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  1. Re: Getting rid of the 'unavailable' transfer status Pointless suggestion, encourages bids for players you have no intention of selling. The only real way of stimulating transfer markets is to stop automatic contract renewal by the chairman. This way if a manager snoozes he/she loses. Keeping tabs on your own squads contracts is what this game lacks. When the player(s) contract is in the final year managers who shortlisted the player(s) get a alert. In the final year of the contract randomness can kick in, the player could reject from the owner club. People moaning about huge squads also win because some managers probably wouldn't bother about having massive squads to deal with in such a scenario Other suggestion is for concerns for players stuck at underperforming teams. If a team gets relegated then concerns about that should automatically kick in. Ratings could be based on the average rating of the particular league. Eg. Level 87 player at a league with a average team rating of 79 should also apply. In real life you don't get many 'big' players moving to little leagues. If the team is meeting set targets like promotion, continental wins etc, then the player remains happy. Every season leagues will change. Big clubs become no exception to this rule. You could have a Real Madrid and Barcelona who have a much higher team average than the rest of the league, after a few seasons you know that very little opposition remains (if any). Unmanaged teams are plundered for any talents. Making that league a dead donkey. So for players to remain at either club they have to win stuff. If eg. Barcelona win nothing 1 season player concerns kick in on all players above the league average. Long term managers are then rewarded for having the chance to buy messi's ronaldo's. the only way teams wouldn't be susceptible is if they are playing in excellent filled leagues. Encouraging managers incentive/challenge for sticking around longer than 1 season
  2. Re: New Improvements Don't care about the general appearance. It's the optimisation that's annoying. Makes the whole experience unpleasant. Doesn't work right a lot of the time. Find myself on tactics screen being covered with an ad. Match reports going off partly off screen having to drag to close. An option just to turn off optimisation would be better, gives me a sore head. Definitely not good on a larger monitor Find the site slowed down, hopefully this will iron out soon Why 3 tabs now on tactics page. Now having to change to totally different screen to check opponents is a unnecessary change IMO. Have quite a lot of teams and doing tactics felt like a chore as opposed to relaxing fun. Felt like putting holiday mode on
  3. Re: Abuse of Negotiate transfer deal The other manager(s) should maybe have their voice heard before anybody jumps on your bandwagon. The other manager is probably hinting that cash offers aren't good enough. Try looking at teams and see what their team needs before trying to offload cash that the other person doesn't need. Maybe you won't get daft counters. Maybe your just in a horrible gameworld idk. You probably don't need those players in any case. Move on and set your sights elsewhere
  4. Re: Connect Game Worlds How to quit a connect world you created? Set up 1 thinkin it could be good. Forgot to add request only and within 5 mins was filled up with mostly noob managers. Not enjoying the world and has become a an annoyance. Likely not bother with them at all
  5. Re: Advertising in Match Report??? Feeling a little conned as a paying gold member. Wondering if there is any incentive anymore. Gold championships have become garbage, after 1 season they are dead. so surely a better way of increasing revenue is add the on/off feature to these ridiculous ads. Include in gold memberships or for a 1 off fee. Already causing site and server lag on match days. Been playing since 2008 and haven't seen any real change to the actual game. Cosmetic features have changed but so what they largely been pointless. Mobile version still sayin beta version so still quite poor but not hopeful on the final version as looks garbage on any decent smart phone and too clunky for the iPhone. The game has also went out of date to compete with most football sims because of. If the game re-invest revenue and actually improve the game for the better then il be happy but not hopeful after playing for 5 years. Damn think I'd be happy if they just used the money to pay someone who will be dedicated in updating player ratings and teams lol. If someone gets paid for that already then they really should be sacked IMO
  6. Re: Ribery Ribery. Been pretty consistent over the years and arguably had his best season ever in 2012/13. 1 of Europes best currently. Way better than Rooney who is also 95. being 1 of the best footballers around currently should be recognised irrelevant of age
  7. Re: GK's should get injured and suspended Agree they should. Would add a extra dimension to the game having gk injuries and suspensions. Suspect the engine that generates scores is too simplistic to cope. Have saw injured goalies but 1s that weren't played in goals. Assistant manager switching injured or suspended players scenario for managers not so active
  8. Re: maximum players and wage cap the current system is fine as it is. the only people who moan bout this are people who join leagues and expect to buy anybody they like. if you want this type of game go play football manager. i dont blame managers who have established themselves as a mainstay in a gameworld for building up a collection of players to use as they wish to keep for the future to replace current stars. things get competitive a few seasons in. becomes near impossible buying current stars so you need to build up a good repertoire of future stars to use as bargaining tools. why should they sell these to new managers who may only last 2 games after they spend a clubs money cap of 25, are you kidding. in gold worlds you can expect to play 4/5 games in a week at times. sometimes a load of injuries to contend with. seing as your expected to put 18 players in a squad before a game i do not see how this would work everything said should of course be optional in custom worlds but standard worlds i see fine as they are
  9. ok pre-season in gold world 356. just noticed played Nacional in a friendly. click on team and its Nacional of the uruguayan league. no option to choose a team on the choose club template so only option is to apply in game for a club. when did this league get introduced?
  10. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) Personally I don't think these changes will make a whole lot of difference in the long run. Gameworlds become stale because managers become less reluctant to sell on players as the gameworld ages. If anything the transfer markets have stagnated further because of the new random player ratings update. People have become less likely to take risks. Also the standing of real life clubs will always dictate how this game goes because there is little flexibility on how the financial standing of a small club changes in game even if they become the best in game team. Goldworld finances also need fixing for small leagues. Suddenly a small league becomes the best league in a world but financial income never changes to reflect this. Why can't a uefa standings type scenario be introduced to take money from the big teams. Surely it adds extra incentive to do better. Why can some leagues never get extra smfa slots when it's clear the larger leagues aren't performing. All adds extra income at end of day. Lastly why not just add random player requests and relegation transfer requests. The random element would force teams to rethink strategies etc and shake up the transfer markets adding real value to in game money and would also have an even distribution of players across gameworlds
  11. Re: Kick A Manager this option is open to abuse for petty gameworld owners. How do you report gameworld owners who try blackmail people into giving them credits or selling players in order not to be kicked from a gameworld? I once took control of a team in a custom gameworld where the manager seemed to be a nice pleasant guy. Built a nice team, started dominating the gameworld and because I told him I won't sell some of my prize players he deleted me off his friends list and bombarded me with abusive messages telling me to leave his game. I waited round till I collected my last trophy then left. ...anyway my point is that this manager would have kicked me for no reason. Didn't cheat, wasn't abusive, just wanted to get on with playing the game. Just like to add this guy was in his late 30s so not a child I do sympathise with managers and feel sorry for the many managers who've had their enjoyment and money ruined but there's always 2 sides to the coin
  12. Re: Club History Ideas These sound good. Would also like to see the managers names next records to show who holds the record.
  13. Re: Hey, look... Desktop site Doesn't work on iPhone's safari browser anymore, cannot log out or use search because the task bar stays rigid when u zoom in. Stuck with the rubbish mobile version until they develop an app now, the joys
  14. Re: PLEASE SM - Reintroduce the rating schedule!! The developers and reviewers should have just blitzed through the main leagues a long time ago before throwing in reviews of random players and then nobody would have complained about it all IMO. Having no ratings schedule is an improvement because it stops soccermanager becoming a stocks and shares game.
  15. Re: Players hogging and collecting Player hogging isn't a problem in this game. The main things that kill gameworlds are bad managers who mess up teams with making bad decisions in the transfer market, get bored and quit a day, days or a week later n move on n do it all again. Why would you want to go to a ruined team in a gameworld when you can go get a fresh 1 or better 1 in another? Cheating is another problem that can devastate a gameworld. Happens too frequently in standard gameworlds for my liking so tend to avoid them like the plague these days! Who cares if a manager who wants to stick around n make a go of a gameworld and signs a 100 free agents who nobody else is buying? Law of averages says you'll get a few gems. Seeing as this game isn't about making players good, you as a football fanatic have to play a waiting game whilst you wait and see if players come good in real life. So you gota sit an watch that player grow in ratings as they progress in real life (sometimes years). Most wont amount to much, decide when's best to sell off that player or if you believe they will make your 1st team keep for the future n have 1 over your rivals. Hate to say it but that's football. All the best teams sign loads of youth players. Some teams have squads of teams in every age category below under 21 level, they chop and change until they find a few diamonds. So in effect your barca's n man utds of this world will hog the best youths of world football so they stay ahead of their rivals. On the subject of teams who sign players who may never play for them just look at Benfica or udinese who frequently gamble in the transfer market, they just loan players out and watch to see if they progress to a good standard. If not they just get the chop. So... No to small squad caps. Some teams I have 100+ players some 30. Who cares, Aint cheating, ain't ruining gameworlds, never leave a team in bad shape (IF i leave) and never play in leagues with less that 20% human managed so ain't ruining anybody else's fun. If a small squad cap got imposed I'd probably leave my coveted gameworlds along with a lot of the other managers.
  16. Re: Players hogging and collecting Here's a new solution - why let the big team managers in a game world get to the stage where they have the best new talent? Surely you have the same opportunity to sign them in new game worlds? Or is it Old game worlds?......what makes you think that as a new manager you are entitled to come in and expect to sign the best players and talent off managers who have put a lot of effort into havin the foresight to sign their next generation team? You have to gain the long term managers respect by hangin around 1st and build your own good team to compete and trade with... It ain't hard, frustrating at times yeah but just need patience. Go manage a big team if you want instant success in a game world, thousands of them available in soccermanager. You obviously aren't patient enough for this game if you cant go into almost any game world and build a nice team and find great youth players from scratch. Blaming managers for 'hogging' is admitting defeat and proves your too weak a manager to be in that game world in the 1st place
  17. Re: Extra Club Slots You can buy just 1 extra club slot. When you reserve a club you also receive an extra club slot.
  18. Re: SM Credits I agree about the gold manager getting more points part. Before the currency to credits switchover gold managers got discounted for renewing gold membership. At 1st it seemed ok as if it evened you out over the amount of free daily awards over the 12 months. Now your going to get a whole 400-500 free credits in a year. Worthless in today's game. Nice way to reward the loyal customers
  19. Re: Wanyama vs. Allen Wanyama. Destined for big things. Tremendous player. Reminds me of Essien as a upcoming talent @ Lyon. Doubt he will be at Celtic next season, being a Celtic fan I hope he stays but wouldn't surprise me if he leaves in January for a big European club. Future 92 rated player depending on the right move. Joe Allen, good player just not in the same class IMO
  20. Re: SM Credits The credits have become a joke. Prices have become ridiculous and idiots are trying to scam credits out you on a daily basis as a result. Turn back to real currency and end this madness.
  21. Re: Loans from Unmanaged clubs The way i see it is that the feature that won't aid hogging of players but help develop your team without the pressure to sell off potential stars when the wage bill gets too much. I wonder why managers have a problem with people who build large youth squads anyway? Is it because these managers have stacks of cash to burn with nothing to spend it on? Is it because these managers won't sell you a particular player? Who knows why but play the game the way you choose. If you choose to loan out 50 players to unmanaged clubs that are never goin to get a human manager anyway then why do people bother moaning about a smart manager who is using a in game feature. Personally I only see unmanaged clubs loaning players as a positive feature
  22. Re: Club slots in Gold Management If they are in gold championships you will definitely lose them. If not, did you reserve any the clubs? When you reserve a club it adds an extra slot to your account. If you didn't you will keep the first 2 or 3 clubs depending on when you 1st registered your account. You will lose the rest unfortunately
  23. Re: Loans from Unmanaged clubs Good addition. Don't know why all the negativity. There comes a point in game worlds where nobody will even contemplate loaning any player below the rating of 80. World and euro championships its worse because people won't loan below 86 because its too easy to get players of those ratings. Most game worlds are 20-30% full. Anything that can maybe improve the quality of teams when every half decent player has been taken from all unmanaged clubs is a welcome addition in my eyes. It helps out every team, not just the big clubs.
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