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  1. Re: Thiago Alcantara & David Alaba for Ashley Young?

    I've recieved an offer of Thiago Alcantara and David Alaba for my player Ashley Young. I'm thinking it's a good deal. Am I right?

    id take it thiago will be a 92+ no question and alaba will be a 90+, thiago they will both be goot for the future as fabregas just arrived at barca and alaba wont play unless injuries happen

    but both players will be very good in the future

  2. Re: The European Championship

    u guys are still in it lol, dont give up hope just get in the the playoff rds and anything can happen, thats what im aiming for lol :P

    i just cant get a sting of wins i lose one win one, i need to get out of div 4 tho lol no1 takes div 4 teasm seriously i need to get some respect lmao :D

  3. Re: The European Championship

    Won 1-0 vs Fiorentina in a much needed win to stay in the playoff rounds of Div. 4

    Jovetic is coming back from his 3 game suspension and the young star and team captain looks to make an impact and win a string of games.

    also, selling Pareja for cash (11-12 mill) if any1 is interested.

  4. Re: The European Championship

    Much like Hernandez last season I would presume...starts on the bench' date=' but if he makes an impact from the bench he will start.

    Interesting they haven't sold any strikers.

    Still got Anelka, Torres, Drogba, Sturridge and Kalou.[/quote']

    yea, i think drogba will leave soon, i would have like to see lukaku go to real madrid but or wait cause i cant seem him playing at chelsea next year.

    and the chicharito deal he did well in world cup so he proved himseld vs the big players but lukau never played top competition

  5. Re: The European Championship

    lukaku :P :p

    u definitely got the better end of that deal, both the guys u gave him he cant play now,im surprised he didn't get better offers for Lukaku but u got a steal. Still think balotelli is better lol

    wonder if hell get playing time in Chelsea right away or what, i read he doesn't wanna be loaned out so it should be interesting.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Bad deal

    Neymar can rise again if he moves to a big european club

    Dzeko is currently playing in Man City

    92+90 = 94

    Ehh bad idea

    neymar wont move to a big club for a while and will stay at 90 untill he does but he will rise when he leaves for a bigger club but in like 1 or 2 years, u should try to replace neymar with some1 else and give dzeko

  7. Re: Counter formations

    3-5-2 short passing slow tempo. I can't tell you how much I love this :D I've won 16 straight games with this. would've been more but my computer got damaged and I missed two games :mad:

    if u play a 4-3-3 wingers with a 3-5-2 u will lose, so just watch out for that

  8. Re: The European Championship


    The offer for Mateo MUSACCHIO of Villarreal from FC Schalke 04 has been accepted. The transfer will be completed within the next 24 hours.

    My team is nearly complete for this season after completing this deal.

    Hopefully i can turn it around and make the playoffs and move on to div 4.

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