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  1. Re: January Transfer Window Predictions i doubt owen will be heading to Liverpool. me being a liverpool fan, idk why benitez is hunting for a CB. maybe cos agger is leaving for milan. and i think agger will leave for milan, but i don't know why liverpool would want to sell him. anw, benitez is eyeing this ukrainian starlet CHYHRYNSKY, Dmytro. he's 22, and quite good. i also think that benitez should recall voronin, and get rid of him. he should get Amr Zaki or maybe heskey. haha
  2. Re: Help!!! Which player should be sell or keep sell everything in bold in the previous post, plus gattuso. Get a good deal for gattuso
  3. Re: Raul+quaresma for benzema? please advise! alright. he's a lil stubborn. i gave him gago and raul+6m. we'll see what he says. hope it goes thru! oh, cos you see, although im wrong to put them there, they do score goals and cre8 assists for me, so yea, its still good.
  4. Re: winger help well, arda turan is a quality player, however, he might not go up if he doesn leave Galatasaray, but he was exceptional in euro 08 barnetta, is playing for leverkusen, and has scored 15 goals in 99 app to date. in my opinion, i think both will remain the same, but the likelihood that barnetta will go up is higher, but, he's older. for me, i would buy for the future, so arda for me.
  5. Re: emergency, i'm in a dilemma really? im really having trouble. i can let go of raul as i have torres and rooney. but the winger part. manz. Pos Age Rt Morale SM Val Chair Val TB Int REINA, Jose Gk 26 93 £9.1M £24.4M - - RENAN, Brito Gk 23 88 £6.3M £5.3M - LnL MARCELO, Vieira LB 20 90 £8.4M £13.6M - Int DANI ALVES, Silva RB/RM 25 94 £10.2M £27.9M - Int ARBELOA, Álvaro RB/LB 25 90 £7.2M £8.1M 06 Feb Int TERRY, John CB 28 95 £9.2M £27.4M - Int MERTESACKER, Per CB 24 93 £9.7M £25.8M - Sus RAUL ALBIOL, Tortajada CB/DM 23 92 £9.2M £24.0M - Int CHIELLI
  6. Re: help!!!! i need a left back that will rise to 91/92 marcelo's the best. riise and aurelio ain't that good. marcelo's young too!
  7. Re: Spanish Ratings i THINK navas is good. i'm contemplating whether to sell him. is he good? haven't heard from him.
  8. Re: winger help get both. they're good.
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