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  1. Re: European Championship 2375 Yes of course, but with divisions with 8 temas each, 3rd is midtable
  2. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Okay, okay, you won this time but I blame it on you managing the better team I have a tough time in this league and are preparing for a season in division team next season. Liverpool up next, a loss and it will be close to impossible, a win and we are back in the game.
  3. Re: New Premiership Ratings By MaoaM 2010/11 Lampard have played every important game except one, and though he playe very bad in the beginning of the season he is now back and is still one of the best players in Chelsea. He shouldn't drop now, but he might drop if we miss a top four place this season.
  4. Re: European Championship 2375 If you still manage Porto, Preppens, you're doing a fantastic job. They fought relegation last season and now you're five points ahead of the second placed team, my Lille. Congratulations for now, I think you'll win the league.
  5. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's I can only speak for myself, but I don't spend as much time with SM anymore because of FIFA 12. Sad but true Also, Elohim, what has happened to your name? Are you a mod now or something?
  6. Re: European Championship 2375 Back from vacation and I see that I've beaten Barcelona and drawed United, so I'm quite satisfied, unfourtunately Sow got badly injured, but I'll handle that in the afternoon.
  7. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread After finishing my third season with Socahauw, I got offered the Wigan job, and I sae they finished first in the PL last season!
  8. Re: European Championship 2375 Haha, I swapped Debuchy for Micah RIchards, who was at an external club. What a bargain!
  9. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread I'm playing a career, started with ES Troyes and after the first season I switched to FC Sochaux. The third season I decided to stay with Sochaux, but the strangest thing happened, all the players I had loaned out the first season had disappeared. Have this happened to any of you? Does anyone know what may have gone wrong?
  10. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Bought Lamps to my FUT earlier, feels great, even though his pace sucks and he should have more in shooting and passing In my second season in Career Mode I've bought a striker rated 73 and 19 years old, and he had 98 when I bought him and now have 99 in pace! Buy Boakye guys, don't which team or what his first name is, but his surname is Boakye. Buy him!
  11. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Finished my season with ES Troyes in Ligue 2, and got offered a contract by the Ligue 1 club Sochaux, so will be taking them on fo the next season.
  12. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Just want to give you guys a tip for career mode. I'm playing with ES Troyes in Ligue 2, the second French division. They hav a player named Keita, and he has 91 in pace and is 19 years old, so if you're looking for a quick talent, take a look at him
  13. Re: European Championship 2375 You know it's quite sick that I've picked up loads of risers/talents from Ligue 1 and you haven't challenged me
  14. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread Got Sergio Ramos 4-1-2-1-2 for 20k BIN What do you think I could get for him. Have him listed for 35k and 60k BIN at the moment, but I think that I have gone a bit too far
  15. Re: European Championship 2375 Won 2-0 against Arsenal, but one of my best players, Ashley Young, got injured and won't be back for 8 weeks Do anyone have a winger 89+ for loan?
  16. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread How much should I get for Pepe, 4-5-1?
  17. Re: ID 65692: TSL - Talent Scouts League S H I T ! Well, we had a great cup run, considered I only played the B-side in every cup game. As a Swede I can't see why Brommapojkarna would be hard, but yeah, it's a long name
  18. Re: European Championship 2375 Welcome Saw your bid on Mavuba, it was good that you withdrew
  19. Re: European Championship 2375 It's just sick that I got Lyon's Koné for lowest possible amount free agent, and he has played every (I think) game for Lyon this season.
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