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  1. I was just wondering how long the loading bar is suppose to take when buying through the mobile. It's been on 3/4 for about 20 minutes now. It's saying it's still getting payment confirmation from my network. Am I missing something here, or is this normal? I've texted PAY already, and then texted it again to confirm.
  2. Re: Euro 2012 - Who will win it? Has to be Germany, but Ireland will put up a huge fight, I think. Stephen Ward will have a great Euro 2012.
  3. Lincoln City 0-3 Luton Town LUTON FEND OFF BRAVE LINCOLN! Despite a very impressive performance from Lincoln City, it was not enough to defeat Luton Town. The Hatters traveled to Sincil Bank in search of a victory to extend their lead at the top of the Division 5 table. It got bad for Lincoln in the first minute, after Robbie Brady scored, after some bad marking. Lincoln were unlucky to concede again, after a shot was saved by Joe Anyon, only for Federico Macheda, who is on loan from Manchester United tapped in the rebound, before Conor Wickham scored the 3rd and final goal for the Hat
  4. Re: Who will rise/Who should I keep? Luis Gustavo? What will he rise to?
  5. This is my entire team. Any idea on who I should sell, or buy, and what will these players rise too? I have GUSTAVO, Luís and MARTÍN, Pedro coming in as well. Welbeck, Macheda and Leitner are only on loan as well. HANSEN, Martin Gk 21 75 £690k 17 Dec - GIORDANO, Daniele Gk 20 72 £100k - - FRYERS, Ezekiel LB/CB 19 75 £700k 15 Dec - BROWN, Reece RB/CB 20 75 £680k 17 Dec - WABARA, Reece CB/RB 19 75 £700k 20 Jan - UMTITI, Samuel CB 18 75 £720k 16 Jan - BOATENG, Daniel CB/DM 19 75 £700k 16 Jan - REKIK, Karim CB 17 75 £730k
  6. Re: Riferimento: Re: Mascherano vs... Depends, if you have Mascherano, I would definitely do it, but if you are offering that, I wouldn't. Jones is rising, not sure about Hamsik, but its better to have depth then have a 11 star players.
  7. I think this league is new enough. No transfers have been completed yet, so everyone is up for grabs! Some of the bigger teams are taken, but some good clubs aren't as well. I thought this league would need a thread, since I didn't want people joining the setup, then not logging on for a long time. SETUP ID: 71667
  8. I'm doing a Division 5 Challenge in English Championship 7858, and I picked Luton Town. The season is basically ending soon, and I sorta gave up hope on getting promotion, the other guy doing a Div 5 is getting automatic promotion, so that is a up side, he'll be gone, and I'll probably have the best squad in Div 5, considering most teams don't have managers. I bought a load of players, and I was wondering if they had any chance of rising. I also have Simon Cox, except he's not in the youth team, since he's too old. Could he rise as well? HANSEN, Martin Gk 21 75 £690k 17 Dec - GIO
  9. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! Lost 3-2 to Northampton :( Only a friendly though. Need to make my team better for the upcoming season :D
  10. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! He would have helped Glory Days
  11. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! Thanks
  12. Re: EC2933 Discussion thread- JOIN THIS FABULOUS SETUP! Joined as Southend!
  13. Gary Hooper (23, 86) Yann M'Vila (21, 90) Adem Ljajic (19, 87) Conor Wickham (18, 80) Francesco Totti (34, 92) I think Totti will drop, when I bought him, I was thinking short term. Carroll, Suarez and Adebayor were my only strikers, since Suarez and Carroll didn't have their ratings reviewed yet, I needed a short term striker. Should I get rid of him before his price goes down, or is he worth keeping? P.S: If Suarez and Carroll rise, what will they rise to?
  14. Re: New Game World Looking For Memebers Anyone think a thread for transfer discussions should be started? Also, even though the league isn't public open, anyone who applies will be given access. Just need to know who's getting in. Hopefully nobody will quit mid season
  15. I have Glen Johnson. Was offered this by the Barcelona manager. From a tactical point of view, if I get Abidal, I get a LB/CB, but if Johnson goes, my only RB's will be either Carragher or Degen.
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