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    S04 reacted to mistermalcolm in Over bidding   
    I'm sure I am not alone in noticing that the new and old interfaces allow certain clubs to overbid for players by a set amount that is know to a few.   I have seen players who's max value to all clubs , which should be the same , go for 300k 600k or even 1million more than is allowed.
    I have raised this as a bug and got no reply. I have asked for the deals , which are being made as part of an obvious bug exploit to be reversed but no luck..
    I'm sure this can easily be fixed.
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    S04 reacted to Longnose in Newbie, but allready 3 years playing   
    One can only wonder where you are in the post extinction event, evolutionary scale Fern?...perhaps a small rodent at best?
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    S04 reacted to mistermalcolm in English Championship 1   
    The cleverer I try to be with tactics the more I lose. If I stick to one tactic I seem to win.. .. mmm ..
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    S04 reacted to Varun_Utd in individual players   
    Why the hell did Pogba get a plus 1? Ditto for Veratii. Just because they are fancy big name players?
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    S04 got a reaction from Stenners in The risers' thread   
    I totally agree on B04 players and although I never expected a Calhanoglu rise 90 just seems to low same with Xhaka but I never expected a rise for him either. Wendell  deserves 89  I don't  know about about Matip he can be good but he can be REALLY bad and Howedes should drop to 90. It still annoys me what Kiessling had to do to get 91 i think he was top scorer and didn't get it only after tickets he got it or something a like. He'd been bagging them in for long time anyway now because of a poor first half of season he's dropped yet it would take a another full season at least scoring 15 20 league goals to get 91 again. Plus he's starting to find form again 2 great goals v Gladbach.
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    S04 reacted to Stenners in The risers' thread   
    Why are Leverkusen players perpetually underrated? Consistently top 5 in the BuLi + CL for a few seasons now and still players struggle to not only hit 90, but to go past it. 
    Wendell more than deserved 89, especially considering Kampl achieved it.
    Matip staying 89 considering Howedes bizarrely being 91 and Nastasic 90 also grates a little. 
    SM just seem to go mad for Bayern, give generous rises to the few hyped players and the rest of the league are an afterthought 
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    S04 got a reaction from Steven in Stadium Building   
    If your stadia holds between 45 and 50k you don't need a increase it's that simple.
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    S04 got a reaction from antondrobnjak in The risers' thread   
    Weigl in my opinion is already 1 below where he should of been already he should be 86 right now on for a possible +2 and it would have been definite if he got called up for the friendlies at international level. Breel Embolo at 86 yes we know strikers get sort of priority in ratings but he's done nothing that Weigl has except play and score v Estonia applauds! 
    Ginter I don't even like at RB  but you can't argue with the stupid ridiculous stats in his case he needs to rise to 89.
    D.Costa I will be shocked if he gets a +2 doesn't even deserve a +1 because he should be 90 getting a +1 now or a +2 to 92 so i'd rule out 100 percent a plus 2 being rated 91. 
    I think Gundogan is fine on 91 as no CL football if they win the EL and finish second possibly 3rd then yes plus 1 to 92.
    Aubamyang deserves a +1 not 2 if they win EL and finish second or 3rd possibly or top scorer in Buli.
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    S04 got a reaction from Steven in Player Contracts (Multiplayer)   
    This has been brought up many times in the past and most recently by @XxJOSHxX_ on Soccermanagers twitter page to find out what people think so what do you think on here since they haven't as far as I can see made a thread?
     @SoccerManager you should add player contracts and contract lengths to SM Worlds and SM16. Would be a great addition!
    My personal opinion is NO because it creates to many problems that I won't get into although I would really like it as close to real life as possible. What I would like more so is keep it as it is and just have LOAN CONTRACTS with fees and fees that aren't generated by the user but by SM just like the player valuations guide of what you can purchase a player for permanently. As much as i'd love it to be user generated we know it will create chaos and cheating but I would also like to see some clauses in the loan contracts too. We really need a loan option to make it for the season with no recall or whatever 3-6 months or 20 games or whatever and I know you obviously can't recall a player if there is a fee. It also brings up the the question then should we have more flexibility over who we can loan out? 
    I know the game has much bigger problems right now but it would be nice to hear what people think on this as SM are asking and we're always complaining on here especially , that they don't communicate things or ask the customers what they want.
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    S04 reacted to 433 in English Championship 1   

    Millwall kept their Division 1 status largely thanks to Academy Player of the Year Hector Bellerín, who scored the crucial winners in 2 tight 1-0 victories towards the end of the season. Major stadium development was completed increasing the club's capacity to 32,707.

    Millwall Under 433
    16 - Div 4 7th
    17 - Div 4 6th, Charity Shield - Runner-Up, Div 4 Play-Offs - Champions
    18 - Div 3 3rd, Div 3 Play-Offs - Runner-Up, English Shield - Champions
    19 - Div 3 5th
    20 - Div 3 4th, Div 3 Play-Offs - Runner-Up, English Shield - Runner-Up
    21 - Div 3 Champions
    22 - Div 2 4th, Div 2 Play-Offs - Runner-Up, English Shield - Champions
    23 - Div 2 4th, Div 2 Play-Offs - Champions
    24 - Div 1 15th
    25 - Div 1 13th
    26 - Div 1 17th

    Player of the Year
    Raheem Sterling
    Young Player of the Year
    John Stones
    Academy Player of the Year
    Hector Bellerín

    Best Result
    Millwall 4 Marseille 0 - 14 July 2015

    Highest Transfer Fee Paid
    £3.4M - Reece Oxford - 4 July 2015
    Highest Transfer Fee Received
    £21M - Max Meyer to Carlisle United - 12 October 2015

    Division 1
    15 - 47 pts - West Bromwich Albion
    16 - 42 pts - Carlisle United
    17 - 40 pts - MILLWALL
    18 - 36 pts - Fulham R
    19 - 36 pts - Newcastle United R
    20 - 26 pts - Barnsley R

    Leading Scorers
    06 - DANNY INGS
    04 - Raheem Sterling
    03 - Kevin Volland

    Best XI
    Leno (90), Clyne (89), Shaw (88), Stones (88), Rüdiger (88), Sterling (90), Bellerín (88), Volland (89), Berahino (87), Ings (87), Januzaj (87)

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    S04 reacted to pedrooliveira in The risers' thread   
    Well, since I can't find SuperNAG's thread, here this goes!
    I have a treat for all you lovely moochers out there. 
    Guedes had a +3, which was measly.
    Should have been a +4 or even a +5.
    Neves has almost 400 minutes less than Guedes and he rose from 83 to 86 (should have been a +1, as he got the rise when he had less than 600 minutes of game time).
    Here are some risers, that I hope SW doesn't overlook (all deserve at least a +4):
    Douglas Dyanfres (on loan at Sanfrecce Hiroshima) - 78 -> 83
    Fabinho Aguiar (Yokohama F Marinos) - 78 -> 83
    Carlos Eduardo (Kashiwa Reysol) - 78 -> 83
    Chao Li (S. Ever Bright) - 75 -> 80
    Zhang Xiaobin (Jiangsu Santy) - 70 -> 76/77
    Marcelo Toscano (América MG) - 78 -> 83
    Fernando Zampedri (JU Gualeguaychú) - 76 -> 82/83
    Amadou Diawara (Bologna) - 78 -> 83
    Jaume Domenech (Valencia) - 80 -> 84/85
    Eloge Yao (on loan at Crotone) - 75 -> 80
    Dominic Solanke (on loan at Vitesse) - 76 -> 80/82
    Andreas Christensen (on loan at B. Monchengladbach) - 78 -> 84/85
    Carlos Salcedo (Guadalajara) - 78 -> 82/83
    Nélson Monte (Rio Ave) - 78 -> 82
    Cheick Keita (Virtus Entella) - 70 -> 75
    M. Dahoud (B. Monchengladbach) - 78 -> 83/84
    Pau López (Espanyol) - 80 -> 84
    Robin Yalçin (Caykur Rizespor) - 78 -> 82
    Then there's obviously Donnarumma, but predicting his rise would be a gamble, as idk how much more he's gonna play.
    Also on track to big rises are Koselev (Sheriff), Rashica (Vitesse), Tete (Ajax), Ferrari (Bologna), Vukcevic (Braga), Glesion, on loan at Porto B, João Graça of Porto B and Selikhov (Amkar).
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    S04 got a reaction from 433 in English Championship 1   
    Can we all say prayers for Millwall manager James Bolton I feel he has been kidnapped and his account has been compromised as a talented English player was added recently and no bid was made this is very uncharacteristic behavior and if anyone has any information even if you think it's not relevant please contact our helpline it's completely free & anonymous on 0800 123 Egbo.
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    S04 got a reaction from 433 in English Championship 1   
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    S04 got a reaction from marcos vitorino in English Championship 1   
    Marcos you know what it was the control panel for mod tools was available TO EVERYONE so i decided to edit a EC-1 post where Herby told the truth and change Teje's favourite club and player to their rivals.
    If you look back to February you'll see his actual post was edited looks like he posted it (by edited i mean just added that part i never deleted anything you wrote or whatever) nothing malicious. 
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    S04 reacted to chevshenko in prize money   
    while the new improvements have been great for the most part, somethings remained the same. The re-evaluation of player was long over due. However, the prize money for winning the league, domestic cup and the gold is too small. Expensive players and small prize money does not make any sense. that's one aspect of the game that need revising. 
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    S04 reacted to Omre094 in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    3 key things:
    I see you've tried to nerf 352- that's understandable as it was OP. However, I feel it's been gone about the wrong way. By making AMs no longer able to play on the right or left of midfield, you've got a major issue in player positions being wrong. Many AMs on SM are actually more so right or left midfielders in real life. If you simply search for the top rated right of left mids, you'll find a large proportion are actually defenders, and the number of right and left mids is incredibly low, which is completely wrong!
    2nd, the tactics page is an absolute mess. God knows why you've removed stored tactics as myself and I know plenty others used this feature a great amount. The simple drag and drop method is now too difficult as everything is too big. And I don't care about seeing player faces in tactics, that takes up too much room, I care about seeing their rating and position stand out!
    3rd, news feed is so much worse. Everything's too big so you can't just glance at it and get an overall view, you have to scroll and scroll. Manager communication is also much more difficult in the feed.
    Overall, I must unfortunately say that I greatly preferred the old layout. Man, how i'd pay to have it back. It was so much more simplified. I don't care about fancy graphics, I want simplicity and ease of use. I wonder if those making the changes play the game in a serious way as they've gone for fanciness over accessibility.
    I won't post this without at least saying some positives. I'm glad SM are now proactive in development and hopefully seem to be listening to their users more. We went through a very dark period where many members jumped ship over the last 3 years of so.
    And the app update is great. Little complains there.
    This post may seem harsh, but as an 8 year member my opinion should be highly valued. I want SM to reach its full potential but many changes need making to this update for that to happen.
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    S04 reacted to LitterBug in Soccer Manager Worlds New User Interface   
    Who's this PretorianGuard? He seems to yap quite a bit when people who've spend their hard earned money complaining about the product they are receiving. Wind your neck in.
    @Steven and SM Devs, Admins and whoever, it was very explicitly stated that Economy changes (player values, wages, TV money etc) would be OPTIONAL for Custom Gameworlds. Why have you changed them for everyone?
    This has killed our gameworld of 50 people that has been running for over 3 years and we have had people quit already. We have spent countless hours building our teams and overnight this has been flipped on its head and completely undone. We could ask for our money back for the years of gold membership we have paid but what about the time we put in? Just throw that all away?
    It was also said that for a limited time people would be allowed to switch between old and new interface. Other then a skin change there is no other option.
    It has been said so many times that the new interface is really nauseating and you have made no changes. The layout might be just about bearable if that horrible dark background of the stadium and lights wasn't there.
    You started this game 10 years ago because you wanted to be different from the regular Football Manager, well today I can say you have achieved your goal because in contrast to Football Manager you do not listen or care about your customers!
    P.S. Regarding the new magical match engine, we had someone in our GW forget to change his team from Tuesday's cup game of 78 and 80 rated players and they won comfortably with reduced fitness 4-0 against a an 89-90 team of 100% fitness. Much worse than before lol - Really need to get back to the drawing board on everything.
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    S04 reacted to secretmachines in New Improvements   
    New layout is pretty awful.
    Play Match doesn't work on mobile devices.
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    S04 reacted to Ima Wrongun in Pavillions Test Game World   
    If you mention the term 'Squad Cap' in any particular thread over 50 times it auto deletes. Probably.
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    S04 reacted to LeePrice in The Soccer Manager podcast!   
    Hello everyone, I'm Lee - nice to meet you.
    You might - although it's probably unlikely - recognise my name from the SM blog, where I'm currently writing about my 'homegrown challenge' with Watford. It's going OK so far.
    Anyway, the reason I'm posting is because I have started a podcast dedicated to Soccer Manager. It centres on mine and my friends' game world but, also, everything generally related to SM, too. Our hope is that it'll help spread the good word of SM - and also provide some more content/entertainment for current players of the game.
    The pod is obviously still a little raw at the moment, but I'd love for members of the community to offer their input, to submit their best SM stories and anecdotes for feature on the show, and volunteer for being interviewed on the pod.
    It's going to be a weekly show, which will hopefully continue to grow as we all interact. So please do get involved: all (constructive!) feedback and comments welcomed. Steven, the Operations Manager for SM, will be appearing on the pod, soon - once work on the new updates have calmed down a bit..!
    Oh, and if you do want to listen, the first episode is available here, and will be every Tuesday: http://www.acast.com/SoccerManager
    Thanks for your time.
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    S04 got a reaction from Steven in Fines By SMFA For Poor Discipline   
    Avg is irrelavant as it's also what happens in real life it was not my idea it's part of the game my idea was just to implement it. You play 2 but it can be up to 5 times thats not the point , the point isn't about bringing the injuries down it's punishing clubs for their poor discipline though it might have a micro impact on injuries dependant upon fine but it would be ridiculous for it to be over 1m between 1-300k would be my thinking. Something not to low but effective.
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    S04 got a reaction from Steven in Fines By SMFA For Poor Discipline   
    Does anyone think this is a good idea ?
    I bring this up as it's becomming very irritating having numerous players out injured for long periods between 6 and 12 weeks all because of the hard tackling.
    In one of my gamewords throughout the full season I have had between 3-6 first team players injured and not been able to put out a full strength team for 1 game and nor will i be able to for 1 game next season as the season ends on the 18th of this month and the player doesn't return until 15th or so of December.
    One team in the gameworld has a ridiculous discipline record and this isn't counting players the manager has sold just the players in his team at the moment with two games to play so it could increase further.
    71 yellow 13 red
    I think it's crazy that they can injure your players for 12 weeks they get a 3 game ban and with a record like above serve no punishment I think fines is a good idea and maybe added game bans for repeat players offending is a bit to much though a fine that is the least that could be done here. I am not sure you can tell who injured who in the current engine maybe you can or maybe you can in the next engine but that's irrelavant.
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    S04 got a reaction from ashtini in Official Chelsea FC Thread   
    It sounds ridiculous but it's almost like Mou promised his players the league title if they promised him to get him sacked next season so he can walk into the sun with his 40m.
    Mourinho is such a good manager that i'm either indenial that he's to bad for this to be happening to such a club with such players or he is trying to get sacked. Though he can't exactly get sacked himself that's down to the players he picks the team. If nothing else it's the tremendous pressure he puts on his players although he does take some of it away media attention wise maybe they're just exhausted physically and mentally.
    Unless he really wants the sack I do not believe he should be sacked though he has made some bad transfers like Salah and Cuardrado great players just if Salah wasn't going to work then neither was Cuardrado. I think he was looking for that pace down both wings to get the ball crossed into Costa or Falcao but isn't he more ball to feet or better making runs in behind?
    It's a really weird situation i thought they would do worse this season maybe top 6 but 3 points off the drop zone coming into the xmas no-one expected i think he can turn it around i'd rather not see his moaning face on ssn and motd but he's still the best manager in the world. I also think the physio situation has really affected him but he deserved that for the sacking that could have been handled better now he's got feminist trolling him lol
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    S04 got a reaction from Dot I Dot in Bundesliga Ratings Discussion   
    I doubt Muller will go to 95 on the upcoming ratings possible the end of the season depending on CL success but Alaba and Boeteng deserve a rise Gotze could likely drop but he is injured and i don't know if they drop injured players but because he was not playing as good and as much as he should he looked like he could drop anyway. Thiago could rise to but he might not and it would be silly rising Thiago and not rising D.Costa (again). I think they should have left Costa alone and gave him a +2 and Thiago a +1. Alaba and Boateng definitely deserve to rise and I don't really see a argument for the two not to.
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    S04 got a reaction from Nigel_B in Official Bundesliga Discussion Thread   
    So it's back underway watched 2 games during the weekend Bayern v Hamburg opener overhaul for Hamburg suppose 4-0 is better than 8-0 but to soon to know if it's going to be any better for them. I really wish they got relegated this and last time around as they are abysmal to watch and I blame Elia's injury way back as they were excellent prior lol
    D.Costa great debut still a lot to prove but oh my what a performance and that cross for the Muller goal was perfection still though he gives possession away more than i'm used to seeing at Bayern.
    Wolfsburg v Frankfurt In the first 5 or so minutes i was thinking wow Casnos and Seferovic are going to tear Wolfsburg's defence apart they looked great alongside eachother and will be a bit of a headache for the coach when Mieier returns if they keep playing like that and actually scoring but they looked a very dangerous duo.
    Seems Dortmund have picked up a absolute gem in Weigl had never seen him play before actually probably have at international youth level but only really read about him and how he got stripped of captaincy or whatever for poor discipline but looks a great buy. Can't wait to see Bundesliga review later today (very excited for new season) and haven't had a chance to see Schalke yet.
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