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  1. should i do this deal, i dont know if i should holt on to draxler or keep him, i will try and get the guy to take fredrich and money bot if i cant should i do this deal?
  2. Re: The European Championship i explained this to u a million times and i gave away tasci and holtby to get money for hazard, the liverpool manager told me 10 times deal done now worries and then he takes a worse offer from u? makes no sense it still sucks i didnt get him but atleast a better offer beat me and not a worse one, if u got got hazard for afellay that would have been the biggest robbery ive ever seen, but im over it u never had to withdraw your bid i was just ****** off more at the liverpool guy then u. as far as im concerned its behind me and im movin on. Ill apoligize as well cause i did attack u when i shouldnt have but the whole lukaku deal was still in my mind and then this happened after i did some deals to make money for hazard cause we had a deal done long ago.
  3. should i give up draxler to get lamela?
  4. Re: The European Championship Beat Chelsea 3-1, very happy with the win but too bad my team got off to a bad start, hopefully this kind of performance rubs off on league games. Ben Arfa has been on fire since returning to Shalke. Goal Scorers: Huntelaar (41), Ben Arfa (83), Diarra (87)
  5. Re: Hazard ro giuseppe rossi i can get mussachio aswell if i add 10 mill while i only get hazard but dont lose 10 mill. i dont know which one to choose lol let me here your guys thoughts
  6. i can get both guys with the same players but i dont know which one to pick, who would u guys take?
  7. Re: The European Championship thats not that good of a offer, i think u can get better carragher will only fall and soon and money is not that imoportant in this league but its up to u
  8. Re: The European Championship D*NM 8 goals holyyy sh*t lol beat a good team too lol
  9. Re: The European Championship can div 4 get any closer? lol 1 game can make u go from 1st to last lmao i keep getting a bunch of shots on goal just cant seem to finish!
  10. what is draxlers peek? im wondering if its worth holding on to him
  11. Re: The European Championship u offered him like 28 mill when u combine everything and i offered him 45 mill so why in the world would he take your deal especially when we agreed on a deal a while back thats what ****** me off and the fact that i changed my team thinking i had that deal done. thats why it got me upset and the fact that this is the second time i got screwed over my B*tch moves from managers
  12. Re: The European Championship wow some managers are so gayy, the liverpool guy already agreed with me to deal a player then barca guy gets invlolved and he takes 20 mill plus afellay for hazard that is a horrible deal after watts pmed saying how my deal sucked. unbelievable afellay will not play at all this year at barca and 20 mill is nothing when u have 100+ mill. i like how u talked him out of doing a deal with me and then making an even worse offer and act like its a good deal. this is 2 deals u f*cked me over on after the managers already accepted. This is why i never told u who io was going after 123(Roma) cause ppl like watts will try to mess it up, this has happened twice already!
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