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  1. Re: Gold Championship 8 - Transfers, Rumors & Match Reports Can someone sell me a player ill pay 50m for romario just someone anyone let me buy a gawd dayum player lol no seriously this is crazy....... anyone and i mean anyone from barnsley to barcelona airdrie to pachua anyone that is selling any players (ANY)!ANy! rated 86and above contact me looking mainly for a LB 86 above and Rm 86 above pm me with how much you want PSV MANAGER
  2. Re: Transfer Advice just no .............
  3. Re: Top Ten Things you Hate Wow you guys need to stop hating only things i hate are 1.blue -not the band the colour 2.blue the band 3.blue ribands biscuit 4.blue half of glasgow 5.black and blue eyes when you walk through Larkhall with a celtic strip 6.The union jack-not in a bigitory way just because rangers fly the flag if that makes sense 7.bigots 8.drug dealers who sell and make kids do their bit for them 9.every former rangers player accept (kenny miller gazza mccoist and c.beattie) 10.stupid threads like the ones i make and being banned from the chat room for over 5 moths and running just because i said either ash or luke talk about gay people to much.........had me thinking:rolleyes: and 1.2.3 things i like most about tv are keven keegen,g.strachan and martin o'neil interviews
  4. Re: Right now i'm listening to... sean kingston beautiful ghirls timbaland the way i are lil weezy i feel like dying and beleive it or not victoria beckham and dane bowers (true steppers) only for the beat tho the beat is crazy
  5. Re: Help needed for my Roma I had the same problem with my Roma team with 4 at the back getting beat by unmanaged teams a few times but since i changed my tactics and formation ive not lost in 8 games in counting and Im in the semi final in the cup. So heres basically a way I can almost assure you wont lose as you have a similar team rating as i formation 1-4-3-2 tactics. tackling style:normal mentality:defensive passing style:mixed attacking style:mixed tempo:fast pressing:all over play style:counter attack tight marking use target man gk j.jussi lb.chivu rb.panucci cb.canavaro cb.mexes sw.caneira lm.perotta rm.gatusso id play gatusso rm until you get a better one cm.de rossi then play him back at cm cf.luca toni cf.kevin kuranyi i wouldnt play totti upfront personally id prefer kuranyi but if i had to replace toni or kuranyi with totti id replace toni with totti. my team: gk c.doni-d.james lb. r.carlos rb.d jemmali cb. R OSORIO-naldo cb. materazzi sw. caineira lm adriano-perotta rm. r.taddei-srna cm. van bommel cf. d.sauzo cf/f ledison you actually have a better team than me so if you get a good right mid and play gatusso cm i think ur team will be very good considering im doing good with those tactics so far mate id really give it ago. also with these tactics with my other team called (VERTEKS) i beat liverpool 2-1 recently and they have all 93+ players like puyol ect
  6. S04

    NFL Official Thread

    Re: NFL Official Thread yes deff on channel 5 im watching it now lol the new presenter has no clue at all ............he got a email saying hi im just starting to get into this nfl thing im kind of liking the new york metz but could you think of a team that i should support...the new presenter is like com'on the metz yh yh the are a good nfl team loooooooolllllooooollll what a idiot and there was more of this stuff hilarious :D :D and he wasnt being sarcastic as the other presenter was saying its gonna be a long season presenting this year loooooll
  7. S04

    bugging me

    Re: bugging me working now
  8. Re: Not sure about this 1 working now
  9. I accepted a bid for a player in gold 8 but I decided I wanted to cancel the deal but there isnt a option to cancel it anymore. Is this a bug or has that rule changed when you accept a bid then you cannot cancel it? I want to cancel so please someone tell me what to do.
  10. I accepted a bid for a player in gold 8 but I decided I wanted to cancel the deal but there isnt a option to cancel it anymore. Is this a bug or has that rule changed when you accept a bid then you cannot cancel it?
  11. S04

    NFL Official Thread

    Re: NFL Official Thread Havoc you don't have to rub it in Oh and channel 5 are showing games still i checked. Cincinnati @ Baltimore September 11th 12:15am c5
  12. S04

    NFL Official Thread

    Re: NFL Official Thread I hope they do in fact im praying right now that they do........ if i remember correctly last season they didnt start showing games on five until they were a few games into the season maybe im wrong but i think i took time off work and it wasnt on. guess im stuck with college football then on setanta
  13. S04

    NFL Official Thread

    Re: NFL Official Thread Man have I missed the Nfl did'nt know it had started oh well........ It was probably on Skysports thats why i missed it wouldn't pay for it because i don't really watch the prem and its mostly prem footy on it (setanta 4 lyf) Anyway if you know if there is a game on channel 5 this week let me know. Oh but if its ATL Falcons then don't bother coz we all know whats happening to Michael Vick. Still though c'mon the falcons. ""*DO THE DIRTY BIRD*"":p BTW GOOD LOOKING OUT ON THE NFL THREAD Oopz just noticed your from Canada so im guessing you wont be able to tell me if there is a game on channel 5 this week lol
  14. S04


    Hi anybody who is taking the time out of their "*!!COUGH!!*" busy schedule to read this,basically i'd like to first say if there is a gfx/sig thread already i would'nt be able to find it as the search tool does'nt seem to be working. What i was going to ask anyone with knowledge of photoshop is if they could make me a sig as i just can't get the hang of it. I'm looking for something like the irish +scotland flag in the background faded out and 2 celtic players 1 being aiden mcgeady the other being scott brown with any other gfx u can think of id very much appreciate this. also anyone who makes me one gets 1st choice in my new set up which im thinking about making in a few days so there is some incentive to do it lol
  15. Re: idea! wow 6 posts it took for someone to understand that lol :eek: good idea for a computer game like football manager but for sm nah it is good but not really needed
  16. Re: Limit teams in Gold Setups Okay ive been awake for 48 hours so this may make no sense(caught insomnia somehow) i agree totally and a way to introduce this could be by a contract say uve just become a gold member and you see that celtic are unmanaged in gs8 on the screen that it says take control maybe they could implement a contract which states if you take this club you must fufil your contract of say 1 season b4 you can move on or if you want to leave the club then the club you are leaving for could maybe be docked money and giving to ur previous club basically like a buyout sorry this could be written a lot better and explained clearer but like i said ive been up 48hrs and counting:( but something along those lines
  17. S04

    who to buy

    Re: who to buy The Lil Weezy Phenonomen Continues To Rip Across The World Even After The BabY Kiss :eek: :eek: :eek: Anyway I'd go buy for the future if you plan to stay with them long term players like 1.neri cardozo 2.Maximiliano MORALEZ 3.Mauro ZARATE 4.Ruben(river plate) 5.adrian lopez 6.USTARI, Oscar These Players Are Already Making There Marks And Some Are Already Stars
  18. Re: Condition Up Overnight? Yes Mate Pretty Sure It Does. I Only Ever Field A Fully Fit Squad
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