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  1. Re: FIFA 12 Official Thread My first game on my PS3, waiting for the mailman now Never played FIFA at PS3 before, so have to start without beeing prepared with FUT.
  2. Re: European Championship 2375 Haha, this should be a forumer's GW, but two a none-forumer won the league and a none-forumer won the cup
  3. Re: The idea of Cash is King. I think that number 2 and 3 in the first post are good suggestions. It's no big changes, but it stops the club in debt even more, so managers will be more careful so they don't end up in debt. The other two (in the first post still) I don't like, as it'll be too much of an advantage for the biggest clubs. If you have an exceptional economy with Barcelona, then your stadium shouldn't be extended, because you already have a big stadium, and the second one would just take away the best part of the concern rule, big clubs with plenty of money would still be able to keep their youngsters, high rated benchplayers, even though they get concerns. In the second post I like number 1 and 2. You should be rewarded when you are loyal (for example Sir Alex is the one to decide how much to pay for a player at United, as long as it isn't a £50 million player). Maybe it should be a lower percentage though, as 50% would make it to unfair to new managers. The second is good too, because if you've saved up to a lot of money you should be able to use it. It will also help new managers that take a team with £100 million+ in an old league where all good players and youngsters are snapped up, then you can buy new players when they gets added to the DB. The third one would be too big advantage for bigger teams. Then they still will be able to buy the best youngsters.
  4. Re: European Championship 2375 Congratulations, and also congratulations to Tombstone, whose Arsenal will be joining my Lille in division 1 next season
  5. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's 3-3 against Barcelona might sound good, but we were the by far best team and David Villa scored the equalizer in the 85th minute so I'm not happy...
  6. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's What the heck, you're playing Dortmund away, you should win with 9 players
  7. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Read the first page now, and just to make it clear you should state that it is ok to make internal deals also, you know there are people who needs everything explained in details...
  8. Re: English Championship 8000 - Discussion Thread That loss really hurt, mate
  9. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's No, sorry But do you really need that?
  10. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's If anyone is interested in loaning an 87 rated player of me, contact me But I doubt there is any
  11. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Have to agree with you It would be really interesting to hear your thoughts about your own trensfers, Elohim. Buying a 10k player from an Italian Serie B club to United, that just seem extremely unneccessary (can't spell that word ).
  12. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... He should drop, but not below 90, so Lass for CV currently aren't so bad (but if you can buy him after the drop, do it then).
  13. Re: European Championship 2375 Don't know how much funds you have, but you overpaid for Pogba, since the other bid only was on 400k
  14. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Khedira plays for a better team, but isn't (according to the special one himself) playing that good, but Lucas plays for a lower rated side. I would go for Lucas, as he should be safe.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... No, and you CAN'T actually sell him below CV.
  16. Re: MLS Ratings 2011 - by Totti417 The Norwegian league (well, at least Rosenborg) are better than the Swediish (this comes from a Swede). The teams in Norway have more money, and Norwegian teams are often buying some of the better players rom the Swedish League (John Chibuike left BK Häcken for Rosenborg this summer for example). Back on topic, I want to say that I think the MLS is better than the the Swedish league. We have our first tem in a European cup since 2007 now (Malmö FF in Europa League). We haven't had a team in the Champions League since 2000 (Helsingborgs IF). The MLS has players like Beckham, Henry and Marquez, players that the Swedish league never will get. Money talks, and the MLS got it, Swedish teams don't.
  17. Re: European Championship 2375 It's really not strange that Chelsea got relegated despite having a highly rated squad. Just look at their player statistic: Phillip Prosenik, 72 rated striker has played 3 games from start. Conor Clifford, 77 rated midfielder has played 5 games from start. These two are just examples, 9 more players rated 87 or left has played 2 or more games from start. These despite Chelsea having 16 players rated 90 or above. I shouldn't really question another manager's tactics, but I have to say it's really odd (and apparently really bad). At least the Chelsea manager can blame the relegation on that he played lousy players, the Real Madrid manager have been relegated purely because bad tactics, because he has only played his best players.
  18. Re: TFC - Discussions,Transfer News & M/R's Elohim, you must be buying every French talent tht exist
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