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  1. Re: Problem with search feature What I believe the problem here is, is that the system searches for players that are under the price range based on your 'chairmans' value, so the player may be valued at 10.8M but your chairman values him at 9.9M the thought of that did cross my mind but it isnt the case. anybodies welcome to check for themselves and tell me i wrong. even if it was the case it would still be flawed. your chairman price before a player joins your club is irrelevent in the transfer market because the market price is set by the owning club. in the old interface it did the intended job and now it doesnt. its the only feature of the new interface that really bugs me
  2. Re: Problem with search feature I find the main problem with the advanced search is the price range. Doesnt do the job u want it. Eg u put 0-5m u will get many above the price and it gets tiresome if u hav a small budget. Used to be perfect in the old interface.
  3. Re: Why is SM not acting when a manager is blatantly cheating in my gameworld?? bn playin in gold worlds for bout a year and a half. Frm what iv saw multiple accounts get dealt with fairly well and quickly once the evidence stacks up, multiple accounts are less frequent and its mainly friends or managers who've built up a good relationship when doin deals so the do each other 'favours'. i know 1st hand how hard it is to get fair deals in gold worlds, everybody tries to rip you off, so cant blame some of them... The SMFA is another story. The developers hav practically admitted its flawed. Back onto the standard gameworlds, multiple accounts are left to flourish. No real action gets taken and when it does the manager doesnt get a reputation reduction or removed so whats the point. i also remember when that happened as the punishment rico
  4. Re: Why is SM not acting when a manager is blatantly cheating in my gameworld?? soccermanager just dont like to admit they cannot deal with the volume of standard gameworlds available now, and probably dont care about what happens in them either. cheating occurs frequently. you will find that only gold championships are monitored properly. standard gameworlds are a joke. the cheating prevention system currently in place is rubbish. you will just have to deal with it or leave the gameworld. i honetly feel sorry for u if u paid any money. im in the same situation in a gameworld where i paid money for but wont ever waste money in standard gameworlds again. iv learnt my lesson.
  5. Re: how to stop an admitted cheat! im not gonna even waste my energy anymore. Im just not gona reserve clubs in standard gameworlds or buy standard gameworlds again. Sickening how bad the 'highly tuned' cheating prevention system is. Its obviously a basic engine that can only detect the same ip addresses. They must know its easy enuf to change and block ip address. The current system is made sound great to cover up the fact they dont have enuf manpower or hours to monitor the thousands of standard gameworlds. Cheating on large scales happen too frequently to be looked at as a cheat that got through the net. I wudnt advise anybody to waste their money on the standard gameworlds cos u dont get the level of customer service u deserve as a paying participant.
  6. Re: Players limit per team people should do what they like and sign however many players they deem adequate as long as their not breaking rules. 39 players is reasonable. There are plenty of clubs with more players in brand new teams at the start of gameworlds. Lets take this scenario - most experienced managers will have bn in the situation where all their top players are injured (eg. 10 players). U have a few crucial games in a week but wait... People went an voted for stupid squad limit of 25 and SM implemented it... Cant go buy players in an emergency... What happens? Managers leave gameworlds because their frustrated. Managers wudnt buy reserve teams or gold management. Game doesnt develop and eventualy people will find a way to moan that the squad limit is too low
  7. Re: Bangura bros Havent bn keepin tabs the past couple wks. Either way id still sell, stil looked average before the injury and will still find it difficult to displace hooper and stokes unless hooper leaves in january
  8. Re: Bangura bros I expect ul find out by tomorrow if the other bangura will get a rating upgrade. Never saw him play but i would be tempted to cash in and again keep tabs how hes doin, then maybe resign again in a few months dependent on form. Turkey wont get reviewed till the end of the season after the current. Easily 4 months before theyl do it again, plenty of time!
  9. Re: Bangura bros You should ditch Mo Bangura. Saw him in all his performances for Celtic. Looks average. Cant displace Hooper or Stokes right now and wont get a rating increase til around next May cos the SPL ratings just got done. As a Celtic fan i hope he comes good but cant see it happening anytime sn. U can sell him, keep a tab over the coming months and sign him back. Right now just cant see him goin above 85 at most this season
  10. im in a gameworld over-run by cheating. most the managers are the same person. keep reporting but get the generic messages like 'insufficient messages to take the action further'. the last time i started making newspaper articles about the cheating must stop. the guy admitted to me by private messages that he was cheating - so how much more evidence is required! the cheating prevention system on this game is a joke! cheats are left to flourish in standard gameworlds nowadays and theres nothing to stop them. its particularly annoying for people who spend a fair amount of money reserving clubs etc. if they cant monitor gameworlds then they should stop charging people for club reserve and standard gameworlds! its like a slap in the face for the people who actually support the idea of spending money to improve the game! thankfully theres gold championships where the majority of managers actually obey the rules!!!!
  11. Re: New User Interface [beta] iv been playin the game for a while and dont mind the new interface, stuffs gotta change to keep makin the game look fresh. my only gripe that its not mobile friendly. i get that it has never been designed for a mobile but most aspects in the old interface were mobile friendly, which made it ideal when your out and about. not everybody can access their computer or laptop ondemand. fair enough i read that an iphone app is on its way, but what if you dont have an iphone. the thing that still annoys me most is that they still havent sorted out the player search engine. eg. your looking for players up to the value of 5m, you still get players valued over that amount whats the point of settin a value limit when you still have to look through to find the players within the budget
  12. Re: Thoughts on how to beat 4-2-2-2 well i did try to help, obviously you dont care to listen to me may not come into the forum very much but been playin the game for years. just for your information in 1 of my games yesterday i played against a 4-2-2-2. used the 5-3-2 i mentioned and won 4-1.
  13. Re: Thoughts on how to beat 4-2-2-2 5-3-2 attacking, hard tackling, mixed passing, mixed attacking, press all over, high tempo if other manager plays attacking tick counter attack box works for me 90% of the time you having the higher rated squad should win
  14. Re: Starting Out check the concerns list, see if any players are on the verge of leaving. leave yourself around 50m for that, if its a top player you can bet theres gona be competition, but well worth payin top whack for a top player. wont be good enough to offer a little over chairman value, other managers will have a good warchest to compete with any1. sum managers will bid top whack even if they dont need the player. as a noob you should think about joinin a new setup. 50% of managers will be in the same boat as yourself. too easy to be seduced by a huge transfer budget in a older set up. the core of managers are there for the long run and wont let any player leave easily (unless form says they could drop in rating). the transfer market can stagnate and you could find yourself only bein able to sign players from unmanaged, external or free agents until you get a few quality players good enough to use as part exchange
  15. Re: Improved Holiday Mode this new 'improved' holiday mode is stupid. managers shouldnt be allowed to be on holiday mode 52 weeks of the year. there are people who put no effort into playin the game
  16. Re: Chairman Expectations right now these chairman expectations are pointless and merely a cosmetic feature. to make these chairman expectations more realistic to the game what they should do is add some kind of reward/consequence. somethin like - - meet expectation, get cash injection from chairman toward new transfers (more helpful for smaller teams who over achieve) - dont meet expectation, get nothing from chairman - get relegated, chairman takes money from the balance. eg. 10m, so even if you only have 2m in the bank it would mean you would start a season with -8m. this in turn would force people to sell in order to do transfers. in real life there are financial implications to relegation, more often than not teams are forced to sell to balance the books. obviously somethin like this should be dependent on the team. imagine if a barcelona or real madrid got relegated in real life. they would lose alot more than a team who has only been in the top division for a year.
  17. Re: Reporting Harrasment! thanks for the reply. well they can be construed as racist in this world of political nonsense. im scottish and being abused because of my nationality. all by english people
  18. 1st time post and 1st time in the forum although been playin the game for a while. iv pressed the report abuse in the private messages but this is all linked to the 1 user. in a nutshell beat some in a game last night and received abuse for it. guy is obviously a sore loser on this game. blocked him because i cannot be bothered to come onto a GAME to receive abuse for winning a match. now im bein bombarded by his scumbag friends with all kinds of threats. obviously these threats do not bother me because its childish internet threats, but its the principle. i dont pay good money to play this game and reserve clubs etc to put up with abuse from people when the game doesnt go their way. So is there anyway to report this in detail? some people need to get a life and stop taking this game so serious, dont see why i should have to endure this nonsense
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