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  1. Plus 1s for everyone Merry Xmas Why no +1 for Draxler such a shame he did afterall make a 40 odd million pound move to PSG like J.Mario come on SM fix this please. Even though on these ratings several players in my opinion got undeserved rises or a extra +1 I think it's good for the actual game itself but it doesn't reflect the actual performance in real life and is not consistent with previous ratings. Hopefully Spain gets a update like this as some players ratings are outdated.
  2. I know what i would try to do and that is sell both keepers for a De Gea or Courtois ect ect if possible. Or try sell Buffon himself or with Draxler for Dybala.
  3. Compromise is always the solution , but putting it back to how it was is not. Setting it to a limited amount of players above 90 might help, but to be honest I am not for doing this because i'd rather have to reject 3 bids a week than not be able to offer a deal to get Pogba without needing to message and not getting a reply when my offer might actually tempt you. Anyway 3 bids a week you could have at least exaggerated and said 10 a week or 20 unless you meant per day. I do understand where your coming from but if anything just ignore it , actually another idea would be to limit the amount of times you can bid on a player per week/month but even then not for that either.
  4. Is this in reference to Niang your quote is invisible ?
  5. I'm not saying he's been bad I know he's been good but 91 for a team not even in Europe doesn't sit well with me. Also Milan have picked up on last season but they're still not a great side. I don't think any team should have a 91 when they're not in Europe unless they bought him recently or was already rated 90 or above beforehand when they were in Europe. Just my opinion it also makes some ratings look wrong but whatever ....
  6. For me personally this is the worst rating gone wrong by a stretch so far. A Dybala rise would be absurd. Safe to say Donnarumma is the most expensive team ever on SM and the record won't be broken? If Renato rises he'll be more expensive but 2 years his elder. Also some rises just not warrented for me like Bonnaventura 91 is to much 90 was fine. Teams not even in Europe and gets a 91 J.Gimenez done so much and didn't even get a plus 1.
  7. Had to google Gene Wilder I did not know that was the name of the guy in CATCF and have never seen Stir Crazy
  8. Hold up hold up hold up! The Euros were a long time ago J.Mario got a rise then he 100 % shouldn't have this time. I do think he was underrated at 90 but are we now just giving free +1s I think he's an amazing player but noway on performance for Inter does he deserve a plus 1. If we're throwing up 1s then J.Gimenez needs bump up for not rising at all when he looked like 92 was possible. Amazed !
  9. No I agree 91 was overdue but he was given the rating on the basis that D.Luiz left which was for half a season if this wasn't the case then he'd already have it and it wouldn't have been overdue. Luiz left and he became starter alongside Thiago Silva , Silva was due to drop and to make the ratings more realistic so that Marquinhos wasn't 2 behind Luiz he got a early rise. I mean they're not even top of the domestic league so if he didn't get it before why would he have now except for this reason.
  10. You don't think Hamsik deserves 92 or just that Kante should be on par with him? Krychowiak is garbage at PSG but he done amazing at Sevilla although Oscar whilst he has not been bad just lost his place to a new system and the imminent depature he'll probably drop but I don't necessarily think either deserve to drop for a bad half season or losing there place. The rather generous ratings given to Monaco players and the 91 for Marquinhos whilst not undeserved he got it for half a season I wouldn't be surprised if Kante got 92 but i highly doubt it. No CL is a big factor for me but then he's top of the league in a competition that some believe to be harder to win than the CL itself. Suppose you could argue no CL no 92 for Oscar i fully expect him to drop now but again not sure he deserves to.
  11. Yep I can't watch a lot of it and haven't watched Barca since Pep was in charge as I literally fell asleep on CL nights. My personal preference is 1.Bundesliga 2. Liga Nos 3.Serie a 4.Lique 1 5.Bpl 6. Dutch 7. Brazil serie a 8. Russia and leagues like la liga i'll watch if there's nothing else sports wise on. I do like watching Spanish sides in Europe though the leagues just meh...
  12. How good is Mbappe compared to lets say Dembele when he played in France ability wise and hype? I watched him at the recent youth international tournament and whilst I thought he looked pretty good for me it was Augustin that stole the show. It's scary how many goals and assists he has with not a lot of starts and a only around 500 minutes of gametime 6 goals and 5 assists a cl goal a senior hattrick 7 in 11 for France u19 at 17 years old.
  13. Is it just me who thinks M.Niang is the worst Milan player possibly in the history of the club and I honestly do not feel that i'm exaggerating. Two attributes 1 he can walk 2. He can run please name others as i am astounded he is a professional footballer I just don't understand how this happened for him.
  14. Hard to see a rise for any 89/+ except Icardi , Brozovic however is a fantastic player at both club and national level and if Inter get up the table probably end of season a +1. I mean if you compare him to certain players already on 90 his quality makes you think why he's not already 90.
  15. I read that somewhere too, also regarding Saul the fact they changed his position slightly before the actual ratings used to indicate no rise but not saying it does it now with SW. That said when I remembered that my hopes were dashed but hopefully I am wrong as I do believe he should get that rise that Barca or Bayern players do! You know that rise where as long as your not absolute garbage you get that +1 to make it not look so out of wack with the other players ratings in the squad. All BS aside Gimenez and Saul should be 91 now Gimenez should have got it last time round and whilst Atletico are ''struggling'' they could potentially be 2nd on Sat if Real beat Barca and Seville lose plus they've absolutely run away with the group in the CL despite ''struggling''.
  16. Seems stupid not to rise him but omgoodness Inter are horrendous and if not for him they'd probably be bottom 3 actually they'd be dead last but whatever.
  17. I'm going by what I read and that was he wasn't fully fit and still isn't match fit obviously but I see he played yesterday as well as against PSV.
  18. Koke is 94 and whilst I agree his rating seems way to low I couldn't argue as I see Atl only in CL really. If Tiago deserves a rise at Bayern Saul deseves to be 91 as should Oblak rise. That said they rise who's in favor a lot and that's Carrasco .....
  19. I really don't think it's random I just don't know which variables that could come into play but going by recent transfers in my GW it looks like first bidder highest amount of cash in bank. Even then there has been inconsistent movements where I thought maybe other factors were involved such as value of others in that position in your squad though I really hope it's not random because if it is what's the point in playing as random isn't a fair system.
  20. Not entirely sure but I think it's like FUT only a app game. It does look good it reminds me personally of what Fifa for the megadrive would be if made today only with a trading card game and better graphics. I'd probably play it if I was still interested in trading games but there time has past for me they're like Call Of Duty way to overdone.
  21. Your best bet is end of the season with them all.
  22. It's a 442 that's deployed as 424 or rather 4222 sometimes but I 100% agree with you it was not necessary the ML/MR were more suited it's like they're saying the ml/mr reflected the defensive side of the formation but neglected the att option now it's reversed. They should have added the att and not taking away the ml/mr whilst removing the CB position.
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