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  1. Re: Respuesta: to Control one more club You dont. You got 3 teams if u signed up pre 2011. Not sure of exact date when it changed to 2 clubs only. Back to original question. U wont get a 4th unless u buy gold management, extra club slots, reserve a club (which also adds a extra slot) or make a 2nd account
  2. Re: I'm struggled against 4-2-4 formation. Need help. When facing a 4-2-4 i always use 4-5-1 defensive. Its the formation iv found most successful. Use attacking, hard tackle, fast tempo,pressing all over, mixed attacking, mixed passin. Tick use target man and tick counter attack. Wings with arrows pressing forward.
  3. Re: Counter for 4-2-2-2 anyone????? 5-3-2 usually works 9/10 against 4-2-2-2 for me. Personally i wouldnt use 4-4-1-1 to counter it because i normally use 4-2-2-2 to counter 4-4-1-1 with alot of success.
  4. Re: What is going on !? Theres nothin that says its a completely free. For the large part its a free game. You wont find a better game of its kind free online so it lives up to the BEST part. You want more teams? You obviously enjoy it so buy extra club slots or gold management. Wat is a tenner a year realy? 3 pints of beer, 2 mcdonald meals, 1 pack of smokes etc. What better game can u get for a tenner that u wil enjoy for a year? Point is if u enjoy the game then the price of the enjoyment is low in comparison and longevity to any other luxury. Plus u get gold worlds. Different league frm anythn else on the website. Test yourself against the elite of SM. Stop sittin an gloating at ur 3 teams who u built up easily
  5. Re: Frustré with my Marseille If ur playing against unmanaged alot and ur teams better then try 424. Attacking, hard tackle, press all over, fast tempo, mixed passing cos ur teams quite evenly balanced in ratings, mixed attacking style for same reason. Dont bother with anythn else. Set captain as longest player at club with highest rating. Make best attacking player as freekick taker and penalty. Best wing corner
  6. Re: Too many Gold Championships? The amount of gold championships isnt enough imo. Over 10000 gold managers and only 163 gold worlds. Id say roughly half the the gold managers never join gold worlds cos they can never get their favourite team or even a top 100 club. The vast majority dont want a team in a old world in the 7th season. The transfer markets are already monopolized and its hard to do deals. Wat fairly new manager or casual gamer is attracted to that? Fact is theres not enough clubs to go round and never will be if the game is to exist. around 2-4 new worlds per month are needed to keep the demand and freshness of the game up. gold worlds are the best on offer in this game and not enough people get to experience them for reasons iv already mentioned. what they need is enough gold worlds to attract gold managers on a fornightly basis. gold world profit is a small thing. Just a quick boost in a already booming business. Only 100-150 people reserve on average. Think 2-300 quid is alot compared to wat they make daily off the reserved barcas, madrids, man citys etc?
  7. Re: Real life clubs no longer bidding on transfer listed players? Personally i dont mind that the policy of transfers appears to have changed. Just find it annoyin that the clubs only realy offer chairman value. My biggest fear is that older gameworlds will slowly die off as a result. Part of an attraction of gameworlds in the 5th and 6th season to new managers is to pick up their fav teams with almost the original team. Now teams are gona be filled with random cast offs on transfer bans
  8. Re: SMFA competitions/concerns Yea when it says concerns are not affected in SMFA competitions in custom/standard gameworlds it means they neither count for or against concerns. I sent a ticket with a similar issue when concerns wer 1st introduced and they clarified this for me If u think about it logically it makes alot of sense for them to hav no effect in SMFA games within standard/custom gameworlds because its putting non gold members at a disadvantage because they cannot control team selections in SMFA games
  9. Re: Real life clubs no longer bidding on transfer listed players? Just sayin cos in 3 years of playin the real life club wer always the only team to place bids on a player unless a) the players real life club are managed by a human or a human bids on the transfer listed player Its just in the last week that this has changed for me anyway. Before i had also been experiencing players stuck on the transfer list for weeks on end with no bids
  10. Across alot of my gameworlds the real life parent clubs are no longer buyin back their players. The real life parent clubs im talking about are unmanaged or external within the gameworlds. Is this a change or is it a bug? Seriously affecting the profit margin cos the parent clubs always bid alot more. Other clubs never tend to offer much more than chairman value. Plus i sumtimes buy cheap free agents in order to sell bak to real life clubs to buy good players stuck in 21 man squads
  11. Re: SMFA competitions/concerns Only in gold championships. In custom and standard gameworlds concerns are not affected. Just go to 'HELP' and type in CONCERNS. Its under SMFA competitions
  12. Re: How to deal with unhappy players? I think that whats happend is u hardly used the players until they went to 89/90. In my experience and observations is that players who suddenly jump up to high ratings but with few appearances in previous seasons become concerned faster. So in future give ur low rated youth 80+ regular sub appearances. And the day any players hit level 1 playin concern play them every league game for bout 10-15 straight games. Sub them off after 60mins to preserve fitness. Not subbin til after 60mins counts as a full match
  13. Re: How to deal with unhappy players? Personaly if i wer u id resign myself to losing the level 4 concerned players. Use them in a bumper package to sign a established superstar eg. Messi, ronaldo, iniesta etc. If u got the star names already u obviously dont need them anyway and concerns wer established to prevent clubs monopolising al the star players. In that case tough luck. If u have managers with rubbish teams in ur world, Loan out the level 2 players to them. Playin concern goes, loaned out replaces. Also give them new contracts. Boosts the morale bar, turn it bak to green. Morale obviously has sum effect in game or it wudnt be ther
  14. Re: How to deal with unhappy players? U can play them every league match. Sub them off at 75mins. They will be 99% fit start of every league match. U can bring them on at 75mins ever cup appearance too which counts as half an appearance. Smfa matches in standard worlds count for nuthin. Its in the help section somewhere
  15. in GOLD CHAMPIONSHIP 152 a manager named ryan j jamie deliberatly used his multiple account to collapse a bid after he was beaten in a bid at a unmanaged club. he took over the club with his other alias ryan jay then quit instantly making it impossible to report deliberate manipulation of the transfer market. the guy messaged me after it to laff at what he'd done. more proof that the SFMA in this game is poor when it lets the same manager enter the same gameworld with his other account !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. Re: An idea to improve the 'smaller' leagues in gold championships forgot to add that also the SMFA shield and cup places the 'big' leagues have would also drop. so eg. currently england has 4 automatic smfa cup. that could drop to between 4 and 1 dependant on that leagues gameworld standing. a smaller league like portugese could get up to 4 smfa cup places dependant on how that teams perform in the gameworld standing
  17. currently the prize and tv money in leagues outside the english, italian, spanish, german and french leagues is poor in comparison. Theres no way to improve the income of a club apart frm the usual wheeling and dealing of players. So my idea is to put a co-efficient type thing in place. Where the smaller leagues who consistantly do well in the SMFA Shield and Club improve their league standing in the gameworld. This gets formulated each season. The 'big' leagues where the 'big' teams consistantly underperform punish the rest of the league. Tv, sponsership etc drop to the income of a small league because in effect they have become a smaller league in the gameworld. The smaller league that performs well consistantly in turn moves up the gameworld league ranking, so the tv money, sponsorship levels of a big league and in effect the managers in that world hav made their league a big league in the gameworld rankings. The extra money is always nice. In small leagues ur more likely to get small stadiums n attendance. Anythn to improve their income is an incentive to make the league the best and in turn managers wud be less likely to jump ship as sn as a decent job in the top 5 big leagues pop up. If they already do this iv never ever saw it occur. If its been suggested before i apologize
  18. Re: Beating 5-4-1 So team id use if i wer u. Would be Casillas Ramos, nesta, silva/pepe D Alves cole alonso/schwei sneijder ribery villa eto'o/rooney Id use sebastien over sneijder if sneijder gets a rating decrease in the upcoming italian ratings. Just a personal preference tho
  19. Re: Beating 5-4-1 sorry dont know how to post screen shots of in game. Used attacking mentality, hard tackle, mixed attacking, mixed passing, press all over, counter ticked. In theory this should add pressure to force mistakes out of the opposition. Lost one time with tactics but had 2 red cards in 1st half. Even then wasnt destroyed. Finished tight with somethin like a 4-3 loss, cant remember. I wud be more inclined to use 3 x cb on defensive line with rb and lb on fullback. Not so much just lm or rm with for example the players who are lm/wing etc. Central mids, dm is obvious. Central, if u got a wing/am higher rated than a cm then use them and put a forward run
  20. Re: Beating 5-4-1 dont post alot so u dont need to listen. However, bn playin the game 2.5 years and currently have about 40 teams so come across alot of tactics across various worlds. Play in mostly gold championships so mostly play against humans. 2 recent encounters of 5-4-1 i used the 5-3-2 tactic. My team rated 85 and his 86. 1st encounter i was the away team won 7-2. Did notice after his team had fitness issues. Return leg a few weeks later in the smfa cup he played same team, i played an average of 84 (injuries to sum key players). His team was in good shape so wasnt expecting much. Won 6-3. My reason behind my decision was a previous encounter in another gameworld against the 5-4-1 which i used 5-3-2 and won. Was a total guess i suppose on the theory that the teams are matched in almost every position apart frm the 532 has 2 up front. The opposition teams most defensive mid should in theory be inclined to track back to cancel the spare attacker because they effectively have a free role. This then upsets the midfield tight diamond if the defensive is caught out of position, other midfields are then forced to cover leavin the midfield in a mess if caught on the counter
  21. Re: Cheating - thank u sm Totally agree. They no longer appreciate members who spend money to support the idea of improving the game. They just wont admit they cant or cant be bothered to properly monitor standard and custom gameworlds because of the massive quantity. I wouldnt advise anybody to waste their money on either. I dont see why they cant give the moderator powers to custom gw owners if they cant do it themselves!
  22. Re: Neymar to rise to 91? Adriano hit 91 with flamengo just last year i think it was, before he signed for Roma. If Adriano can hit 91 in the brazilian top division then surely Neymar can for Santos at some point.
  23. Re: Big teams People seem to think gold managers get special priveliges when it comes to team selection, its not true! If u want a brand new barca or madrid then u will have to reserve the team or buy a standard gameworld. Old madrids and barcas arent impossible to get. Sayin all that last week i got a brand new barcelona in a world championship FREE. Total freak occurance imo. Never in my 2 n half years playin hav i got a free super club that has never had a previous manager so its possible. Just gota get lucky
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