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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    To be honest must put some perspective on this ' date=' Hes been very good this season but he had 2 poor seasons before that and ive said this months ago that I reckon he would play for a move to france albeit I thought PSG . I would be very disappointed to lose him for a free but I think as long as we can get a new RB in the summer then it wouldnt be as big of a loss as people are making out :) Like I would rather lose Sagna then Mert , Kos , Gibbs etc. Althrough ideally I would keep Sagna :)

    As long as we sign Jung and someone else to replace Jenkinson we should be alright.

    With the Draxler rumors going round , There is absolutely positively no chance we will sign him in this window and to be honest I doubt he will sign in the summer.

    Is fernando from porto out of contract soon? If not why not look at him to strengthen the midfield on the cheap and add more depth.[/quote']

    I wouldn't say Sagna was 'poor' for the last two seasons but he certainly wasn't playing up to his usual standards. That said, even an average Saga is better than most RB's out there. You also have to factor in the misfortune of breaking his leg twice in one season which I think was the main reason behind his dip in performance.

    Therefore I have to disagree with you and say that it is absolutely vital we keep Sagna for as long as we can. Whilst he doesn't quite possess the attacking threat he used to when marauding down the right flank I think you'd find it very hard to find a RB who is better defensively and more committed than Sagna. The man is an absolute model professional and has been an extraordinary player for us. Losing him would only have a negative impact on the club, no matter who we were to buy as his 'replacement'.

  2. Re: Gedion Zelalem, Midfielder...the new Fabrega

    You said and i quote "but I am a bit concerned that its been three days since his debut and he still hasn't been added." If you stated that you are concerned that he hasn't been added yet you are obviously not taking it easy. :rolleyes:

    No, I said that because in my experience on SM players have been added within 24 hours of their debut. It has nothing to do with 'taking it easy', I'm merely asking for an explanation from people who have more knowledge of the SM database than I.

  3. Re: Gedion Zelalem, Midfielder...the new Fabrega

    ive seen people post here its after 300 or 500 minutes? something like that' date=' might be wrong though[/quote']

    Ah see I thought it was like that but then they changed it.

    For instance there's no way Eisfeld has played 300 professional minutes for Arsenal, in fact I'm 99% sure he was added after a 30minute cameo against reading two years ago. Therefore why Zelalem hasn't been added I do not know...

  4. Re: Gedion Zelalem, Midfielder...the new Fabrega

    Do they get added at a certain time of the day do you know? Or is it random

    Hmmm I'm not sure to tell you the truth. I think its normally early in the morning, but I am a bit concerned that its been three days since his debut and he still hasn't been added.

    I was under the impression that there was no criteria for how many minutes they have to play, just that they play?

  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    The board will allow Wenger to sign another world class star in January as long as it is a striker.

    Looks like we could be having a whole new policy at Arsenal. I like the way in which we have done our business since our stadium move. We have a strong future and now the board seem to be on the same page as the fans.

    I just hope we don't end up becoming a City or Chelsea with spending.

    That can't possibly happen mate. All our spending comes from money generated by the club, not a sugar daddy. Something which I'm incredibly proud of.

  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    We can keep banging on about this Vanilla bloke but what i'd like to focus on is' date=' as well as major signings of course, to develop our own prospect. The likes of Ramsey, Jenkinson, Wilshere and Oxlade-Chamberlain are not maturing the way one would like. Over the last few years, we've had a number of talents at the club and none of them have developed properly. Even if we were to sign another kid, i wouldn't have any faith in Wenger to nurture him correctly. The list of young 'uns he's ruined is growing ever longer; we don't need another one.[/quote']

    I agree with you about the first part: we need to focus on improving the players we have as well as looking for players externally. However, the names you mentioned as 'not maturing the way one would like' is ridiculous for me.

    Jenkinson is still very raw but he will improve as he gets more games, also with his physical attributes he's already won half the battle to becoming a very good RB.

    Ramsey's been improving constantly since the middle of last season and you cannot underestimate the impact his leg break had in terms of slowing his development.

    Chamberlain I'll kind of agree with you on. He had a poor season but he is only 19 and once he sorts out what his best position is I'm sure he'll flourish in the role, whether that be in midfield or on the wing.

    As for Wilshere, I'm not even going to comment on that, the boy is already on the cusp of being world class and for someone with such little experience (mainly due to injury) that is a frightening thought.

    Granted, not every youngster we try and nurture will succeed but there's no one better in world football than developing players than Arsene Wenger. An 18 year old isn't the sort of signing I would want but so long as it doesn't impact on us getting other targets, I'll be more than happy to have him.

  7. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    since 2007 he is been saying that and guess what happen the next season we finish without trophy again and again. it just very annoying all we want to make some major signing spend the cash on decent players that can help us win at least the carling cup haha because I don't believe the squad we have now is good enough to win anything. just imaging koscielny or arteta or even walcott getting injuried for a long time. who will replace them?

    I see what you are saying but I think you just need to take everything Wenger says in his interviews and press conferences with a pinch of salt. We may have signings lined up which will take us to the next level this season, or not, but either way we won't know. Wenger conducts business as quietly as possible and loves to essentially lie to the media. Therefore, there's not really much point in getting worked up over comments he's made to the press.

    Judge Wenger at the end of this window, not when there is still a few weeks left to sign players. I'm one of Wenger's biggest supporters but I will not be best pleased if we don't make the necessary signings in this transfer window.

  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    just looking at wenger latest interview he still believes the squad he has at the moment is good enough to win a trophy this guy will never learn!

    Not being funny but what do you want him to say? "No the team is miles off of where it needs to be, we need major signings if we are to accomplish anything this season".

    Wenger is notorious for lying to journalists, hardly ever tells them any factual information or what he actually believes.

  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Of course you are right mate. It's not like you didn't buy any players the previous seasons' date=' in fact you bought quite a few every year.

    I just find it half-amusing half-shocking what's been going on this summer so far. Reading the thread with great interest mostly and the names that are being thrown about and labeled as done deals (or at least close to being done) such as Jovetic, Higuain and Julio Cesar for example is.

    Just pay up a bit more and get the players in early so everybody gets accustomed to each other and you don't struggle the first few games[/quote']

    I agree with you that we should have got business done earlier, but it's not always that easy. Admittedly we should have signed a few squad players by now but transfers for bigger players, especially if they are at English clubs, take a long time to thrash out.

    One thing to remember though with the 'done deals' is that them stories mainly come from the ITK's on twitter and other forms of social media. I don't think it was ever a case that we agreed a deal with a player and then didn't want to pay up. Higuain is the exception to this but it seems to be common belief that we agreed a deal of 23M and then Real pushed this up to around 32M.

    I see what you are saying about 'paying more just to get the deal done' but in the case with Higuain I don't think we can be blamed to be honest. I certainly don't think he's worth 32M and clearly Arsene didn't either.

    In an ideal world, we would have got business done early and players could get used to each other etc but some of the teams we are negotiating with, like Liverpool, have made it difficult for us to get deals done quickly. This is why, as I think I said in a previous post, we need to wait for some of our targets to hand in transfer requests to get the wheels in motion. I genuinely believe we will sign at least one big player before the end of the window. If not, i'll be very disappointed and quite frankly, there will be no excuse.

  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    I think its stretching out because Suarez is hoping the Bale bid from Real falls through. It does seem Arsenal is his second choice team and he is Real's second choice player at the mo.

    Do you think the chances of Rooney going to Chelsea or Arsenal are now dead?

    Not so sure about the first part, it seems to be that it's dragging out because Suarez hasn't handed in a transfer request yet and so hasn't forced Liverpool's hand so to speak. I believe as soon as Suarez starts throwing his toys out of the pram, like so many of our players did, Liverpool will have no choice but to sell him. After all, they would need to spend the money they get for him so I'd assume they would want to sell him ASAP really.

    As for Rooney, I don't know to be honest. I think it's another one that will drag on and on.

  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Let's remember guys that there's still a few weeks of the window left and we can still make some big signings.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm quite frustrated as I thought we would have signed at least one player by now, but as long as we sign the right players before the end of the window then I'll be happy.

    One thing you have to remember with Arsenal is that we conduct our business under the utmost secrecy, signing players out of 'nowhere', if you get my meaning. Wenger rarely gives away any clues as to who we are signing, like when he said he'd "never heard of Cazorla" and went on to sign him a week later. We just have to wait until the end of the window, then judge.

  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Dont see why he would move. He's got guarenteed Europa League football at Freiburg whereas he wouldnt get a game at Arsenal. Buying him and then loaning him back there would be a good move for Arsenal as well as the player

    I think he would get games, not huge amounts of game time but enough for someone of his age and at a club like Arsenal. I'm sure he would want to come to Arsenal but it's just whether he would be prepared to play less games than he would get at Freiburg.

    I like your point about buying him and then loaning him back but Arsenal very, very rarely do this so that would seem an unlikely option. Also, we need a CB in this window really, meaning that if we did buy him and loan him back we would still need to buy another CB to act as cover for Kos/Mert.

  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Yeah' date=' I dunno where but I heard we had a bid accepted for him. Great little player, just wondering if he would get the game time necessary to develop and reach his potential.[/quote']

    Yeah I heard a rumour that we might have struck a deal but we'll have to wait and see on that one.

    I think he'd get enough games, what with Vermaelen being injured, but it'd be a risk to throw someone so young into the action at this level, especially in a position as important as CB or DM.

    Having said that, Man City seemed to do a similar thing with Nastasic this season and he performed pretty admirably. That doesn't guarantee Ginter would perform in a similar vein but you see what I'm saying.

    I guess we'll see over the coming weeks whether we sign the kid or not.

  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Apparently Gustavo's been allowed to leave' date=' God I hope we get him.[/quote']

    I'm not his biggest fan but I'd take him over not getting a holding midfielder at all. Plus, I'd imagine we'd be able to get him for a very cheap price as well.

    Is anyone else hearing these links with Mathias Ginter re-surfacing in the past few days? Could be a decent fourth CB, albeit one that would need time to develop.

  15. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    As we are talking about legends of Arsenal. I read today that former Arsenal and England legend kenny Samson has been found homeless. Sad to see a great fall on hard times.

    Yeah it's a shame that. I've heard that the club and the PFA are offering him the necessary help and support to get back on his feet though. Unfortunately it seems like he'll need both short and long term help, he has pretty bad gambling and alcohol addictions.

  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    We won't be competing for the Premierleague title next season' date=' We need 4/5 1st team signings and that certainly won't be happening.

    Mourinho has it in the bag..[/quote']

    I think we need 1 world class player (Suarez) in addition to 2/3 squad players to be honest.

    I wouldn't be too pessimistic at this point. We still have time to buy and I think whoever wins the title will win it by the smallest of margins. No one will walk away with it and certainly not Mourinho IMO.

  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Oh don't get me wrong if we get Suarez we'll be a real force' date=' but we're still one or two injuries away from mediocrity, especially at the back. If Kosc or Mert get injured who have we got? Vermaelen's injured for a month or two, Djourou's gone (thank God), that leaves us with Miquel who's not ready yet. Same at left-back, Gibbs is injury prone and we've already got Monreal out (not sure how long for) that again leaves us with Miquel who is, in my opinion, poor at LB. Our depth has improved over the years but we are still nowhere near the depth that the likes of City have, all-be-it we don't spend their amount of money but still, you get my drift?

    And of course, we're all still waiting for that defensive-midfielder that we've been crying out for since Gilberto Silva left.[/quote']

    Your spot on there, lack of numbers to cover potential injuries is a big problem at the minute. We definitely need a CB before the end of the window, no one spectacular but someone to provide cover for Mert and Kos. Miquel, like you say, is clearly not good enough to fill in at either CB or LB and I fear he never will be to be brutally honest, not without a loan move anyway.

    Of course, we'll struggle to have the depth of City/Chelsea but hopefully with a few additions the squad would be strong enough to mount a title charge. I also genuinely believe our starting XI (with Suarez) is as good as anyone's in the league. It's when injuries occur that we'll need that squad depth to cope and keep up a title challenge.

    Defensive midfield is a position I'd like us to look at. Again, I don't think we need a world beater, but we do need someone to cover for Arteta when he's injured or loses form. I couldn't give you any name I think we should buy but I'm sure there's players out there to fulfil the role, at least for next season anyway.

  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    And with the way Spurs are improving their squad while we sit here doing Jack-' date=' they will more than likely over-take us.[/quote']

    It's an interesting one that. I'm not sure whether they'll be stronger with Bale, or with around 60-80M to spend on players should he depart.

    That aside though, I think Tottenham will be a threat with or without Bale for fourth. However, I still feel it is up to us as to where we finish and who we are challenging in the table. If we buy and buy well, we'll be competing with Chelsea, City etc. If we don't buy or buy poorly, we'll be fighting for Champions League with Spurs.

    I can't see any way Spurs will overtake us if we have Suarez in our team to be honest.

  19. Re: Official Arsenal Thread

    Looking at the fixtures it hit me...

    If we're still 'in contention' by April we'd have a great set of fixtures to win the league...One can dream eh?


    All depends on who we sign from now until the end of the window, for me.

    If we get Suarez, as well as a few good additions to the squad, and key players (like Wilshere) stay fit then I see no reason why we couldn't win the title next season.

    However, if we don't sign the players that we need I fear we'll have another battle for 4th on our hands and quite frankly that will not be an acceptable minimum target for next season.

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