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  1. Re: The European Championship

    You have been more busy than me and I have been here longer. I feel ashamed. Like I said my team will be like Burton Albion in the next 6 SM seasons if I dont bring in some decent youth.

    I have a deal confirmed from one manager just waiting till transfer ban is up which means i will only have draxler and holtby as original shalke players and then add tasci to that group as the only players that dont have transfer ban lol

    What am i going to do when this happens lol:(

  2. Re: The European Championship

    all my youths available for loan and nobody wants

    shockin lol

    i hate loaning players i want players that r mine lol, im only loaning smalling for like 2 games to give some guys a rest and because im most likely dealing one of my CB soon lol

  3. Re: The European Championship

    **** right lol' date=' hope they sign him in time for the BIGGGGGGGGG day :D[/quote']

    he told me he will do the original deal with me after this season but idk if ill still have the players we agreed on or if he will change his mind again lol

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