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  1. someone has send me message about swapping my Higuain + Muller with his David Silva + Marcelo.. Any idea mates ? Please give me some suggestion Thanks a lot !
  2. Re: Eden Hazard or Neymar Hazard.. Ask neymar go to DISNEY land
  3. Re: Lewandowski or Giroud? lewandowski
  4. Re: Hummles vs Rami hummels for sure, dude
  5. should i swap my Valdes for Hart ? Thank you
  6. Re: Should i swap Sakho for m'vila ?? get m'villa.....
  7. Re: DZAGOEV, Alan why not ? only 10mil for this talent player
  8. Re: Victor Andrade -> Better than Neymar??? he's on DB now.. snap him now
  9. Re: Jeffrey BRUMA & Tomás KALAS, worth to buy ? anyone please ?
  10. Re: Shall i give Lukaku for Lewandowski ? take lewandowski for sure.. he has brighter future than lukaku
  11. hi, i need help on these players. is it Jeffrey BRUMA and Tomás KALAS worth to buy ? they are available in my gameworld.. thanks a lot !!
  12. Re: Shall i sell szcsensy and canasles and get casillias of course do the deal, mate
  13. Re: Eto for Lewandowski? definitely.. easy question
  14. Re: Hummels, Kompany, Thiago Silva thiago silva and kompany
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