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  1. Re: Ultimate FIFA World Cup Oh yeah didn`t know I had it on i`ll turn it off now thanks!
  2. Re: Ultimate FIFA World Cup OK its open and Game World ID 158982. Thanks for advice but I don`t want to take ages on thinking on a new complicated idea which will probably be as popular as this after a couple of months but thanks anyway and i dont think there are any game worlds with 100 different nations but I`m happy for your opinion.
  3. OK I`m thinking of making an international game world but with 100 national teams! I know there will be a fair amount of unmanaged teams but the idea is I`ll take the current FIFA World Rankings and one team from each nation will be put into the league so obviously div 1 best teams div 4 worst. They will start with budget and no players BUT have to buy players from same nationality and then of course have your national team. In case you didn`t get it i will be going through the FIFA world rankings so top 20 teams in div 1 and so on. If a country hasn`t got a team then I`ll just move onto the
  4. Why if you are not a gold manager are results so random in smfa competitions. I`ve recently lost an SMFA Champions Cup final with Real Madrid with the likes of Ronaldo David Silva Casillas Benzema Kaka Kompany etc playing against Stuttgart with one 89 rated player one 78 one 84 and the rest 88 how are you supposed to win??? Sorry if its obvious but it seems unfair to me oh and they were unmanaged thx
  5. Re: English, Spanish, Italian League Reviews? I think they are probably going to do it after the Olympics as obviously there are some big names playing in there (Suarez, Giggs, Munian, Sturridge, the whole Spain and Brazil team : That`s my guess anyway
  6. Hi I have a fairly decent Real Madrid team although I think that I can make it even better here it is: Goalkeepers Iker Casillas Antonio Adan Defenders Sergio Ramos Ferreira Pepe Vieira Marcelo Ricardo Carvalho Alvaro Arbeloa Raul Albiol Raphael Varane Midfielders Cristiano Ronaldo Xabi Alonso Ricardo Kaka David Silva Angel Di Maria Sami Khedira Jesus Navas Lass Diarra Javi Martinez Esteban Granero Hamit Altintop Forwards Karim Benzema Gonzalo Higuain Jose Callejon I`m trying to make the team as young yet as Spanish as possible although I`ll be thankful for all
  7. Re: Pedigree: Official Thread 2-2 draw for olympiacos. 88th minute equaliser by De Rossi who also got us the other goal. 52 mil well spent:D. Anyway it wasnt a win but im happy we didnt lose to the best team in div 2 and now they hardest fixture is out the way can relax a little
  8. Re: Pedigree: Official Thread Olympiacos team: GK S.FREY 90 RB V.TOROSIDIS 89 CB S.KJAER 89 CB K.PAPADOPOULOS 88 LB T.TAIWO 89 Wing I.AFELLAY 90 CM L.ANDERSON 90 CM D.DE ROSSI 94 Wing Y.GERVINHO 90 AM M.GOTZE 91 Fwd G.HIGUAIN 94 Subs A.Aquilani 90 I.Rakitic 89 A.Papadopoulos 88 S.Feghouli 88 P.Sokratis 88 M.Harnik 88 (on loan) A.Tzorvas 87 Reserves T.Hubocan 88 S.Ninis 87 M.Stoch 87 (on loan) K.Mitroglou 87 G.Tzavellas 86 K.
  9. Re: Pedigree: Official Thread Um guys I dont know if it`s the same with you but look at player database it says current leagues being reviewed Italy division 1 France division 1 next leagues to be reviewed England division 1 and Spain division 1 whats going on?! :confused:
  10. Re: Pedigree: Official Thread Ouch just missed out on Marvin martin by 3mil ahwell I got Papadopoulos and gotze. Sorry for the overpaying for gotze and Papadopoulos I know i went over but I`m not looking for the best Im building a young/greek team just incase my squad looks like its gonna end up like Villarreal at the minute. I`ve still got over 20 players where im top/lone bidder yet to come
  11. Re: NEW GAME WORLD!: Pedigree I swear if I don`t win my bid for Papadopoulos I`m gonna kill the manager who wins him..one player i want the most :D:D
  12. Re: New Game World: Pedigree Alright well sorry Boost im gonna have to sacrifice santos for the only team representing greece in pedigree,olympiacos
  13. Re: New Game World: Pedigree Awww I wanna join but I`ll only have enough time for either this or Rivals...what should i do? lol
  14. Re: New Game World: Rivals Hi i applied for santos here..hoping to take a brazilian div 4 team to the top :p:p
  15. Hi,I`ve recently made a new game world its two divisions with 12 teams each (12x2=24teams). I`ve invited friends but they`ve joined and left and basically its been a fail so far lol. Luckily fixtures don't start for another week as all squads are empty and have 300mil. Me and my mate who are staying have already bought players but there are still plenty god players left! Hazard,Rooney etc. All teams are still available apart from Panathinaikos and Olympiacos and all others are still available with the likes of PAOK,AEK and even APOEL as it is a mixture of greek and cypriot teams. If you want
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