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  1. +1 in my opinion not done much. Edit: Oh he's only rated 85 thought it was 86 i'd only give him a +1 but he'll probably go to 87 no chance of 88.
  2. It won't happen but lets say Leicester win the CL what ratings do you think they'd get?
  3. Jose Gimenez never got a +1 last season and Savic i think is only playing more due to Jose being injured so i wouldn't bet on it nor would i be surprised if he did.
  4. That was edited almost instantly after I submitted I don't know how you managed to quote it but very good! "_ "
  5. What do you mean you know more ? The only possible way you could claim that is if you go to TFC games because most of us have a Tv and Internet and even then it doesn't mean you know more. You could be a idiot and don't realize I mean have you been tested? Only joking who cares we all want 85 lets hope your correct I hope you are "-"
  6. Simple solution is add player contracts as it would cut player hogging and keep concerns in check e.g this player (Torres) is backup.
  7. Does first bid matter IF all bids are same does amount of cash count IF you have more also does bidding on new UI count? I wish the variables were clear written as I am like many others in the dark and feel cheated losing out on practically every player in even non fully competitive gameworlds.
  8. Trump & Putin destroyed Russia and USA 10 minutes ago and thus the reviews of those nations have been terminated until further notice.
  9. Not going to bicker both are very good and I have both in my team but I think Donnarumma not only exceeds him now but also in the future.
  10. I don't watch Brasil Serie A anymore but hasn't he only scored like 2 goals since the last update that's a question I actually don't know?
  11. Diop should go straight to 85 and I agree Lafont won't go to 85 he'll likely get 84 as that's one point behind Donnarumma. Henrichs to to 85 I mean who was the last 19 year old to get the call and didn't 85 plus he's been very good.
  12. Another 2 joint top scorer still not 100% certain he'll get it in my opinion because of the league position but the odds are certainly increasing. 2-3 more come the ratings I think you have to give it to him there's no sense in waiting until the end of the season.
  13. He said he would not join another English club pretty sure he supported United.
  14. It's not cheating just a unbelievably bad system that is in place where the player values increases letting people make a higher bid. It basically means if you really want said player and there are bids on him you need to log on at certain points throughout the morning/night/next day to check and remake your bid before the game updates and transfers are accepted. I think the amount of cash you have affects how high you can bid too but not completely sure and not entirely sure how it works but it's something like i have said. Personally for me this is the absolute worst thing to happen to the game EVER it does feel like cheating even when your on the winning side of it.
  15. Schalke should be deleted from the database...
  16. He has great runs of form here and there when not injured puts up good numbers incredible player but is he the player he used to be that got him a 94 initially for me no whether that's down to all the injuries I don't know. Also yes if a player is out for 4 months every season of course they deserve to drop and should probably consider a different job. Gotze shouldn't be 93 either.
  17. He's always injured and he shouldn't be 94 might not happen but it should.
  18. I guess if they take into account his previous season then maybe. I thought he should have got a +1 last season but you couldn't have him rated the same as Dybala at that time as Dybala was incredible. I hope he does get it there are a lot of players for me who should have risen last time who were overlooked now won't even get a deserved rise for being injured and the ratings look out of place or outdated.
  19. End of season I think unless he's already bagged like 12-13 already goals come the next ratings. He might be scoring but Inter are atrocious and even though he is scoring he's not playing great himself either.
  20. You mean Dybala is no Kimmich ... I agree but you must remember Bayern players sometimes get that extra +1
  21. I have never seen him play liive on tv but the kid looked amazing on the youtube vids i watched a few years back. I was also surprised when I saw he left maybe a buy back clause or was he released?
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