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  1. Re: New way to deal with concerns Had a season coming to a end. Decided to give 1 of my lack of 1st team opportunities concerned players a new contract before new season started, inflating the players current wage. New season begins, gave new contract, player still demands inflated wage. Good news that this hasn't been an oversight by the game developers and the coding in the game still recognises players on concern contracts want same contracts in a new season:D
  2. Re: New contracts Was only the start of a season or when they develop wage concerns but now you can negotiate new contracts at an inflated cost for any other concern
  3. Re: New way to deal with concerns Nice option. Plenty of managers hate taking over from previous managers who have run down a team and having to sell their best players. Makes money more useful. Eventually your team will be bled dry if you opt to pay the ridiculous wage demands n you'll have to sell eventually. In some cases the wages are more realistic. I wonder tho if the wage goes down when you renew the contract at start of season? This would render this whole option pointless. Just need to wait n see....
  4. Re: SMFA Competitions Random Results Don't think that if u turn gold these random results will suddenly change. In the games where fitness isn't taken into consideration ie smfa competitions in standard and custom worlds and international games, the results are haphazard IMO. Once in a world championship I saw Estonia winning the World Cup. No human managers played in the competition. This was totally random as I could see. If the CPU was realistic then a team rated at least 3 stars would win, best just to ignore these games completely. I think the coding in standard n custom worlds are that little more random to trick managers into thinking they need to buy moco credits to get full enjoyment of the game. All about the $$$$
  5. Re: 4 2 4 There are many factors that come into play. Main 1 being how u rank amongst the other managed teams with strength of squad. If you aren't 1 of the strongest teams you are better saving 424 for inferior sides.
  6. Re: 4 2 4 Excellent formation IMO. For it to be successful you need 2 very strong cb's and 2 of the best cm in your league for it to be consistently good in my experience. 2 88-90 cm just won't cut it in a very strong league
  7. Re: m.soccermanager.com Iv found that when u press the button to bring in the side menu the menu often goes into a blank black screen making it almost unplayable the few times Iv tried the mobile site on the iPhone 4s. Find it rather sluggish too in comparison to the main site, both through wifi but not complaining about that too much because it's still fairly new. So right now still much prefer the desktop site on the phone and will just set tactics via the pc because both a lot faster and nicer to navigate. Still a good addition and I'm sure it can be improved upon
  8. Re: Is more gold worlds making it less fun? It's selfish to say that the amount of gold worlds is ruining your fun. What was fair about the old system. Thousands of gold managers never got a team they wanted to be in the gold championships or even got a sniff at bein a top 100 club. If you went n bought football manager, start up the game to find out you could never be your favourite team or any other half decent team would anybody buy it? Gold championships weren't currently a big enough draw to persuade managers to go gold. They were probably sick of the amount of emails on a daily basis of new gold managers demanding their money back because they could never be a decent team. So fair play to them because now a lot more people will start joining gold worlds
  9. Re: Neymar Adriano went from 90-91 at Flamengo just season before last I think it was before he joined Roma. Neymar can surely reach 91 in Brazil seein as the Brazilian league has vastly improved since then. Neymar is now a major player for the Brazilian national team and has a goal scoring ratio to warrant being picked and Santos have won major trophies in south america and Brazil, so yes he deserves 91 IMO. whether you rate him or not he has fulfilled the criteria set by SM.
  10. Re: Player Instalment Deals Fair idea. Just wouldn't work on this game. clubs go through multiple managers. Simply isn't fair on other managers and open to abuse
  11. Re: Soccermanager - Improvements You would like to see The biggest improvements for me would be a advance on the contract system for me. The contracts are currently pointless to me. The AI currently renews contracts at end of season. All they do currently is improve morale. How about an improvement on the current system. Having to keep tabs on contract lengths would be better than the current concern system. Concerns could kick in the last year of contract when they feel they need to move on. Concerns for players in relegated teams would be a improvement also. What's realistic about a 95+ rated player wishing to stick around in a badly managed team Lastly the amount of players a team can loan in should be upped to 5. In real life a team can loan in more why not in here? Would help out folk who manage small teams a lot plus help out big teams
  12. Re: Scottish Premier League Ratings Predcit Add tony watt of Celtic to your list. Made his breakthrough with a couple sub appearances at end of last season and impressed with a couple goals on his debut. Guys been impressing in the reserves past year and i reckon he'll get a chance this season. Age 18 n rated 72. Small rise of +1/2 for end of last season but long term is worth a gamble at low cost and small wage. Who knows how he'll turn out long term but he looks like a typical striker. Got a good eye for goal and physically developing to be strong enough to cope in the Spl at least
  13. Re: Scottish Premier League Ratings Predcit No probs all of the guys you mentioned are in for a rating increase IMO but expect to be disappointed by a fair few of them. The reviewers in this game haven't rated the youth talents in the spl that well the past 2 seasons so can't see that changing at the moment
  14. Re: Scottish Premier League Ratings Predcit Craig sibbald plays in 1st division so don't have any idea when or if they'll ever review the league. Hel hav to sign for a Spl club IMO. Andrew little would have been in for a juicy rise if Rangers didn't get relegated to division 3. He's 1 of the players who's committed his future to them so expect no rise anytime soon. The other guy has just signed for Motherwell so lets wait see if he plays 1st n how he does
  15. Re: Scottish Premier League Ratings Predcit I wouldn't count on any kind of rise on lee Wallace of the rangers. Lee Wallace has committed himself to sticking with them when they will be playin in the Scottish 3rd division. If anything I'd expect him to drop if they review the rangers again because it's basicly a pub league rangers will be playin in. Same with anybody else who sticks at rangers.
  16. Re: Are player concerns ('lack of games') ruining your SM experience? These developers need to stop bein so secretive how the concerns work n just clarify how to work them. Once you get precise rules on every aspect of the game and how to manage them there can be no negativity toward. The whole negativity has risen because people started workin out to manage concerns then wat do sm do? Make them harder overnight without tellin anybody wat they changed. Personally I don't mind cos it's a challenge managing a new concerns system but just tell us what was changed. Not askin for much when I spend money. If we cant manage concerns after you tell us how to work them then it's plainly obvious we deserve them and it's achieving what it's meant to do. Currently I'm a bit annoyed that sum of my teams have escalating concerns because I've got to rest my best players before big games. In real life a 88 rated striker wouldn't be unhappy at being rested before a big European game
  17. Re: Improvement suggestion Good idea actually. U can't enforce sackings in this game so why not introduce relegation concerns to force poor managers into sellin their best players as punishment. The occasions iv saw big teams relegated is mainly very inactive managers who build a team then log in minimum amount of times to keep the team. Nobody can do deals wi these types of managers so give them a reason to step aside n let sum1 else take up the challenge. Would have to take into account the average team rating of the league and any player above that average would get concerned. If they get promoted within 1 season then there's no need to worry bout losin players.
  18. Re: Gold Championship "Response Rating" The rankings in the game already are part of the gameplay. Every multi player game ranks players on how good they are at the game. The ranking u want implemented is a ranking based on how individual managers choose to play the game. Its realy nobodies concern to know how likely other managers wil respond and interact within a game. Its open to alienating people who pay the same money as anybody else. Anythn that can have a negative impact in a customer reliant company wont be implemented for business reasons
  19. Re: Scottish, Welsh, Northern Irish flag on profile Always wondered why they didnt already do this.
  20. Re: Gold Championship "Response Rating" To be fair you just over anylized what i said. Al i said was bein ranked in a gameworld according to how u respond would hav a positive or negative impact on your gameplay. Everybody should always be on a level playing field in any aspect when paying except for when they cheat. For businesses its bad to rank paying customers publicly in any way. Can have a positive or negative impact on future spending. So for this reason the whole idea is flawed. However, its a fair idea to bring to the table, i aint dissin it just sayin why it wont be implemented
  21. Re: Gold Championship "Response Rating" Just get to know wat managers are pleasant to deal with and build ur own network. The automated response rating system is flawed. Fact is u cant rank paying customers on how they choose to play the game. Some managers pay for the privelage of reserving clubs as well as gold management, and to be ranked good or bad because of any number of reasons is bad business. The worst manager in a gameworld may be also be the best customer in the gameworld. u cant get the player u want, switch targets. just accept it may not be possible to sign your fav players and move on.
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... been offered robinho + mascharano for david silva. good offer imo and im very tempted. worth it?
  23. Re: Cheating, cheating and cheating once again... Hi eldemor. Unfortunatly this game has went downhill the day the new 'improved' cheating prevention system was introduced. Your problem is a growing trend in my eyes and more common than alot think. My advice is leave the gameworld your in and seek pastures new. Seems like the people behind the scenes dont care. I say move on. If people want to cheat to gain success then leave them to it, find yourself a new gameworld where managers are on your own wavelength
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