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  1. Re: Busquets deal Kroos and Balotelli are bench warmers but they come handy when the others are tired. other DMs include Vidal Montolivo Schweinsteiger pirlo Thanks for the help
  2. I have been offered busquets for (MY) kroos+ballotelli+25m. Thoughts???
  3. Formation is 3-5-2 and I play robben as a fwd. however, with his recent position change, he is now "yellow" in that position. So far he is still playing very well, scoring goals. Does the color really make a difference? Anyone else has experience this? Is there a thread that discuss the positions colors? Finally, it also seems like wingers do a better jobs as fwd in a 3-5-2, anyone else notice this? Thank you
  4. Who you sale Bale to an unmanaged team to buy Mata from an unmanaged team?? (defense is not an issue here) Please give your reasons
  5. Re: Would you do these trades?? Thanks guys but actually both deals are in separate game worlds so I was asking if you would consider any of them? I am not trying to figure out which deal is better
  6. 1- I have been offered T. Silva + Gotze for MY Pique 2- Kompany + Pedro for MY Pique. Thoughts??
  7. Position does not matter... Which do you rate higher? Will either get a +2 next review?
  8. Re: Which player to pick Thanks for the reply. How about Ayew and Ruiz?
  9. Your team has all the positions covered and you got the option to buy Macherano or Robinho. Which would you pick? Quick question: How do you rate Ayew Andre (89) and Ruiz Victor (89)?
  10. Re: Vidic trades, take a look My team has an average of 94 with enough depth. I have lahm, chiellini, badstuber, vidic, bale (if needed). I play with 3 backs
  11. Would you trade YOUR vidic for the following: please answer yes or no 1-Ramos+Reus 2-piqué 3-Hummels+khedira 4-Hummels+marcelo
  12. Re: What to do with Robinho? How about straight swap Robinho for Shurrle or Marin?
  13. Re: What to do with Robinho? Thanks, I think I am going to hold on to him for a little while longer unless I get a great offer. He's got a 7.20 average, not bad.
  14. Re: What to do with Robinho? Would you trade YOUR robinho for Podolski? Or Would you trade YOUR robinho for Cazorla? Or either/neither
  15. So everyone knows that Robinho is on his way down. The question is, will he drop at the next review? (When is the next serie A review BTW?) At 93 he is still a good player to have in SM especially b/c he covers FWD and Wing. I think my plan is to keep him until right before the next review and try to trade him for prospects. Please give me your thoughts if you had robinho and your squad had good depth and good players (average 92-94 on game day) but could use another Winger, what would you do with him? What kind of trade would you take? For example would you trade him (right now) for Shaqiri + Song or Rodriguez (89) + Mountinho? Thank you
  16. Would you trade your ribery and aguero for messi?
  17. Re: Vidic trades Thanks, I appreciate the reply? Do you think khedira is a better bet? Also I am surprise you picked Pedro, most people think he is overrated.
  18. If you had an overall 93 rated squad but needed some depth, which trade would you do for YOUR vidic? 1-Vidic for pique+ song 2-Vidic for Ramos+ khedira Also who do you think is better bet for the next couple years? Sanchez (92) or pedro (93)?
  19. 1-Would you trade your Shaqiri + 6M for MATA?
  20. Re: Most amazing/jaw dropping transfers you've been involved in or seen in your world
  21. Re: Mata or Hazard Thx, not to mention that I maybe able to buy reus with the extra cash
  22. Re: Mata or Hazard Mutd, Mata because.... Will he rise faster? Stay the same as hazard therefore I should not spend the extra cash?
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