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  1. Re: Gedion Zelalem, Midfielder...the new Fabrega No, I said that because in my experience on SM players have been added within 24 hours of their debut. It has nothing to do with 'taking it easy', I'm merely asking for an explanation from people who have more knowledge of the SM database than I.
  2. Re: Gedion Zelalem, Midfielder...the new Fabrega
  3. Re: Gedion Zelalem, Midfielder...the new Fabrega
  4. Re: Gedion Zelalem, Midfielder...the new Fabrega Hmmm I'm not sure to tell you the truth. I think its normally early in the morning, but I am a bit concerned that its been three days since his debut and he still hasn't been added. I was under the impression that there was no criteria for how many minutes they have to play, just that they play?
  5. Re: Gedion Zelalem, Midfielder...the new Fabrega
  6. Re: Gedion Zelalem, Midfielder...the new Fabrega This may be a stupid question but will Zelalem be added to the SM database, or does he still need more minutes?
  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread That can't possibly happen mate. All our spending comes from money generated by the club, not a sugar daddy. Something which I'm incredibly proud of.
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I see what you are saying but I think you just need to take everything Wenger says in his interviews and press conferences with a pinch of salt. We may have signings lined up which will take us to the next level this season, or not, but either way we won't know. Wenger conducts business as quietly as possible and loves to essentially lie to the media. Therefore, there's not really much point in getting worked up over comments he's made to the press. Judge Wenger at the end of this window, not when there is still a few weeks left to sign players. I'm one of Wenger's biggest supporters but I will not be best pleased if we don't make the necessary signings in this transfer window.
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Not being funny but what do you want him to say? "No the team is miles off of where it needs to be, we need major signings if we are to accomplish anything this season". Wenger is notorious for lying to journalists, hardly ever tells them any factual information or what he actually believes.
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Not so sure about the first part, it seems to be that it's dragging out because Suarez hasn't handed in a transfer request yet and so hasn't forced Liverpool's hand so to speak. I believe as soon as Suarez starts throwing his toys out of the pram, like so many of our players did, Liverpool will have no choice but to sell him. After all, they would need to spend the money they get for him so I'd assume they would want to sell him ASAP really. As for Rooney, I don't know to be honest. I think it's another one that will drag on and on.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Let's remember guys that there's still a few weeks of the window left and we can still make some big signings. Don't get me wrong, I'm quite frustrated as I thought we would have signed at least one player by now, but as long as we sign the right players before the end of the window then I'll be happy. One thing you have to remember with Arsenal is that we conduct our business under the utmost secrecy, signing players out of 'nowhere', if you get my meaning. Wenger rarely gives away any clues as to who we are signing, like when he said he'd "never heard of Cazorla" and went on to sign him a week later. We just have to wait until the end of the window, then judge.
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread I think he would get games, not huge amounts of game time but enough for someone of his age and at a club like Arsenal. I'm sure he would want to come to Arsenal but it's just whether he would be prepared to play less games than he would get at Freiburg. I like your point about buying him and then loaning him back but Arsenal very, very rarely do this so that would seem an unlikely option. Also, we need a CB in this window really, meaning that if we did buy him and loan him back we would still need to buy another CB to act as cover for Kos/Mert.
  13. Re: Liga BBVA Ratings Predictions thread Should do IMO but you never know with SM. Their changes have been 'questionable' over the past few months to say the least...
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Yeah it's a shame that. I've heard that the club and the PFA are offering him the necessary help and support to get back on his feet though. Unfortunately it seems like he'll need both short and long term help, he has pretty bad gambling and alcohol addictions.
  15. Re: Serie A Rating Predictions Is it too optimistic to think Vidal should rise to 93 in the next change?
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread All depends on who we sign from now until the end of the window, for me. If we get Suarez, as well as a few good additions to the squad, and key players (like Wilshere) stay fit then I see no reason why we couldn't win the title next season. However, if we don't sign the players that we need I fear we'll have another battle for 4th on our hands and quite frankly that will not be an acceptable minimum target for next season.
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