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  1. Dybala deserves 92 only on last season he's done nothing thus far .... Donnarumma 88 really is not undeserved Isn't Milik out for a long time?
  2. I got a message a few days ago asking me if I knew anyone with 2 accounts in my GW did I report? No it's as pointless as typing this post and you can ban me if you wan't game and forum you guys are thee absolute worst at eveything with regards to the game not milking money your one of the best at that. Actually no your not even good at that you let a thriving game (multiplayer) die to milk the SP instead of capitalizing on both. You pay terrible YTs to promote your SP and off cam they say it SUCKS good job. You have been in business for 10 years and don't even have a CPS that's in anyway credible. You promote articles on twitter regarding new talent which makes it impossible almost to purchase as everyone bids on every player. You miss OBVIOUS player ratings when reviewing you if you ever get around to it. You treat your community like sh1t and your customer service is the worst i've witnessed. You've had 3 Admins quit because you treated them like garbage you let the forum die. There's three reasons why people only play this game multiplayer either they're long-term invested or new or have comradeship with people on forum. Your game SUCKS it's never had a worthy upgrade it's the same basic garbage from years ago and don't get me started on new UI DAF
  3. You mean won't help there's a difference, also it's a bit f'n late the games on it's last legs and has been for some time.
  4. Only for 90+ players otherwise it would make the market even worse than it is now. Tbh honest a lot of things need updated a lot of simple things but not many care player or owners.
  5. I wasn't bored by what you wrote just the length and more so it was about my pet hate Barcelona but from what I read it was good.
  6. It's probably a good article but it's to long mate for me anyway I got to the 3rd paragraph and got bored. I have read your articles on OTB as well good keep up the good work.
  7. So Martial has gone to goldenboy to basically nothing under JM sure he got a few chances BuT in a new system where he didn't perforn except the opener ( i think) where he got 2 assists but he was being played way to deep. Anyway if JM plays Rashford on the left why not put Martial on the right he's clearly a better player than Jesse Lindegard he is afterall right footed and Miki wants a central role which apparently he was promised when he was signed. Anyone agree with this?
  8. It's not terrible anymore the new one BuT it's still NoT better than the old one. As soon as i've checked a result i go straight back to the old one new just takes to long still to load.
  9. Seems like Inter Milan really want out of this competition losing to HBS then Prague .
  10. The absolute worst game i can remember playing feels like the 2k game only with a football and fut gameplay is far worse than seasons horrendously bad game.
  11. I am surprised that no-one picked him up.
  12. The competition for worst performance is really heating up!
  13. He has a point about the dirty agent but nonetheless I highly doubt he's leaving for any club as he's reported to be signing a new contract and Milan just got took over but everyone's missing the point here. If he is to leave it won't be because Barcelona come knocking it will be because he's simply had enough of watching the worst striker in Europe in front of him week in week out in M.Niang.
  14. It feels like football has moved on and JM can no longer catch up his style of football just isn't working anymore.
  15. 87 then 88 end of season Possibly I would think I mean Milan are trash and although he is their standout player pretty much he's not even 18 until next February and they usually don't rise players so young so fast regardless of how good especially not being in Europe. I think he'll remain 87 if Milan are not top 5-6 or he gets a few Italia apps but then 88 might be pushing it going by past ratings though he's clearly underrated and anything below 88 seems to be not enough despite age.
  16. Week 4 fixtures Saturday 10 September Man Utd 1 v 2 Man City Arsenal 2 v 0 Southampton Bournemouth 1 v 1 West Brom Burnley 1 v 1 Hull Middlesbrough 1 v 0 Crystal Palace Stoke 0 v 2 Spurs (ESB) West Ham 1 v 0 Watford Liverpool 2 v 0 Leicester (FGS-) Matip Sunday 11 September Swansea 1 v 2 Chelsea Monday 12 September Sunderland 0 v 1 Everton
  17. Well either they don't care or maybe they thought the forum was in a bad enough state that it was just separating the community even more or they will infact add these forums like you wish I doubt it though.
  18. Eventuallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllly
  19. I agree that you should have your language spoken forum But not unless it's auto translated which sort of renders having it in the first place sort of pointless.
  20. I thought he was 23 he's not even 23 yet which is even more spectacular for 33m I hope he has success at Chelsea and I shouldn't have even brought that up about the impact it's a irrelevant argument no-one has yet.
  21. I watched Batshuayi highlights from pre season on youtube don't know if it was a terrible video or what but he looked more of a support striker and he missed a fair few easy goals and picked out bad passes when he should have shot and the exact opposite. I also watched the cup game where he bagged a double but to say he's made a impact did you mean negative ? I'm only joking but he's done nothing whatsoever yet, though I think at 33m considering todays market it will be difficult not to fufil that price tag I actually think 33m is a complete bargain even if he fails in first season for a 23? year old. Where does Alonso actually play these days I haven't seen Fiorentina play for ages I guess CB?
  22. Whilst I don't think Bournemouth was his best choice of club had he moved to Italy he could have just been forgotten and it's not like any clubs interested were in the CL. At least he stays in the strongest league definitely starts and who knows 5 or 6 games under his belt before he's out for the season with some hope?
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