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  1. Bastian & Xavi were linked to Celtic by the media in Sco before The German announced he would not play for another Euro club. Tbh if he did move to Celtic or Xavi they'd have me as a stalker
  2. 92 is fair , a good cl and league campaign again he'll possibly rise.
  3. 23m who cares who you have, you don't have Iniesta !
  4. Tottenham 1 v 2 Liverpool (FGS - Matip) Chelsea 4 v 0 Burnley Everton 0 v 1 Stoke Leicester 1 v 0 Swansea Watford 0 v 4 Arsenal Hull1 v 2 Manchester Utd West Brom 1 v 1 Middlesbrough Manchester City 3 v 0 West Ham (ESB Southampton 1- 0 Sunderland Crystal Palace 1-0 Bournemouth
  5. All good games have a gaming community of some sort SM doesn't really at all since the forum was destroyed. Their twitter and facebook feed is almost as dead as the forum and more dead than the forum the reddit page. The 2 things that I think appeal to anyone on their twitter and facebook is the competitions and when they post a link to the sm blog where someone has done a write up on a player/s.
  6. Manchester United 2 - 0 Southampton FSG (ZLATAN) Stoke City 1 - 2 Manchester City Burnley 0 - 1 Liverpool Tottenham 2 - 1 Crystal Palace Swansea 1 - 1 Hull Watford 1 - 2 Chelsea (ESB) West Brom 1 - 2 Everton Leicester 1 - 2 Arsenal Sunderland 0 - 1 Middlesbrough West Ham 2- 1 Bournemouth
  7. The forum is dead but it looks better like this it's basically the old one only differently coloured but that doesn't matter it's a graveyard.
  8. Pick whatever mate

  9. There's zero need to sell anyone in that team and especially not Alaba it's a winning team don't sell for the sake of it if your winning.
  10. Signing either of those or Passlack is pointless RIGHT NOW Tah might rise but Laporte possibly won't and I doubt either is moving anytime soon.
  11. Who do you have a RB&CB? It's tempting but Alaba is the best LB in the world and versatile.
  12. Well then i guess it comes down to who you have in the cm/dm role because Hummels is already high rated and very unlikely to drop and you have Gimenez and Krychowiak who can play CB or DM. Personally if it was me and I have another CM/DM rated 91 or above keep Godin unless you plan on trading Casemiro + Thiago for another CB down the line thus improving your CB position and CM/DM by playing the Pole there. I'd also consider trying to swap Otamendi + either Thiago or Casemiro for a higher rated CB if you do trade Godin for the duo.
  13. Who do you have to replace Godin? Anyway are people convinced with Casemiro yet yes he had a solid last season when called upon and Thiago is a absolute genius but doesn't play enough or is injured. With that said Godin is 30? and if Casemiro plays enough at Madrid he'll get a 91 and if Thiago doesn't play he'll move to another big club and I read Pep was thinking of taking him to City. Personally if CB wasn't so valuable i'd take Thiago alone i think he's a magical player but if you don't have a good replacent i'd think twice. Though you could in turn swap Thiago and Casemiro for a younger high rated CB possibly but right now Godin is probably top 3 CB in the world.
  14. I never implied anything you make random things up in your brain and try to put words in peoples mouth to further a argument about things that weren't said by either of us and I am mentally challenged? I never ever said or did you he was rubbish I never implied it you assumed and assumed wrong just like you assume Pogba is overrated despite a 100m pricetag and the best managers in the world claiming he's one of the best. You don't have a argument as to why you think he's overrated except he plays in a one team league which it may be but for it to be a one league team the players playing in that one team need to be vastly superior because the Italian league isn't as weak a league as you ASSUME but then if you only watch English football and the occasional Serie a game you wouldn't know this. I presume you think R.Sanches is overrated as he played in a one team league last season but Pep Guardiola singed him arguably the best manager in the world and he got young player of the tournament also by your thinking another one team league The Bundesliga so I guess T.muller , Alaba and co are overrated just like Pogba who got to the final of the Euros as did R.Sanches. And finally you challenged me by calling me a ''popular little girl'' & asking me if I was dropped on my head or inbred getting defensive with insults further proves you've got no valid points. Plus you realize EVERY PLAYER has something to prove when they put on a new shirt in a new league which is better regardless of their own ability that doesn't make them overrated does it? If you bother to reply don't change the talking point which was Pogba because you have nothing to say which then leads to more of your pointless arguments.
  15. 2006 here , also pbm was you could been in the best sleep ever it's a Monday and you've got school and can't be bothered but as soon as that mail dropped through the door you were right up to see your results haha.
  16. How can I miss the point IF you '' never once said he was rubbish''? and I never claimed you said that either your just spouting nonsense.
  17. Opinions aren't subjective when the comments refer to one of the best players in the world being overatted you're just being silly and ignorant. I'm not going to give you a argument as your just being a Tr0lL. Pogba is not overatted and that is a FACT he's been in form Most of his Juve Career dummy LOL
  18. Well he wouldn't play at any those teams possibly ever and he gets European experience IF only a short lived one then if he's bagging them in Celtic will sell for 10m to profit like they have with Van Dijk Forster Wanyama ect
  19. I watch EVERY Juve game on TV yes and you said he's overatted so you can have your opinions but me and the world think you should revaluate your judgement. I guess Mourinho paid 100 ish mill but Matt says IN HiS Opinion Like it has substance That Pogba is ''Overrated'' So Matt thank-you for the opinion but you're blindly wrong. Tr0Ll!
  21. M.City add Stones to CL squad ACCORDING to SSN.
  22. He is very good BUT unproven at a higher level he's fierce and very hardworking and he done well in CL to if i remember correctly BUT again the Portuguese league is abysmal.
  23. Seen a picture of some dude with Mahrez and Conte at Chelsea Hotel BUT I think it's PS.
  24. There's no-way you can claim he's overrated well you can but it's utter nonsense overpriced maybe but not overrated and if that honestly is your true opinion I doubt you've seen him play enough to make judgement. You can throw as much stats at me if you want i've seen practically every game on live tv in the UK where he's played but that doesn't mean he'll save United. A few days ago it was M.City as favs....
  25. Had Juve been able to afford Higgy without Pogba being sold i think he'd have stayed in Italy but anyway .....
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