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  1. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's

    Ohhh, overpaid like hell for RvP, 28.1 millon (still very cheap though), because of Inter's bid, and Inter's bid was lower than my first bid, 19 million :(

    Great rise's for my players, Götze +2 is wonderful, is there still anyone who wants him? ;) I don't think you can afford him haha ;) Maybe Chelsea can make me a good offer?

  2. Re: European Championship 2375

    Took exactly ... ( ish ) 19 hours 30 minutes ... give or take a few mins !! I placed the bid on Meireles at exactly 00.00 server time !

    I've won the bid for him aswell as my bid of Diarra +´Koke + Money is worth a bit over 18 million !! yaaay !

    DIN JÄÄÄÄÄÄVEL!!!!!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

  3. Re: European Championship 2375

    I couldn't make my bid for Oriol Romeu in time, the Barcelona manager sold him to an externa :( He must be unaware of his previous performances for Chelsea. And even if he don't think he is good long term he'll shurely rise in the upcoming review, so I can't really see why he did that :P

    "A few things" haha, Elohim ;)

    Is it just Preppens "no good players in his team" who wants Young and Chicharito? Would really like to sell rövhålen (gör som du Elohim och lurar systemet ;) )

  4. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread

    Don't buy packs' date=' save up for the players you want. The amount of people I know who blow their coins on packs for nothing in return is unreal, yes there is a chance of an in-form Messi but it is highly unlikely and if you ever did get an in-form you have probably spent more coins on packs than the card is worth in the first place. This is probably the most important tip I could give anyone, good luck.[/quote']

    But...It's fun :(

  5. Re: European Championship 2375

    I had forgotten about this, and I log on and see I lost, then I see I won the league anyway, haha ;) Back to back division wins and started with one of the worst teams in the GW, sorry for bragging, but that is one hell of a manager ;) Love this GW and you can start bidding on Chicharito and Young since their TB is up :) Remember that I rate them as 91s as the rating changes are coming up really soon.

  6. Re: European Championship 2375

    Ouch' date=' probably lost the league there.. oh well, I will obviously go for a win in the last game and hope you don't win yours :)

    About the ratings.. I think you and I just proved ratings doesn't mean a whole lot in SM :P[/quote']

    Well, maybe you just have to have more than 90 avarage, and then you're fine?

  7. Re: European Championship 2375

    What a round for us! We did not only win against AC Milan at San Siro, we did it with 4-0 and Porto dropped points. Now we're 5 goals ahead of Porto before the last round. We face Inter at home, and if we win we'll probably win the league, which would be fantastic, since we won division 2 last season as the worst team in the division and now is the, by far, worst team in division 1.

    I take all credit myself ;)

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