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  1. i currently have pedro on my squad but am looking to move him since he doesnt play much anymore for barca and i want to get good value before he moves down to 92. I have money along with pedro to use to get either van persie or silva. who should i go for?
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... cavani or alexis sanchez? got offered a straight swap
  3. I got offered a straight swap of Javier Mascherano for my Eden Hazard. Good deal?
  4. i need to cut down my squad size and need to know who to keep and who to sell from the following: SOUZA, Jhonatan VIERA, Gonzalo RODE, Renars PAPA, Gonzalo NICOLINI, Ignacio ONDO, Gilles LONG, Bernardo PIRIZ, Facundo PIRIZ, Sebastián FRANCHI, Juan COCCARO, Danilo TEXEIRA, David CHICHIZOLA, Leandro ANDRADA, Esteban GALHARDO, Rafael TOOTLE, Matt NUNEZ, Juan WEMBANGOMO, Hugues MILOSEVIC, Alexander BENITEZ, Cesar ACQUAH, Afriyie TORALES, Silvio SEFEROVIC, Haris POWELL, Daniel KANE, Harry CAPRARI, Gianluca SENE, Papa GRANDOLFO, Francesco MASCIA, Juan it's a long list so u see i obviously need to sell some people. thanks!
  5. Re: Samuel Eto'o if nobody is taking him within the game world, use him in a p/e with an external for any good player that is available since they will still value him higher. or take the highest bid that an external puts in.
  6. Re: Joe Hart who is your cover/replacement for hart? in general i would keep him as he is a great young player and will be a top keeper in a few years. he is already the number 1 for both city and NT
  7. Re: JHart or Mandanda? has to be hart. clear number 1 for city and NT, while mandanda is behind lloris for the NT spot.
  8. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... definitely wishere, especially with cesc leaving a giant hole in the arsenal midfield that needs to be filled. cesc even endorsed wilshere as the player that could fill his vacancy for arsenal.
  9. which one of these three would u rather have: alexis sanchez, jesus navas, or eden hazard?
  10. Re: Ranocchia and Dzagoev Deal, help appreciated i wouldnt give up kovacic as he is a great prospect. if he wont take your initial offer then i would try and find a different defender than ranocchia
  11. Re: Javier Hernadez or Alexis Sanchez how do u see sanchez being in the starting XI for barca? with villa, pedro, and messi up front, alexis wont be starting except to give rest or for lesser opponents
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... my keita for rakitic? keita is rated higher, but much older, and i can see him dropping since fabregas moved to barcelona. thoughts?
  13. Re: Ive been robbed i think u just screwed yourself out of ribery. if he only had 21 players, u shouldve told him to just buy some 10k player and do a P/E for the actual deal, Aguero+Nani for Ribery. not sure that there is anything u can do now. u cant force a manager to sell players
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... i wouldn't take the masch deal because he is not playing 1st team as it is, and with cesc coming in (soon) he is bound to get even less time, if not sold. the villa and pedro deal is extremely tempting because both are world class and pedro is still so young and can rise still. how is the rest of your team with forwards and mids?
  15. Re: Is it worth signing Berbatov? if u have the spare cash, i would do it. even if for no other reasoning than 'why not?' and gives u a higher rated striker than everyone besides tevez (who may drop depending on if he moves from city)
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