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  1. Re: chelsea kool wot he like
  2. Re: SM quiz me in plz:)
  3. who will be chelsea new manager
  4. craig14

    hi all

    Re: hi all the forum is just a place to have fun and get u vies to sm
  5. craig14

    hi all

    Re: hi all kk it relly hard to get uset to this
  6. craig14

    hi all

    Re: hi all yer sparky is a gr8 help:)
  7. Re: takeing teams i ve sent one to dem
  8. Re: ***BREAKING NEWS FOR SPORTS FANS*** i tink thay might of won that 1
  9. Re: takeing teams yer he kick me twice
  10. Re: Official Red Devils thread yer def we need more ppl like alan smith
  11. Re: takeing teams yer just cis they wot em like ma man u team i had won 6 games in a row and i was 3 in the tabel
  12. Re: Official Red Devils thread look at saha last seson her was the 2 best forward we had
  13. have u see gold members takeing teams of ppl just because they wot em:mad:
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