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  1. Re: The European Championship

    the amount of messages i get for ur constant bid.. withdraw.. bid.. withdraw.. bid.. withdraw is now getting annoying :rolleyes:

    what players cause it happened lately cause i did a 3 time trade with a club and we were figuring out how to complete it. but anyway ill have no players to deal till aug 9th after this 3 deal deal thing with a club

  2. Re: Pato or Rossi?

    rossi will most likely get a 93 at vilareal this year and i dont know if pato will. Balotelly might come to milan which can cost pato some minutes sice the Milan coach loves balotelly and Ibra took minutes from Pato last year.

    Pato wont lose his 92 rating but it might take him some time to get 93 but and if rossi goes to barcelona this year or next he will have huge potential.

  3. Re: The European Championship

    Lost to PSG 3-1

    Some info about my season so far:

    Got 10 players who are either suspended' date=' not match fit or injured

    This loss is my 6th consecutive loss

    Out of 9 games I have accumulated 4 points

    My goal difference is -10

    My team have scored 10 goals in 14 matches and conceded 22

    Even Celtic in Division 4 have got more points than my team[/quote']

    lol if we did our original deal u would be doing better lol ;):D:):rolleyes:B):eek:

  4. Re: The European Championship

    Finally, a scoring explosion for Shalke!!!

    Beat Braga 6-0 in a dominating fashion, with the man on loan fazio having a HUGE game with 2 goals as a CB.

    Goal scorers: Fazio 2, Balotelli 2, Inler 2

    Very proud of me team and got a big win when i needed one.

  5. Re: The European Championship

    Both of them are on par in my opinion. A fit Puyol is a beast and as long as he keeps playing next season I dont see a reason for him to drop. The only thing I give to Vidic is heading and on SM he is better cause of age.

    hes serbian so thats seals the deal for me lol, vidic and subotic best duo in the world (international) lol, just wish serbia gets a sick striker soon that one theing we've been lacking for a long time.

  6. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Keep Aguero' date=' he won't drop while Robinho and Jovetic won't rise.[/quote']

    jovetic will rise soon, the only reason hes not a 91 or 92 is cause of his injury, he was playing very well prior and will most likely get back to his old form soon

  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    BASTOS' date=' Michel

    SOW, Moussa

    HERNANDEZ, Pablo

    AUGUSTO, Renato


    can u guys rank from 1 to 5 who is the best?:o[/quote']

    1. augusto

    2. schurrle

    3. sow

    4. hernandez

    5. bastos

    for me i think augusto is very underrated and now that vidal left he will be the man at leverkusen plus they will be in champion league

  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    Have a question myself. Khedira' date=' Yaya Toure and 5m for Busquets. Both are unhappy behind De Jong, Fabregas and Alonso and Cash is useless. Also have Hummels and Bender to play in my 2 spots I typically use for them.[/quote']

    i would do it

  9. Re: Counter formations

    what should i use against a 3-5-2 , i thought a 4-3-3 wld work well cause of the 3 defenders but it seems like what u guys are telling me is that it doesnt work well, so what should i play against a 3-5-2

  10. Re: Pato or Higuain

    I would say pato he should be 94 if higuain is 94 because his goal scoring is better than higuain so I don't understand why his rating is only 92 but then again SM seem to be very tuff on brazilians neymars only 90 and his amazing a lot better than most 92's his not in a bad league

    neymar cant be higher then 90 when he hasnt proven anything against the big clubs, he plays in the brazilian league that is not very good and he didnt do much in copa america agaist the good teams.

    i think pato should be a 93-94 tho and also io think ganso should be same rating or better than neymar but that just my opinion.

    I would go for pato over higuain

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