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  1. Re: What the hell seriously if like an SM staff is reading, these arent like wolfsburgs or anything like that. my argentina's and barcelona's (Gold, paid for them:( ) how can they have like 15 more shots on goal than the oppostion yet still lose?
  2. Re: What the hell ¬¬_ sarcasm doesnt bide well with anger
  3. im sorry but this is really something stupid i have found on sm, when i play and the report comes in i find i am losing by 1 goal, and checking the match stats usually the opposition would have 3-4 shots on target whilst i would have something like 15. this has happened over and over and really getting annoying i lost out on a league, world cups and countless other trophies because my team would shoot around 25 shots ON TARGET but fail to get a goal? i find that really really annoying and would like an explanation why this happens :mad::mad:
  4. i would be getting nani who is better IYO? more likely to rise, all that stuff?
  5. Re: david silva or pedro ? thank you! the thing is pedro is in barcelona and they get an exponentiial rise everytime messi went to 99 iniesta to 97 i think busquets and pedro could rise but then again there is now alcantara sanchez and affelay hmmmm
  6. Re: Best Attacking Midfielders?? Gotze is probably the best in that category then like ganso, dzagoev, munian, douglas costa, toni kroos, adem ljiac those are mine
  7. hi i have david silva an have got a bid for straight exchange for pedro who is more likely to rise? who plays better? what would you do.!
  8. hi i have essien in a friends league and had considered selling him i got an offer of santi cazorl (26, 91) + Honarto Nilmar (27, 91) + 5 million considering his recent injuries and that he has constantly missed parts out of the season, my mind is telling me he will be another hargreves (was 94, then went down to 90 then 88 :/ ) so is it a good time to sell and with this offer on the table, considering he has missed loads out of the season any help will do much love
  9. hi im buying ibra and giving marko marin + tevez? worth it or not?
  10. Re: Alexis Sanchez hmmm alexis sanchez is a great player but if he leaves for barca/MU then i think he will possibly go up to 94 (as did ozil when he left for RM) with alcantra and bojan, you will have to wait for like a year or so before they go up to 90's but alcantra is an amazing prospect (touted to be the next cesc) i would keep sanchez
  11. Re: selling messi? My sqaud is as follows: CASILLAS, Iker VALDES, Victo EVRA, Patrice ABIDAL, Éric RAMOS, Sergio BOSINGWA, José PUYOL, Carles VIDIC, Nemanja TERRY, John PEPE, Ferreira XAVI, Hernández CAMBIASSO, Esteban ESSIEN, Michael ANDERSON, Luis INIESTA, Andrés GERRARD, Steven RONALDO, Cristian CAZORLA, Santi JEFFREN, Suárez MESSI, Lionel ETO'O, Samue BENZEMA, Karim VOLLAND, Kevin IBRAHIMOVIC, Zlatan still worth it?
  12. Hi i have messi in WC 1398 (barcelona) and was offered aguero and cesc for him is it a deal worth taking?
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