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  1. Hi all, I have Manuel Neuer as my no 1 goalkeeper and bought Hart for my back up. I have since loaned Joe Hart to one of my mates, since he did not have a decent keeper. Now I am struggling for a number 2. I have a young goalkeeper in Sam Walker, worth around 150k, to offload in a potential deal. Who would be best? The only real option I can find in Ben Foster. Budget-10m + Walker.
  2. Re: The Perfect Formation + Tactics
  3. Re: The Perfect Formation + Tactics I am saying use these tactcis and formation with similar players to what I have. The formation and tactics is the main thing that other sm managers should take from this, not the squad.
  4. I have these tactics for my Arsenal squad and I can't stop winning (3-5-2): Buffon(94) Sagna(92) Puyol(96) Carvalho(93) De Rossi(94) Pedro(93) Fabregas(95)© Xavi(97) Ribery(95) Lisandro(92) Eto'o(96) Tackling Style: Normal Mentality: Attacking Passing Style: Direct Attacking Style: Down Both Flanks Tempo: Fast Pressing: All Over Counter Attack: Yes Men Behind Ball: yes Tigh
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Barton and Balotelli certainly go into my "footballers to hate 11". That may also include Savage (retired)!
  6. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Joey Barton is the worst behaved footballer in the Premiership- why do we want someone who is going to get booked every game or slap players? He's just like a big bully in a school playground, "he started it ref, I just sort of responded". Silly and needs to learn to grow up. He over reacts to anything. However, when he is calm, he is a good player, but I don't think we could take a risk of a player who is always angry.
  7. Re: Its Official! Englands League 1 & 2 next
  8. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Well, he is part of the reason why he went to City, not to mention the 100's of k per week and champions league football guarenteed!
  9. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Roberto Mancini?!
  10. Re: Its Official! Englands League 1 & 2 next Look for players at Charlton, Huddersfield, MK Dons and Bournemouth would be my advice. All will be in the promotion shake up in league 1. League 2- Crawley are worth the best look because they have the team and money to be promoted. Sergio Torres, Matt Tubbs and Kyle McFadzean all should rise. AFC Wimbledon's players likewise.
  11. Re: Its Official! Englands League 1 & 2 next
  12. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Nasri had an amazing season last year and it is almost impossible to think of a replacement for him that could instantly do as well as him. Nasri has tough competition at City, with Milner, Johnson, Wright-Phillips, Silva and Balotelli all competing for a place on the wing. We should seriously think about Wright-Phillips, as a cheap back up that is for whoever does replace Nasri. He's only 4-6m, and he is a quick, sharp player. Ian Wright would also welcome that move for his son. I'd want Hazard (Lille), M'Villa (Rennes, and French like Wenger), Keita (Barca) or
  13. Re: Official Arsenal Thread About the 14 year old, I can understand why people are upset but this geezer is for the long term, so we should not complain about him as a player or a bad signing yet. If you wish to moan, moan about Wenger not buying anyone for the starting 11. We need players for the immediate future. That means replacing Nasri and Fabregas, and getting a CB and striker.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Yes- Hazard for £26m. More than double for Oxlade-Chamberlain (12m), and he won't get in the team for a while. More youngsters then, although both M'Villa and Hazard are 2 of the best youngsters in the world.
  15. Re: André Ayew = £5m + Leandro Damiao? Bad deal, don't sell Ayew. He's a big talent and will surely become 90+ rated soon and Damiao will not go that high in the near future.
  16. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Today's clash against Liverpool is a massive one. Then of course we have a tough 2nd leg against Udinese. With injuries and no Fabregas or Nasri, it's not looking good is it? Is that 16 year old on the DB?
  17. Re: Official Arsenal Thread If we don't buy a player who I consider to be a good player before September, it's the Europa League at best next season and no titles for 11/12. Now, at least we could have a chance of the Europa League! I didn't know about Falcao and I thought that MAYBE Marcello and Busquests COULD fall out of favour but they both will probably play. Any money spent is better than nothing and why not think big?! I would like to think we can sign a few "A listers" but it is not Arsene's style. He just buys youngsters or buys players to develop them. £12m on Oxlade-Chamberlain
  18. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Yes, Arsene needs to buy: A goalkeeper: I'd buy Begovic. Doing well to keep the experienced Sorensen out of the Stoke team and he is an international with Bosnia. A CB: Per Mertesaker- experienced and tall; Gary Cahill- now an international; Chris Samba- born leader or Scott Dann- would be cheap from a Championship team. A LB: Marcello- out of favour at Real behind Coentreo. A DM: Scott Parker- can pick a pass. Sky Sports' pick for player of the season last year tells you all you need to know about him ; Luka Modric- can pick a pass and wants a move. A replace
  19. He plays for Udinese and is playing at the FIFA U20 world cup for Colombia at the moment, where he is joint top scorer. I am thinking that with the home crowd, he may get a few more and after seeing the hype around Coulibaly after the U17 world cup, he may go to a bigger club like Coulibaly did when he went to Spurs. Guy certainly looks the part and could take Europe by storm and is already linked to a few teams.
  20. Re: Matthew Briggs Also worth mentioning that Fulham have kept 4 clean sheets in their 5 Europa League games and Briggs has played in all of them. Must be a good player then!
  21. This player has been playing a lot of Europa League qualifiers for Fulham recently. Is it worth signing him? Do you reckon he will be the next Chris Smalling or get himself in the starting 11 and back 4? Any help welcome.
  22. Do you fancy a challenge at a lower club with healthy budgets of over 20m? Or do you fancy a big battle in division 1? Either way, there are loads of clubs up for grabs in this game world, including a Celtic squad with a world class squad. Sign up for the challenge.
  23. Re: Ramsey & Sturridge for ? I would keep Ramsey if Fabregas leaves Arsenal because he could be a long term replacement. If he stays, then swap to get a better player, because I can't see them playing at a high enough level to increase their ratings from what they are now in the future.
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