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  1. Re: Juventus young talent - Ayub Daud he is on the database
  2. Re: Diego Perotti - Argentin seville rising star another start yesterday.
  3. Re: Diego Perotti - Sevilla http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=42647 I made a thread for him first.
  4. This Kid (20 years old) have already played 500 minutes in spanish league and I see a rise 82-85 to him. He played today against Real Madrid and he was one of the bests in Seville side. I dont find any thread about him and he is defenitly one to buy.
  5. Re: Tactics Help Thread Can you help me? My team is Julio Cesar- I just have this keeper Micah Richards Sagna Chiellini Maxwell MExes Hamsik Muntari De Rossi Modric Zhirkov Fabregas Kaka Ronaldinho Messi Aguero Fernando Torres thanks
  6. I have in my team this players: Kaka Messi Ronaldinho Fernando Torres Aguero In your opinion what is the best formation to use all or part of them?
  7. Re: Help! I need a prospect to reach 89+ in next rating change. under 24, less 3M to heat 89 soon? its impossible. that would mean a 81 player getting a rise of 8
  8. Re: Marek Hamsik to 91- collection of signatures
  9. Re: Marek Hamsik to 91- collection of signatures
  10. I decide to start this topic beucase i predict that SM will only increase Hamsik to 90 when he full deserves a 91. He is the top miedfield scorer in Italy where the miedfield player work almost not allowed advance in the field and his class is just amazing. So what i want to ask you is to let here your signature or a post for a 89- 91 rise to HAMSIK. Thanks to everyone in advance
  11. Re: Bojan+Messi for Ronaldo Don´t think to much-- just ACCEPT THE DEAL. After you can tr swap Tevez for Robinho ou Ribery. But i would go to Robinho because he also can play foward.
  12. Re: Shjould i accept this deal for ashley cole ask Marcelo plus higuain
  13. Re: HAMSIK Marek 91!! amazing player
  14. Re: Diego Buonanotte-"El Enano" (the dwarf) Someone change his photo because the photo in his game page is of Alexis sanchez. I don´t now how to do it. thanks
  15. Re: Luca Toni ok... show me Nistelroy doing that... and he is 96.
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