke 1 - O Udinese Huge win over the league leaders, Shalke have been very inconsistent this year but a playoff birth will make up for this season. need strong performances in the last 2 games and then anything can happen. Looking to loan a CB as well after fazio picked up a huge injury and is done for the season let me know if any1 has a CB for me.
  17. Re: The European Championship whos watching the barca and rea madrid game?
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