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  1. Re: The European Championship

    Balotelli needs a move to a top club' date=' like a giant club, so Napoli won't help him. He needs a Milan or real Madrid etc.

    Forget about tevez leaving, he ain't got a hope in starting with the form of aguero and dzeko right now, he needs to hope one of them gets injured lol

    Chelsea don't need need jovetic, de bruyne will likely join in January and can play up top also (even though SM say he can't lol) and they have lukaku and Davila :P[/quote']

    yea i know but if tevez leaves he will get 20 min playing time lol, which is better than nothing,

    ive been reading many articles linking jovetic to big clubs and arsenal tried signing him this summer late and got rejected also he can play many positions like AM/FWD and chelsea have been trying to get younger so i can see him moving there as chelsea also were interested him over the summer.

    If jovetic shows some of his old form this year, he will most likely move to a big club.

    i didnt even think of balotelli moving to real madrid that would be nuts but i hope he moves to milan

  2. Re: The European Championship

    If ur still playing the game in like 5 years yeah lol

    Can do something when tb is up?

    i think hell be a 88+ next rating upgrade which is good enough to start him, hes playing amazing so far and atletico will prolly win the europa league with their new additions.

    if i deal him it would have be a good offer

  3. Re: The European Championship

    You also stressed out for balotelli who will only improve now if he moves club

    true but i really like balotelli and i think hell move clubs or he will move into the lineup if tevez leaves which is still very possible.

    i dont see him getting worse cause his talent is unquestionable hopefully he moves to milan or napoli.

    plus jovetic is back and chelsea and arsenal and napoli want him and Toni Kroos has cracked the bayurn line up like i said and playing very good

    thinks are looking up for my squad other than a few set backs lol

  4. Re: The European Championship

    Anything for courtois? Can include de gea for 4 seasons loan as part if the deal' date=' he will rise so.....[/quote']

    thats not a bad offer to start with but hes still on tansfer ban.

    It will be tough to give him away because hes playing amazing so far and i truly belive he will be the best goalie int he world 1 day. Just love watching him play, he let in 1 goal in 4 games and his defence let him down in the goal he received.

  5. Re: The European Championship

    Nah sorry man' date=' Cavani ain't for sale :)[/quote']

    sow is one less then cavani and they are both playing well in champions league, and ljacic is one better then alaba so thats why i thought it was a fair deal but if u have a counter for moe or another offer im listening.

    anything for wilshere?

    im willing to deal yann is i get wilshere

  6. Re: The European Championship

    tbh mate the team i took over at start of season and short space i had i should now way have been able to put that squad 2gether and win that division 4.. especially with some of the sides in there :) ..

    think it was a case of other sides poor management rather than the greatness of my own :) ..

    congratzz on the league title,

    i couldnt get a string of wins going at all this season but still managed to get in the playoffs even after losing my last game.

    lets so what happens this will be the perfect time for my side to get a string of wins and move on to div, well see what happens

    div 4 was a lot tougher league then i expected so my squad will need to play well to win these games

  7. Re: The European Championship


    team needs some experience in it' date=' ive belived thats arsenals problem for a few seasons

    man utd has had its giggs, scholes, nevilles, van der saar etc

    chelsea its terryys, lampards, drogbas etc

    even man city has the yaya toure, had viera etc,

    arsenal have no older leader, major problem alone[/quote']

    they have a lot of problems they need a better LB, strikers and a play maker especially with jack wilshere being out.

    and they signed young talent that hasn't proven much, they need to go after guys like ganso, hazard, hulk, ect.

  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Should I get Villa or Aguero for my Fabregas?

    The reason I am even willing to do this is because I have Eto upfront and we know he will drop and the manager is interested in Fabregas. If Fabregas goes then Alonso who sits on the bench will come in his spot. Should I propose the deal? Alternatively I can keep Eto until he drops below 93 and then settle for Milito who is on the bench as his replacement but even then Milito could drop.

    future aguero

    now villa

    i think aguero will shine at Man city and u never know if barcelona will bring in another striker like G Rossi in the near future :P

  9. Re: The European Championship

    Shalke 1 - O Udinese

    Huge win over the league leaders, Shalke have been very inconsistent this year but a playoff birth will make up for this season.

    need strong performances in the last 2 games and then anything can happen.

    Looking to loan a CB as well after fazio picked up a huge injury and is done for the season

    let me know if any1 has a CB for me.

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