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  1. Re: Getting rid of the 'unavailable' transfer status Pointless suggestion, encourages bids for players you have no intention of selling. The only real way of stimulating transfer markets is to stop automatic contract renewal by the chairman. This way if a manager snoozes he/she loses. Keeping tabs on your own squads contracts is what this game lacks. When the player(s) contract is in the final year managers who shortlisted the player(s) get a alert. In the final year of the contract randomness can kick in, the player could reject from the owner club. People moaning about huge squads also win
  2. Re: New Improvements Don't care about the general appearance. It's the optimisation that's annoying. Makes the whole experience unpleasant. Doesn't work right a lot of the time. Find myself on tactics screen being covered with an ad. Match reports going off partly off screen having to drag to close. An option just to turn off optimisation would be better, gives me a sore head. Definitely not good on a larger monitor Find the site slowed down, hopefully this will iron out soon Why 3 tabs now on tactics page. Now having to change to totally different screen to check opponents is a unnecessary
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... been offered robinho + mascharano for david silva. good offer imo and im very tempted. worth it?
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