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  1. Stats don't tell the whole story let me say that firstly and i haven't watched much PSG this season nor am i a big fan of Kimpembe but according to sites like whoscored Kimpembe has the highest avg match rating over T.Silva and Marquinhos in league 1 although marginally but has played slightly less minutes. If PSG win league 1 most likely going to happen i think he more than deserves a 90 rating. I honestly think he's underrated on SM or rather just his rating is outdated meaning a +1 is probably ok but it should be already from 89-90 just like a lot of other young CBs right now it seems they'rea rating behind where they should be.
  2. The game only needs minor improvement to be a lot better in my opinion but a lot of minor improvements but oh well.
  3. 2800 players how long do YOU think that should take it's easy to do just boring AF ! Actually how can they be struggling to do simple edits or and reviews I don't get it to be honest.
  4. I don't know i mean i don't get to watch SA fOOTBALL much if at all any maybe it's different to a extent in europe but it's pretty easy to identify for me anyway of how good they can be (yes they might not get there for numerous reasons) and that's what i was asking if you know. There's players you look at regardless of age and they stand out is he one of those players?
  5. What's the point in selling him if you get nothing for him at this rating and he could only be a deal sweetner then your likely going to be over paying in the long run? Anyway hopefully you can answer me a question regarding Yuri Alberto i did see him at the recent u 17 wc (at least i think it was the the wc) can't remember but was only briefly so how good of talent is he?
  6. I know what it was the bid was made prior to the TR and it then got rejected thanks for replies though.
  7. Does anyone know if you can offer players for a player who has requested a transfer? I think i did once and it was rejected but not sure to be honest.
  8. What i would love is adding a youth league that is not managed by you but another person opening up 80 new opportunites to get into the setup. Unfortunately the single player is well and truley finished!
  9. You should really just leave now or get used to it it won't change ever!
  10. What's the thoughts on the ratings for Kluivert and more so Neres ? Neres is ridiculous it is the Dutch league but some of the goals and general skills are insane like today's and if you've not seen what he done today or Kluiverts goal check them out but oh my Neres shredded the Willem ll defender so bad I feel sorry for him.
  11. S04

    There's 1 team on 27 days as I write this Leyton Orient and 1 on 25 days not logged in. The one on 25 is likely to log in but Leyton Orient might not. And no I have no idea when they become free meaning time but I think the last few have been between 00:00 12:00 nothing after. If you pm me in 2 days if i am on i will update you.

  12. It's far from a great setup , it's great in the sense it's the first and there are managers in it from the day the game started but other than that it's nothing special. Anyway the only way I can help is letting you know clubs on 29 days not much more I can do unfortunately.
  13. Been mentioned 58.6m times on here they're not caring about single player at the moment and whilst i agree it would be fantastic for these awards to be introduced been wanting them since 8 years ago there should be no financial gain from it.
  14. Do you personally think Gelin is better i don't?
  15. I don't think Weigl needs a move to get 92 he can get it at bvb but man they have problems caused by klopp and continued by tuchel just like l/pool. Kieta if he is infact is moving to l/pool is more attacking and creative if he adapts don't probably get 92 quicker unless Weigl gets wc place and medal imo.
  16. Haven't watched any brasil a this season but imo scarpa should have been 88 by now already
  17. it's likely no but if City win CL and PL he could but it's a very small % chance depends who's doing ratings and remember rooney was 96 so it's possible but unlikely.
  18. Rightio firstly this setup is 100% full but inactive and really hard to buy players so bear in mind. T.Werner for De Ligt, K.Havertz, Kean, Arp and Augustin current only worthwhile striker is Icardi next best is V,Janssen defence is Semedo Skriniar Kimpembe Spinazolla/Palmieri mid = L.Pellegrini Kessie Diawara Guedes Chiesa I can only play 1 up top as i only have icardi i don't like being limited like this but i don't think those 5 are worth it for Werner does anyone else? If i lose de ligt i have m.sarr diop mere fosu mensah if i lose havertz i don't exactly have a direct replacement closest are renaato sanches and c.soler to a replacement. if i lose kean and arp i stilll have pinamonti a.ruiz ect quite comfortable in youth strikers of good quality My next best to Augustin is Mayoral and Sanabria* betis
  19. Worth keeping he's been a revelation at SCP but depends on what you mean by worth keeping ? He might not do what he has in another league as liga nos is absolutely dreadful not to mention so corrupt but anyway will probably max at 89/90 in Lisbon not sure what he gets next rating 88 possible 89 in my opinion but he's been top quality though it's hard to judge in liga nos. If it was me and i needed a 88/89/90 in that position i'd hold for 1 more season see if he can do it again or get a big move. It's pretty much guaranteed that if you do well in on of the big three in Portugal you move to Wolves cough sorry that's FCP players i mean you move to a bigger club for 30m but of course this may be the time to sell if he does move sell when hot unless you know for fact he's special.
  20. Who has Benfica lost to become so bad i'm trying to think Renato of course and Ederson also Lindelof anyone else i can't remember ? Semedo aswell okay they have a valid excuse i guess 4 star players.
  21. Unless they sell S.Roberto he'll never be automatic first choice I would think and not because i think he's better or worse it's just they'll rotate will they not? Anyway Semedo more than deserves a 90 if you include Benfica time as well and i was perplexed as to why some were saying just 89.
  22. I'm actually hoping that's all he gets and i know +5 is pretty huge jump but he deserves 86-87 though i don't need the concerns
  23. Long Term as he is guaranteed. Either both are excellent makes no difference.
  24. Big blow to the bundesliga if it happens must admit though I don't appreciate Auba myself very good player but i think he should be scoring much more than he does his finishing is not consistent enough for me. As for going to China at this stage in his career good for him no point sticking around getting by at Dortmund when there's a massive pay check available I'd do the same plus he's a ridiculous athlete he could easily come back in 3 years and still be scoring as long as his back or knees aren't messed up. That said still very surprising if he does actually go ...
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