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    UK Riots

    Re: UK Riots 37Pr8hmY7Ck vtGkPgeeNng EuqeQaEatiI 7e5ByP4H_rw Here's just a small handful of clips of whats been going on in around my hometown in wolvo (i didn't film any of these myself just took them off youtube)
  2. Re: Texaco Championship Fantasy Football 2011/12 - The Forumers League was wondering when this was going to get updated, didn't do too badly, although my mid.att players did terrible, not 1 point between the 6 of them made a few changes, mainly my upfront two brought in chopra and miller got rid of earnshaw/carson had to get rid of chamberlain(as he's moved to arsenal) and let evans go aswell, and brought in two cheap derby players pretty annoyed about not reading the small print on the captains issue(can only transfer out in between such and such a time) but just have to work around it
  3. Re: Irish Championship 22 Discussion Thread not really feeling this league anymore, plus need to lose 1 club ideally (between this and a custom league and i'd much rather keep the custom team) although i will keep the team for the 1st season if there's no interest from anyone who wants a team in this setup, only draw back for the new manager is the full squad is t.b, but its a pretty decent little squad considering what was there to start with, and still in the green, not by much but atleast not in the red) so personally i wouldn't see it as too much of a set back aswell i did most transfe
  4. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread incase anyone might be interested, i've just t/l C.Eriksen, for cash, need to strengthen a small squad.
  5. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread just got C.Casemiro in on loan from inter(cheers m8) this guy will play a very important role in my squad over the season to come and very happy to of got him in
  6. Re: World Championship 11111 Discussion thread looking forward to the start of the season tonight, not sure if i'll get the win against Sao Paulo though as this Santos team have been a little hit and miss in the few friendlies i've played but i knew when i decided to go down this route of play its going to be all about the long game, and not to expect miracles in the first few season's but still of course going to be trying my best to get promoted out of Div3:p and with a couple more signing's i reckon i'll be able to have a decent crack at it anyway's goodluck to everyone for tonights
  7. Re: i really need hel.toulalan + chicharito for cambiasso? i'd be inclined to keep hold of toulalan and hernandez see toulalan could rise still' date=' it all depends on how malaga fair, i mean they've got the cash hernandez imo is one of the hottest properties on this game at the moment(out of attackers anyway) and with cambiasso having a so-so season for inter, i'd be thinking he's not really a safe 95 but then again it also depends heavily on who esle you have in your squad as to wheither or not this deal might make sense to you, but if it was me just going on the facts of the player
  8. Re: The Globe Tournament Discussion Thread as the "newspaper" im going to be putting together won't really rely on anything more than me making stuff up:D i thought to make it more of an interesting read for a wider audience, how about everyone put forward a few names from their team(only if you want too) that they would like me to do a "story" on in the paper, will prolly run with about 3 different players each edition, to bumf the paper out a bit, i will say though my stories prolly won't be about "football related" issues:D
  9. Re: Irish Championship 22 Discussion Thread how about do a best performance team' date=' like you get in sunday papers after saturdays games? with there being only 10 teams thats only 5 matches to skim through so should be easier to manage than say a larger league[/font']
  10. Re: Irish Championship 22 Discussion Thread look's like the fingal manager has a whole heap of pressure on him then, because if he doesn't win the league with that squad, something's gone real wrong:p
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