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  1. Re: Can a 4-5-1 beat a 4-4-2 diamond ? Use a 3-4-3. You don't need to have three very good strikers though, one ore two would do. How's your defense ?
  2. Re: Best tactic for beating a 442 diamond you should definitely use 3-4-3. no kidding!
  3. Re: Is this happening to anyone else? it's happening to me as well.. hope they fix it before tomorrow's matches !!
  4. Re: Fwd = CF ?? Fantastic, thanks a lot you all !!
  5. Re: Fwd = CF ?? not really :D Is one of the two better at scoring or is it the same ??
  6. Hi there, I'm new here and would like to know if a Fwd/Wing is as effective at scoring goals when playing as a forward than a CF. Can I use a Fwd/Wing as a central striker ? Basically I'm about to change Anelka for Arshavin (both 92), but don't know if Arshavin will be as good a CF as Anelka. Can anyone help please ?? TX
  7. Re: Torres = Higuain ? Thanx a lot!
  8. Re: Essien = Xavi Alonso + 15M hahaha thanx!
  9. Re: Torres = Higuain ? Thanks mate ! What about Xavi Alonso + 15m = Essien ? (I have essien)
  10. I have Torres, the other guy is offering Higuain
  11. Hi there, This guy is crazy about my Essien and wants to buy it from me for 15m + Xavi Alonso or 45m.. Should I sell ? Why is he so obsessed about essien, I mean, he's got X Alonso and the whole madrid squad ? Also, there's this other juventus guy offering me Chiellini for Drogba + David Luiz. Am I being just stupid if I accept ? Thanx
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