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  1. Re: draxler or lamela

    Can you give some other player instead of Draxler? Is it a deal with external or managed club? If it's with external' date=' try to send someone else. But if Draxler is your only choice to get Lamela - do it. Lamela is already 86, probably will go more in the next review. Draxler needs good season to get that rating and to be honest, that will take time. Take Lamela...[/quote']

    hes on a manged team adn the lamela guy wants draxler and cash but i have 20 mill so cash is not an issue its weather or not to give up draxler

  2. Re: The European Championship

    Coz he's a big cry baby who thinks when he bids for a player nobody else is dare allowed to bid aswell! It's starting to get old and annoying. If it keeps up he's honestly gonna get asked to leave. This is meant to be a fun game where people get on and have a laugh. Not for people to keep going on about silly "I got screwed stories"

    i explained this to u a million times and i gave away tasci and holtby to get money for hazard, the liverpool manager told me 10 times deal done now worries and then he takes a worse offer from u? makes no sense

    it still sucks i didnt get him but atleast a better offer beat me and not a worse one, if u got got hazard for afellay that would have been the biggest robbery ive ever seen, but im over it u never had to withdraw your bid i was just ****** off more at the liverpool guy then u.

    as far as im concerned its behind me and im movin on. Ill apoligize as well cause i did attack u when i shouldnt have but the whole lukaku deal was still in my mind and then this happened after i did some deals to make money for hazard cause we had a deal done long ago.

  3. Re: The European Championship

    Lol' date='just noticed that I am getting Hazard,maybe I am giving too much,but still,Hazard is great player,Nemanja Bratic told me on Pm,I did not notice when I was checking the result of forum match. :D[/quote']

    yea, atleast this time i got beat by a better offer but if i was giving up hazard i would have taken the javiar pastore and 20 mill offer but i would never give up hazard if i had him because him and ganso are my 2 fav players. sucks to get screwed over like i did but atleast it was to a better offer unlike last time lol

  4. Re: Urgent help with deals.

    Unsure what to do about these deals.

    My Anelka for Vucinic?

    My Badstuber for Rolando or Godin

    I also have Tevez' date=' Rannochia, bonucci, negredo, clichy, fletcher, khedira. Unsure whether to sell or keep these. Any advice?[/quote']

    i would do the vucinic deal but i would keep babstuber hes plays on a better club (starts), younger and has more potential then the players offered

  5. Re: The European Championship

    Beat Chelsea 3-1, very happy with the win but too bad my team got off to a bad start, hopefully this kind of performance rubs off on league games.

    Ben Arfa has been on fire since returning to Shalke.

    Goal Scorers: Huntelaar (41), Ben Arfa (83), Diarra (87) :P

  6. Re: The European Championship

    Real madrid offered me 25m and Carragher for De Rossi. Thats a hard one to reject. Im gonna think about it. :rolleyes:

    thats not that good of a offer, i think u can get better carragher will only fall and soon and money is not that imoportant in this league

    but its up to u

  7. Re: The European Championship

    Haha we lost our two previous games but Roma have blown me away in making up for it by spanking Borussia Dortmund 8-3! Kuranyi scores two goals on his debut for the club. Arteta has been on scoring form ever since arriving. We are also back into the promotion spots in 2nd place.

    Goal scorers for Roma

    Menez 16' date=' 27 | Totti 24, 54 | Kuranyi 42, 71 | Arteta 68 | Alves 62

    [b']Goal scorers for Borussia Dortmund[/b]

    Granero 30 | Hajnal 81 | Martin 89

    D*NM 8 goals holyyy sh*t lol

    beat a good team too lol

  8. Re: The European Championship

    its funny that it never once came up for me saying u withdrew and reoffered? looooooool

    YOU told me it was hunterlaar and money and so did he like 2 week ago

    so if that changed fair enough but just saying what both said :)

    anyway im not gonna sit n argue coz ur being a baby about a transfer' date=' away u go and offer for him again and have fun ;)[/quote']

    i offered him diarra and hintelaar and 10 mill then when u made an offer i sent in a pm will offer 14 mill if i had to. I SWEAR TO GOT DiArra WAS ALWAYS in the deal.

    just didnt understand why he would screw me over by talking a worse deal and after accepting my deal a while back

    u can understand how thats frustrating especially when its not the 1st time

    remember when i told u there was gonna be a new player coming to shalke and hes a youth player, i was talking about hazard and when i said that the liverpool manager told me multiple time deal done and then he takes a worse offer for him like

    thats what got me so frustrated and dint make sense to me why he would screw me over for no reason

  9. Re: The European Championship

    mate ur starting to annoy me :)

    all the im being scrwed talk lol' date=' its a bl00dy fantasy game on the internet and your acting like youve been done out of millions of pounds in real

    ive cancelled the deal anyway since your crying about it

    last i spoke to you about hazard u never mentioned diarra at all, so diarra is news to me :)

    im not gonna sit n discuss it and have u going on n on n on cause u didnt get a player u want

    note to all : if nemanja wants a player.... dont dare bid... its a rule![/quote']

    he already agreed on a deal bro, i dont care if ppl go after the same player but he told me "DEAl DONE" and i told him okay u postitive caus im gonna built my team around having hazard and he said deal done no worries.

    i never told u what i offered for him u sent me a pm saying my offer sucked and i thought he told u our deal.

    i offered him diarra + huntelaar+ 10 mill then when i saw u offered i even gave him 14 mill just incase.

    it just frustrating especially when i lost holtby a wing that i need and i gave tasci for cash that i needed for hazard so u see how i got screwed over big time

  10. Re: The European Championship

    u offered him like 28 mill when u combine everything and i offered him 45 mill so why in the world would he take your deal especially when we agreed on a deal a while back thats what ****** me off and the fact that i changed my team thinking i had that deal done.

    thats why it got me upset and the fact that this is the second time i got screwed over my B*tch moves from managers

  11. Re: The European Championship

    ive made the cheapest deals? where lol?

    your an actual big baby whp thinks once u want a player nobody is allowed to touch him. plus i doubt ur chairman would allow a 91 90 and 14 million for a 91

    the guy accepted a deal for lukaku' date=' i said to him what would u want from me? he requested i offered, he saw mine was better and decliend you but declined me also

    you dont need to get EVERY player u want, get a grip mate

    but ill cancel the deal coz ur acting like a ***** :)[/quote']

    listen i swear to got i offered huntelaar and diarra and 14 mill, and he sent me msgs saying DEAL DONE many times, this is why oi got ****** cause i asked him many times in case so i dont get screwed and he re assured me and then he goes and screws me over, u sent me pm saying my deal sucked and i told u i thought it was fair because i gave him 90 and a 91 and 14 mill for a player and i was even more suprised when he too a worse offer. I didnt understand why he would screw me over for no reason.

    Lukaku guy sent me a msg a little while ago telling me he would do the same deal we did before at the end of the year so dont see how your deal was better when he sent me that again.


    i would never have doent hat deal if i didnt need cash but i needed it for hazard cause the deal was already agreed on

  12. Re: The European Championship

    right first of all before u act like a baby

    i spoke to him once in work about the deal' date=' and said ill give you afellay and money for hazard, he said no, but like anyone would i made the offer anyway....

    never did i speak to him since about it... so talking him out of it? not at all

    stop throwing around accusations, never done u out of lukaku either did i? nobody got him so there u go lol. all offers for him were poor so rightfully so he declined

    plus afellays going to spurs, though u know all, where he will play

    im sure he would rather have afellay who would play alot in the epl than a past his best hunterlaar who will only drop?

    stop being a baby and talking rubbish :)[/quote']

    u sent me a msg saying i would feel bad offering what i offered him and then u make an even worse offer and he takes it but u now dont think its a bad offer. i offered him more then huntelaar so youre wrong there i offered him diarra and huntelaar and 14 mill which is way better than your offer. so i dont undersatnd why he would taske your offer when he already agreed on a deal with me, afellay going to spurs ive heard nothing about that and even if thats true he will prolly not get much pt there either.

    lukaku deal the kid a;ready accepted then declined, and then u told me u told him it was a rubbish deal, he obviously didnt think so untill u put it in his head and then made a million offers for lukaku after that.

    just dont know why u always criticize other ppls deals when u have made the most cheap deals on here

    im just ****** cause the liverpool said DEAL DONE so many times to me and i built my teama nd rotation around having hazard and now i get f*cked over for the second time. I wouldnt have done the balotelly deal if i dint have the hazard deal confirmed, just a b8tch move by u and liverpool manager.

  13. Re: The European Championship

    wow some managers are so gayy, the liverpool guy already agreed with me to deal a player then barca guy gets invlolved and he takes 20 mill plus afellay for hazard that is a horrible deal after watts pmed saying how my deal sucked. unbelievable afellay will not play at all this year at barca and 20 mill is nothing when u have 100+ mill.

    i like how u talked him out of doing a deal with me and then making an even worse offer and act like its a good deal.

    this is 2 deals u f*cked me over on after the managers already accepted.

    This is why i never told u who io was going after 123(Roma) cause ppl like watts will try to mess it up, this has happened twice already!

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