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  1. You think Griezmann would bag as many as Martial did last season ? I'm not being funny but you'd be as well keeping 80m and playing Martial up top if Zlatan leaves than buying Griezmann. He's a class act but BPL is totally different from La liga i'm sure he'd do excellent but you have Martial and Rashford who could play there. That's not going to happen of course and this is as unlikely but i've always wanted to see H.Kane play for United.
  2. 100% No Normally i'd say 99% just in case I change my mind but 100% no Never ever sell Alaba 93 CB LB & CM I'd want about 5 players minimum & Roberto and Draxler are meh anyway. Even at 5 i'd be like is this still even worth it?
  3. Gabriel JESUS is the real star of the trio both Dembele and Sane are great to and will reach a good rating but Gabriel JESUS will be a real superstar imo.
  4. Celtic Fc Celebrate A Double & Charity Shield! Mission Complete 2008 - 2017 In total 17 Trophies Best Game Word Manager [SHOWS HOW LONG IT TOOK TEBS STILL TOP TEN LOL]
  5. Not worth reading below lol I dont care whether your a cheat ot not but because SM do NOTHING call ppl out is a great thing but if you know your not taking on the chin and move. Ignore them , I was called out by a manager who's in ec1 for 3 years never active. He called me out because i sold quite a few 92 91 90 ish players for cash but everyone else playing long enough i do do stupid things to level the top of the playing field. It was becomming same team every wanted a whole division worth of good clubs and because is inactive he didnt get a player which i stated i wouldn't sell to inactive managers.
  6. He's 100 % right in calling it out but he needs evidence now and SM might not punish but the people who use the forum if he has evidence can decide themselves.
  7. Starting balance? If not I dont know the exact amount but I have seen in the past someone say they had 2billion. If that was custom setup then easy or non competitive empty world but in gold 1 the now Spartak manager I would think has has 2billion or probably more once he sold a ton of the previous managers players for cash.
  8. Please fix your ME 2 times this week I watch the 2D match and I win 1-0 only to look at the match report and see that I drew 1-1. There was no goalscorer at all for the opponents on the 2D match and the match stats did not even relate to what happened. I watch the game I had like 30 shots i read stats it says 8 and 3 off target.
  9. This is one of the big reasons why i have zero interest in buying Gold Membership !
  10. Can't really go wrong with either but Lindelof has shone a lot more and has big clubs all over him and Benfica will sell him but I guess Monaco are still a selling club to. Overall Lindelof seems the safest bet but either-or imo.
  11. Inter are assembling a very exciting team be interesting to see if Manolas Murillo & Miranda will play together if the pre agreement rumour is in fact true.
  12. Very surprised that i know very little of this kid , the first i heard was when he signed for Ajax so how good is he and who would you compare him to?
  13. I know what it is that's why i was asking why he's bothering with it for SM.
  14. S04

    Constant cheating.

    They don't give a sh1t
  15. Why are you using tor to log into SM in the first place just use chrome or whatever.
  16. He will definitely drop but i really wonder what the rating cap will is or should be as there are a lot of 90 or just under players. I mean has anyone seen a CSL match i sure haven't but I assume regardless of a cap on home based players these 'special' players will not drop below 89?
  17. I wouldn't argue Savic doesn't deserve to rise all I would say is think of how great Gimenez was last season and he never rose.
  18. What's the opinion on Marco Asensio I would like to see 90 but I feel 88-89 is more probable but the boy is on another level this much is clear. Quite a few of the goals he has scored have been simply magical including yesterdays and if you haven't seen it i suggest you look it up.
  19. thanks , but so slow man though it does make the forum slightly more alive
  20. Who is to be rated today what teams not been following the spanish ratings really?
  21. 1 month to login, just why? Is there any pros to the insane amount of time players are allowed not to login when there is access to the internet practically everywhere? Even if you can only login once a month is this really the game for you, well right now it is but is that a reason why this has never changed as SM would lose so many members? Right now there are people who login on the last day every month , every single time and the team they have has made at most 1 transfer a season even if that much. These people if they are in fact people and not bots (They could be) are ruining the game for the rest of us, please SM enough is enough just reduce the login times! It's literally the least you could do to improve experience of playing. 2 weeks is way more than enough way more and for GM 2 extra weeks holiday mode. There is no reason that doing this would not improve the game ....
  22. Dont ditch the u21 , just add a reserves column ...
  23. If i was doing the ratings i'd have to give Ronaldo 100 to troll everyone i'd have to Quoted by mistake
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