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  1. Pay me my 1500 credits from 3 years a go you little stinge.
  2. Oh yeah I forgot if SM Tony is still around could he make an appearance because he's a respectable man and I would like to engage in some topical discussion with him.
  3. I'd also like to give a shoutout to this song I like to listen to it in my spare time because it sounds good. https://soundcloud.com/spinninrecords/id-sex-available-february-19
  4. Also R.I.P Liverpool discussion thread. I used to have a bond with that place.
  5. Check it out I have 25 warning points isn't that a cool system we got going now.
  6. Yo Stopped playing this game a while back because SM somehow kept finding ways to make the game worse and worse. Came back today to suss it out and apparently now instead of expanding the ability to customise tactics, they've further limited them even more. Am I missing something or has SM just taken the next step in its clever plan to further ruin what was once the sickest site on the intermernetweb? Also I rate the new interface. Lol jokes its just as bad as every other new interface they've introduced every second fortnight since they decided the best way to convince people that their money is actually spent on development is by making it look different. Inb4 devs rage and remove this post and/or ban me from a forum that also once again used to be great until they changed it and thus has slid to the toilet drain into the land of poop. Thankyou for your time friends. P.S. legit wasted time I should've been studying to write this so don't go disrespecting my commitment to the game ok cheers.
  7. Top analysis. Honestly why don't you work for sky.
  8. No posts for almost 2 weeks. Real shame this was a class thread. None the less pumped for tonight. Up the Reds
  9. Anyway... Of all the signings we've played so far Joe Gomez has been the most impressive and pleasing of the lot, and if it wasn't for the fact that we had signed Milner on a free then he'd be the best value for money by a longshot. If he continues to impress in pre-season I think it would be foolish to loan him out as he's more comfortable in a Liverpool shirt than Lovren and Kolo have ever been, but we do have to remember Ilori is coming back as well. Rossiter making a case for himself and hopefully Ibe keeps his head down and keeps developing because he could be a huge player. Disappointed not to see Texiera or Markovic tonight though.
  10. There really doesn't seem to be any logic behind it. If we are paying over 32.5m for Benteke we may as well stick a couple of mil extra on and bid for Lewandowski, Higuian and Lacazette. All much harder to convince to sign I get that but if we have the money it's not making sense why we choose Benteke out of the lot as our priority. Will be interesting to see how this plays out though. Was Man United's reported interest genuine? Will Benteke reject us in hope of a move to them? I wonder if Aston Villa somehow planted the rumour to force our hand and pay up the full buy-out clause.
  11. Not sure, but yeah very annoying. Origi outshone Ings in my opinion, Lambert surely just being put in the shop window - completely unsuited to what Rodgers wanted from him. Think it should not go unnoticed that Henderson's attitude has visibly gotten even better now that he officially has the armband. Might of been playing against the Thai All Stars but he was very lively and that rabona though.
  12. It bothers me how biased LFCTV can be. Really embellishing a rather average 45 minutes. Joe Gomez looked very comfortable though, and Texeira can build on his performance today.
  13. Said a while back when the season was still going that we should go after Firmino. Never thought we actually would though! Very keen to see a Sturridge/Firmino/Coutinho link up.
  14. Be right back looking for a brick wall to run into.
  15. Thanks again. The transfer window has not even officially opened yet and you feel the need to make such a pointless statement. Just because we sign player X doesn't mean we can't still go on and sign players Y and Z.
  16. Best call man. So many people on this forum use that all the time. Teach me your ways pls pls pls.
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