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  1. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Unfortunate for the new Arsenal manager, but good for me, that he arrived just after the deals went through
  2. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Keep concerns, they're great even though they're flawed.
  3. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Start the new season soon so we can get our players If they rise during the time, will the deals breakdown?
  4. Re: European Championship 2375 And you know what I think of that Too bad that you've left Preppens, see you around.
  5. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Ohhh, overpaid like hell for RvP, 28.1 millon (still very cheap though), because of Inter's bid, and Inter's bid was lower than my first bid, 19 million Great rise's for my players, Götze +2 is wonderful, is there still anyone who wants him? I don't think you can afford him haha Maybe Chelsea can make me a good offer?
  6. Re: European Championship 2375 Stekelenburg is for sale since I snapped up Hugo Lloris for CV
  7. Re: European Championship 2375 DIN JÄÄÄÄÄÄVEL!!!!!!! :mad::mad:
  8. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Me neither, would love it if someone could explain here to find it.
  9. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Drotmund continues with drawing yet another match and have 5 points to solid ground with two matches to go. Love the challenge, but porbably will face my first relegation
  10. Re: European Championship 2375 A massive deal is on it's way through, my Chicharito and Erick Torres for Munchen's Cavani.
  11. Re: European Championship 2375 I couldn't make my bid for Oriol Romeu in time, the Barcelona manager sold him to an externa He must be unaware of his previous performances for Chelsea. And even if he don't think he is good long term he'll shurely rise in the upcoming review, so I can't really see why he did that "A few things" haha, Elohim Is it just Preppens "no good players in his team" who wants Young and Chicharito? Would really like to sell rövhålen (gör som du Elohim och lurar systemet )
  12. Re: European Championship 2375 Preppens, there are so many good players at external clubs, I just wish I could buy them all A bit afraid that he'll drop,, but he can't drop below 89, can he?
  13. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread Take a look at Newcastle's defenders, 86 and below should the chairman allow.
  14. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Stephen MUFC /// It's fantastic that you've sold Bosingwa TWICE
  15. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread I'm the new manager of Newcastle, too bad that a lot of Newcastle's risers aren't still at the club, but I do have 90 rated Cabaye left, and Jose Enrique who may hit 90 in, if not the next, so the next review after this one.
  16. Re: European Championship 2375 Well, CF, CB, LB or CM/CAM/CDM would be great
  17. Re: European Championship 2375 I had forgotten about this, and I log on and see I lost, then I see I won the league anyway, haha Back to back division wins and started with one of the worst teams in the GW, sorry for bragging, but that is one hell of a manager Love this GW and you can start bidding on Chicharito and Young since their TB is up Remember that I rate them as 91s as the rating changes are coming up really soon.
  18. Re: European Championship 2375 What a round for us! We did not only win against AC Milan at San Siro, we did it with 4-0 and Porto dropped points. Now we're 5 goals ahead of Porto before the last round. We face Inter at home, and if we win we'll probably win the league, which would be fantastic, since we won division 2 last season as the worst team in the division and now is the, by far, worst team in division 1. I take all credit myself
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