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  1. Re: Need some help forwards lavezzi lautaro acosta pablo piatti (am/f) nery castillo (when he starts playing again) giovinco(am/f) luis suarez edison cavani mauro sarate alvaro negredo mid hamsik tissone inler when i remember someone else i would write them but i hope it helps
  2. Re: Need help buying a goalkeeper i like a lot more carrizo he is younger and has the brightest future from all of them but i have never been a big fan of almunia but see if you can get lloris neuer addler mandana or ochoa(iam almost sure he is going to leave america this summer)
  3. Re: The Future of Football Series - Mexico (Part 1) good one but just some things that isnt a photo of lampros (he isnt blonde and he plays for america not for monterrey) and he is a cb not a m santiago fernandez and landin are awfull (im mexican and i say it) also you missed juan carlos silva (20 year old 86 lm plays for america) apart from that pretty good
  4. Re: new to SM. help, looking for a winger markel susaeta 87 but 6.1 mill and he is a rm juan carlos silva 86 20 years and you can get him from about 6.7 mill but he is a lm
  5. Re: Jonathan De Leon - Mexican Jose Baxter?! good one but just 1 thing the photo isnt from him the player from america (blue) is juan carlos ¨el more¨ mosqueda and the player from tigres (yellow) is jaime ¨el jimmie¨lozano
  6. Re: What's The Worst Offer You've Ever Received ive got 1 that should be awarded a prize David TREZEGUET for Karim BENZEMA and Andrés GUARDADO and these was when benzema become a 93 and guardado a 91
  7. is jesus navas worth adebayor? these is my wingers and my strikers guardado 91 lm malouda 91 lm govou 92 w kader keita 91 w F benzema 93 klose 94 fred 90 adebayor 92 bendtert 88 but there are a lot of good (91-90) strikers on unmannaged teams on my setup
  8. Re: RB trouble konko from sevilla he is 88 and like 24 years old but he will probably rise to 90 these season
  9. Re: Who should i sign with Arsenal ? get a good young keeper like ochoa lloris neur adler
  10. Re: !Youth Squad Filtering! keep STUDER, Sascha GUNTER, Chris BOSTOCK, John PAREJO, Daniel RAMSEY, Aaron LULINHA, Marcelo MANCINI, Filippo BALOTELLI, Mario FREEMAN, Luke HAMSIK, Marek they are the ones with the best future for me
  11. Re: striker ERDING, Mevlut and LAMAH, Roland
  12. que9999


    ive got an offer for etoo(27 96) of villa(26 94) and jorge valdiva(24 90) should i accept i could realy use a cm around 90 like valdiva and villa would be etoos replacement i know villa will rise again but what about etoo
  13. Re: Left-back advice marcelo for sure he is a risser
  14. Re: Keeping a Draw! well it depends of the players u have but for example i use 3-5-2 and i usually score a lot and win to teams with better players but if you can post your squad it would help a lot
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I GET...Quaresma (93) I GIVE UP...Robben (91) + Bradley (89) Straight up. Bradley is a reserve for me & Q replaces Robben. It looks like Quaresma might end up at Inter soon, so this deal intrigues me. Should I do this deal? Reply With Quote try not to give bradley as he is one for the future 90+ player because i think that robben is the interesting part of the deal for the other manager so i would accept it specialy if you can stick with bradley
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