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  1. 26 minutes ago, Milanista1 said:

    You would pick loads of other player in his position over him, please tell me which like 5 defenders (LBs) would you pick?

    You said loads, making it sound like he is a bad player. 

    It doesn't matter which players because I am speaking hypothetically like I was in charge of a club which I am not therefore your going to disagree. Do I think there are players who could do a better job than Robbo yes and no it's difficult because there are variables. There are players who could have possibly helped them to easier victories or players that offer more on a whole (few)

    No i do not think he's a bad player that is you interpreting putting words in my mouth he is a great player hence why I said on current form and I mean a 2 year period. 

    Also by loads I admit I exaggerated but yes there are others I certainly would pick over him.

  2. 17 hours ago, ombarcagunners said:

    the best LB or one of the best LB?

    Alba is the best LB but on current form A.Robbo is probably the best LB but i'd still take loads of other players in his position over him. That said the LB position is depleting at the top level there are a few who are still world class and many who are just really good.

  3. Total BS if they do had my clubs since 08 and can’t really see myself playing the Crypto game if they close down Worlds. I’d definitely play both if Worlds is still around even if it’s never updated again. We’ll see I guess but is not not 250k sigs lol

  4. 4 minutes ago, davidm92 said:

    Keyor Navas + Insigne for Courtois? My next best keeper is Kepa and I'm worried Navas will drop if he leaves/is benched.

    Your right and Navas is definitely replaceable atMadrid and whilst Insigne is excellent he’s a dime a dozen there aren’t exactly many Coutouis type keepers ppping up every season.

  5. 12 minutes ago, JAMancini said:

    First goal of Lautaro Martínez in a friendly match.


    Goal machine.

     Don’t know about L.Martinez enough not sure where his true potential is seen loads of highlights which look great hence the word highlights and you can obviously recognise he’s good but personally unable to determine how good he can be off what I’ve seen which intrigued me even more. I hope he and Icardi work well together if that is the plan do not want to see either left out or Icardi leaving and l.marinez his replacement.

  6. 16 hours ago, Tharanidharan said:

    Another good player, William Carvalho who was linked with Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona moved to Real Betis for 18M.

    Seems to me he took the safe option which I wouldn’t blame him if he did but I hope to god there was better clubs interested if not shame on all of them.

  7. 8 hours ago, pinetree75 said:

    Should I sell Koulibaly for 10.8M + Rugani?

    I wouldn’t Kouli is far superior to Rugani far far far superior but unless you post your team then no one can give you good advice or how active you league is or who you can buy with the 10m. Personally I’d be asking no actually I wouldn’t take anything below a 91 and a 90 for Kouli unless it was someone destined for 90+ 

  8. 17 hours ago, AK_Indian said:

    Not sure where you're getting this info from. Surely you're either being funny or a hater or just plain deluded.

    Nobody knows it’s all speculation even if you read it from a trusted media source “there is none” we don’t know the facts all hear say regardless of what it seems like.


    17 hours ago, AK_Indian said:

    Not sure where you're getting this info from. Surely you're either being funny or a hater or just plain deluded.

    It’s more funny to me that people read the word deluded and take it immediately as a insult whether that was your objective or not but never actually take the time to step back and ask themselves am I actually deluded because you are unless you were there and involved so pointless arguing over hearsay.

  9. 12 hours ago, FDTV said:

    By the time messi retires, he'll be like Buffon or zlatan's amount lol

    Zlatan Ibrahimovich absolute legend done it everywhere and whilst Messi can be applauded for sticking to the 1 club and should be he'll never get the respect he deserves like CR7 better or not because he has never played outside la liga. 

  10. If the old interface ever doesn't become a option i will be quitting. The new crypto SM does interest and i pay for a GM just to support the game even though i don't use it. As for Ads welcome to earth welcome to the new world adapt or die go with the flow as this is only going to get worse in all aspects of entertainment. Quit if you wish but know as said it's the future like it or not.

  11. On 30/03/2018 at 1:07 PM, -JMH- said:

    Im contrasting it to David Neres, 87 for him, yet only 85 for Ruben Dias, who has an international call up (withdrew however injured), regularly starting for the league challengers & played Champions League!

    Id say Dias was hard done by! both should of had 86

    moving on though

    personally think his rating was on point but neres to 86

  12. On 27/03/2018 at 3:44 PM, Floodstreet2017 said:

    It’s the maturity of Mbappe and his all round play. Not only that but winning the league with PSG and being an integral part of it as well. 

    He only got the plus 3 as he wasn’t given the 89 the previous changes before that.


    if Douglas Costa can go from 91-93 in 5 months then don’t see why Mbappe can’t go from 91-92. 


    I know now who I would rather sign.

    Mbappe hasn't really shown this year D.COSTA should never have got that rise it was stupid. Mbappe can be a 99 rated player in my opinion but not unless he's the main man which he's not at PSG he's behind Cavani and Neymar similar to what Neymar was at Barca behind Suarez mESSI. 

    Still been very good very very good but you know he could easily have done a lot better had those two not been in his way.

  13. On 27/03/2018 at 9:48 AM, vitor_mfc said:

    Benfica this year was atrocious, and Portuguese teams in General playing in Europe, except Braga maybe. But one bad year doesn't mean they can't bounce back soon. People seem to have shorter memories, not long ago Benfica would go head to head with some of biggest clubs in Europe.

    Shame that they will never be a elite club when they along with SCP &FCP could be they produce so much talent and make so much money in transfers as well because of a bad league tv revenue and a complete corrupt system.

  14. On 26/03/2018 at 1:32 PM, vitor_mfc said:

    I think your understanding of english isn't that good. I never said you couldn't speak, i simply said that i seriously doubt what you're saying. And do you  watch Ederson regularly? Or even Alisson? I can't speak much for Alisson, but no way there are a few goalkeepers better than Ederson playing in Brazil championships.

    And by the way, this is the English forum, i think it might have some rule against regularly posting in other languages other than English.

    You as i are entitled to a opinion but man i think Ederson whilst pretty darn good from practically out of nowhere is overrated or overhyped. I pretty much seen most of the games he played at SLB but maybe it's me thinking he's not a regular GK he's a new breed and not what i'm used to seeing or what i compare/rank him against isn't what i'm used to but at his time in Benfica he was a brave shot stopper who was over confident at times which made him look tactically inept. I think i'm just getting old but side by side Allison to Ederson no comparison for me i'd pick Allison everyday but that may be just down to who i prefer not who's actually better. 

    Ederson is fantastic don't get me wrong but personally i don't class him or rather expect him to be elite i rate him like Ter Stegen excellent at what he does but never going to hit that upper echelon of top tier GKs. 

  15. On 25/03/2018 at 1:29 PM, Marek said:

    It's called hype. Neres has it, Sol and Jahambaksh haven't it. In my opinion, a 21 yo player with 10 goals and 12 assists in 26 games deserves to be 87. I don't know if De Ligt and VDB deserved more (probably yes), but this doesn't mean that Neres didn't deserve his 87, for me.

    Exactly with the hype train but VDB & De Ligt because of the position they play which is not attractive doesn't get the full recognition it should. That said I think Kluivert is better than Neres just stats didn't show it I also think Neres should have hit 86 so there's wiggle room for a 87 if he stays at Ajax come the next ratings because unless he has a spectacular season again it's unlikely he'll get 88 or deserve it imo. I think no player should be above 87 in the Dutch league at the moment excluding Lozano and Onana these two look like they can play any league and do well as could De Ligt DVB & Neres* (maybe) but it's a season to soon. Frenkie DE Jong if not for injury and a few lesser minutes deserved 85 imo also. 

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