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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Hi guys! Is 9m+Pjanic a good deal to get Khedira? Khedira has a slightly higher rating but Pjanic is younger. Do you think Khedira will maintain or improve that rating or do you think it's better to hold onto Pjanic? Thanks in advance!
  2. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I just received a 45.7m offer for Hugo Lloris. It's a pretty competitive game world and I'm not sure how easy it would be to replace him. Should I accept the offer or would it be better to keep him?
  3. Re: Wc 28209! I just joined as PSG! Used to play this game a lot a few years ago and want to get back into it. I'm sure I'll enjoy this game world! Sorry if I'm rusty for a little bit!
  4. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread Internacional 2-1 Atletico Madrid Wow! What an important win we got here! This pushed us up to 3rd place! And the winning goal was scored by Cvitanich, who we happened to sign thebother day. Very good result for my first league game.
  5. Re: WC 4907: Valencia's Road to Redemption End of Transfers for Valencia Today, new manager Marc Nielsen announced that after French talent Damien Le Tallec comes in for a physical and to put the pen to the paper, transfers for Valencia will be over for now. Marc Nielsen told the press: "We have used up our transfer budget and are now going to focus on our tactics and improving our game results." This 'transfer season' for Valencia has been very successfull, says Marc Nielsen. Valencia have been able to bring a huge amount of young future talent for the club and have also brought in some immediate talent. however, there was a big disappointment for the new manager in the fact that Spanish football star David Villa did not make a move to Valencia.
  6. Re: WC 11019: Ajax vs Internacionale: Division 2 Rivalry Internacional Transfer News Today, Internacional has been very busy in the transfer department. Not only have they brought in a few players, but they have sold a few players. Here is the exact news for Internacional: Transfers Out Guilherme Juan, Emboaba Oscar, Ricardo Goulart are all being sent out to Palermo, Tottenham Hotspur, and Napoli respectively. But the big name being sold today was Leandro Damiao to Borussia Dortmund. The initial payment is 4.0 mil. However, Internacional are set to get young Borussia Dortmund star Damien Le Tallec for a minimum price of 770k, if it had not been for this deal, Internacional may have had to empty their pockets to get this promising youth player. New Faces Set to Appear in the Next Few Days Today, Internacional announced that they had reached an agreement with Aston Villa for the striker at an amount that has been estimated to be around 3.5 mil. Another face that will be showing up soon is talented striker and winger Dario Cvitanich from rivals Ajax. The amount was not announced by the Internacional manager, but it has been estimated to be around 10-11mil. Marc Nielsen had this to say about the transfers: "These two transfers are part of our attempt to bring in more talent and to improve our team." Transfer Rumours Also rumored is that some more negotiation between Ajax and Internacional is going on for an as yet unnamed midfielder. Neither manager has come out with the news yet or how negotiations are going. The only news we have is that we will know all the details of this transfer.
  7. vs Ajax vs Internacional So me and my pal on WC 11019 have decided that we are going to set up a thread where we will post our transfers and such. We're going to have a bit of a rivarly between each other. We would appreciate if no one posts on this thread.
  8. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread
  9. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread That would be awesome! But I just realized that my salary is more than my income, so I won't be able to buy anyone for a little bit...sorry, thanks for the offer though. Does anyone have any advice for the whole salary is more than income situation?
  10. Re: World Championship 11019 Discussion Thread Guess who's the new manager for Internacional? This guy! Well, anyway, to business! Does anyone have any players of any position that are 90+ for around 15 million they would like to sell?
  11. Re: WC 4907: Valencia's Road to Redemption Valencia C.F. Transfers and Rumours Going for Gold: David Villa The new Valencia manger announced that Valencia did have interest in Villa and that they had put a bid in that 'should be sufficient in putting a star name in our roster'. When asked by media how much the bid was, Nielsen did not disclose how much, but just said that he suspected it would be enough. Lucas Leiva It was announced that Lucas Leiva had been signed and he was 'showcased' today in his new Valencia shirt. This young lad seems to be a mix of Nielsen's two goals: to get future talent into the club, and to get some immediate talent boost. When asked how much the bid was Nielsen had this to say: "Too much.(Chuckled) But it is worth it." Silvestre Varela Lucas Leiva was not the only new player to be announced as a new member of the Valencia squad today. The other one was Silvestre Varela from FC Porto. When asked about the transfer, Varela said this: "I am looking forward to meeting all my new teammates and coaches and look forward to playing here in Valencia." Others? Marc Nielsen did announce that he had signed and had interest in many other young players and also some immediate talent, but told the press that he would like those to be a secret for now.
  12. Re: WC 4907: Valencia's Road to Redemption Valencia C.F. Transfer Rumours Ambitious Bid For Top Spanish Player: David Villa Today, new Valencia manager Marc Nielsen has announced, among other transfers, the interest in Villa. "In order to meet our goals and to become better, we must start trying to sign some more star players onto the squad," was what Nielsen said right after he told the over-excited media that he had made a bid on David Villa which 'is of high amount', but the exact number is not known. We speculate that it may be in the mid-30m range. Silvestre Varela For this prospect, not only has the manager placed a bid, but it was accepted and Varela was shown in his Valencia shirt for the first time today at a press conference. There he said: "I can't wait to start training with my new teammates and to meet with all the coaches. I'm just so excited to move up another division!" He was signed from FC Porto who are in Division 3 and finished in 15th place this season. Leiva Lucas Varela was not the only new player to be showcased today, Leiva Lucas, bought from Liverpool for a deal that Nielsen said: "Was a bit too much for my liking...but we need the new talent and he is young and will improve, I just now the money was worth it." Leiva Lucas is part of the attempt by Nielsen to bring in more instant talent while also adding a bit of his youth policy too. Lucas seems to be the perfect player for what Nielsen wants, let's hope we get to see him soon! Sergio Araujo The last signing for Valencia today, was promising young striker originally from Boca Juniors, however, he was a Free Agent when Nielsen signed him. Not much is known yet, seeing as he has just recently put the pen to the paper. When asked about the transfer, Nielsen had this to say: "We signed him because he is a promising young lad and I look forward to him playing at Valencia."
  13. Re: Milan's l Signature Request l + l Portfolio l Wow, I like your sigs. Nice work! I was wondering if I could get a Valencia themed sig with Francesco Totti(in a Valencia shirt if you can) saying WC 4907-Valencia C.F., Road to Redemption. Oh and also a Valencia logo somewhere on there?
  14. Valencia C.F. World Championship 4907 Today, Valencia announced the name of their new manager, Marc Nielsen. Season 6 was a disastrous season for Valencia, being only two points away from relegation into Division 3. So the chairman decided that a change in management might produce different results. Nielsen was a top choice considering his success with Athletic Club in a different league and the fact that he has always been very eager to start managing Valencia. Marc Nielsen has made the official statement: "This season, I will be looking to improve Valencia's future with some bright young stars and to get us a promotion into Division 1." Nielsen's First Success! 1-0 Marc Nielsen finally ended Valencia's seven game winning drought with a 1-0 win in a friendly against Italian side Florentina, who have been very successful in Division 1 finishing in 3rd place two points behind Real Madrid. The game appeared to be heading for a tie when Francesco Totti's chip in the 73rd minute was fumbled by Florentina's Handanovic and rolled across the line to seal Valencia's first win in almost a month. Nielsen had this to say: "We played well and we managed to acquire a good result, but it was very close. I think I will be changing our line-up and tactics to see if we can get an even better result for our next match against Genoa." Young Talent Immediately Signed On Oh boy, Marc Nielsen was not joking around when he said that he was going to be bringing some promising young talent. Nielsen has signed the U-17 Ivory Coast star for a rumored 700k. Coulibaly will be starring in the Youth Team for now while he grows and starts to improve. Souleymane Coulibaly had this to say when he signed a contract with Valencia: "I am so glad that I signed for Valencia, I am really looking forward to playing on their team and hope that I will soon be a regular on their first team." I would appreciate it if no one commented on this thread seeing as this will be a news thread for my club. Thank you! PM me your opinions or suggestions! Thank you for reading!
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